Evaluating Digital Advertising ROI in E-Commerce Campaigns

February 17, 2024

Digital marketing advertising usually runs at once on social media and digital media. Most of us are familiar with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter TikTok, etc. Digital marketing can be of different types like Search Engine Marketing(SEM) and Pay-Per-Click PPC.


But content marketing is one of the most productive ways to grab the maximum ROI. The online ROI calculator indicates that content marketing is one of the most productive instruments of digital marketing.




The return on investment is the actual income an entrepreneur is looking for, and why an entrepreneur is doing a business. The break-even point is the target that every enterprise wants to cross quickly to secure their investments. The ROI is quite important for a company to be successful, in every type of business. Once the ROI is positive then it means you have to specify the correct target and goal for the organization.


The Return On Investment is the output of digital marketing. When an organization has installed the correct inputs like planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the flow of the resources. Then it is possible to generate a positive ROI for a project. The project management is done especially for better ROI and it is not easy to have positive ROI for your organization.


There are various things a digital marketing campaign should do for the positive outlook of the ROI matrix. Here we describe some of the key aspects of positive ROI.


Goal Of the Campaign


Identify the digital marketing goal and objective before launching it. Digital marketing targets and goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely). As a digital marketing manager, identify target goals, and goals that are estimated according to your resources. Follow realistic goals and allocate resources to your team to attain the target in the allotted time.


Just In Time Completion


Just in time completion of a digital marketing campaign is necessary for starting the other project. Allocate additional resources, to complete the operation task just in time. Successful enterprises always focus on just in time project management. The on-time completion of the digital marketing campaign success. When an organization completes the projects just in time, the ROI then always is on the positive side.


Allocation of Resources


You can divide your goals and objectives into various steps and stages to determine your bottlenecks in every stage.


There are three types of goals and objectives:

  • Strategic goals and objectives
  • Tactical goals and objectives
  • Operational goals and objectives


Once an organization can allocate resources strategically for digital marketing. Then it is possible to sustain a long-term positive ROI. The resources are physical, human, financial, and informational. Being a manager, you need to assess what human resource is required for the marketing campaign. Try to hire the best HR, if you want to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Once you are providing all the resources to an able HR, then you can hope for a better outcome or return on investment.


The Interpersonal Skills




Your interpersonal communication is critical in motivating the team to achieve the goals of the organization. Management is a science and art and able managers always know that they have to motivate the employees for better productivity. When promoting the team instead of the individual in the organization. Then it is easy to achieve the organizational goals just in time.


The interpersonal skills of managers in key is achieving organizational goals. The return on investment can’t be positive if the managers lack interpersonal skills.

  • Successful digital marketing managers always believe on t the principles of the team’s creation. For the best of the synergetic approaches, it is best to promote the teams.
  • There should be no favoritism or uneven promotion to the employees, all promotions should be on merit.
  • Develop criteria for the promotion of the employees and rewards and everyone should be aware of them.


Identify your strategic, tactical, and operational goals and objectives and communicate effectively your desire to the team efficiently to attain better efficiency for the project team.




Identify the bottleneck in the digital marketing campaign. The bottleneck in the digital marketing campaign is the allocation of resources. A digital marketing manager needs to decide which digital marketing channel is the most productive one. You need to assess what is the ROI for each digital channel. Normally the PPC brings quick traffic to the website but for organic traffic. You need to invest in content marketing. Most of the time content marketing brings slow results but is one of the most productive ways to do a digital marketing campaign for a brand.


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