Exploring the Potential of Digital Marketing for Your Law Firm

March 9, 2023


So, you are probably reading this article because you are curious about how effective digital marketing can be. That makes sense. Getting your company’s name out there can be really complex, as the number of strategies available can make things pretty confusing. 

It seems like every other option is touted as being “highly effective,” making it difficult to know which option would work best in your specific area.

In today’s article, we are going to explore how you can take your law firm to greater heights by understanding the best marketing strategies for the field of law.


Discovering Who Your Target Clients Are 


In life, it is tricky to be perfect at everything. The amount of time and resources it takes to reach a professional level in a particular field can be significant. Being a jack of all trades can initially sound great since it implies that there would be no situation that you cannot address. 

However, the downside to that sort of approach is that you often have to settle for “good enough” rather than excellent performance. 

This analogy also carries over to how successful companies run. At the highest levels, you may find law firms that are able to serve every niche. However, most law firms attain success much faster when they figure out who their target audience is and what niche to focus on.

As a law firm, you want to have a solid understanding of who your target clients are going to be. 

Are you targeting individual citizens or businesses?

Do you want to focus on providing services to a certain demographic of the population? The elderly? The married?

What types of legal services will you be able to offer at a high level?

These are all important aspects that every law firm has to investigate because it plays such a huge role in working out an effective market strategy.


Explore Different Marketing Strategies


Once you have narrowed down your target audience and are confident that your firm has the ability to meet their needs, you should start looking at what marketing channels to use. There are a number of different options, but for this article, let’s look at two of the most common types that are used with great success. 


Digital Marketing


This type of marketing involves aspects such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google My Business Profile, Web Design, and Development, along with advertisements on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Spending time updating your Google My Profile and getting listed in local directories of good law firms is a great way to boost your local presence. 

This is particularly important for local SEO effectiveness because people looking for a law firm usually enter keywords like “divorce law firms near me”.  If your firm is geographically close to the user, search engine algorithms will notice that your local presence is active and up-to-date and include it high up as one of the top results. 

Another great way to increase your online presence is to consider creating content related to topics of law on your website. These articles can be guides, tips, news articles, or other developments in the world of law that will act as a sort of net to pull in new visitors to your website. 

Remember, these articles need to be legitimate and follow Google’s principle of E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. You want to ensure that the content on your website adheres to E-A-T principles and has actual value and worth. This is because Google’s search engine algorithms have gotten pretty good at sniffing out generic articles that are created just for digital marketing purposes.

When creating written content, you should consider hiring writers who have the skills to create quality meta-tags, which include Title Tags, Description Tags, and Author tags. What are those?

Title Tag: This is basically the main title of the post and is supposed to accurately reflect the content inside. 

Description Tag: The aim of this tag is to briefly cover the core aspects of the article in about 150 words. 

Author Tag: As the name implies, this tag mentions the author of the article but also credits any contributing experts who provided industry-specific information. Author tags are really useful as they help raise the credibility and reputation of your content and by extension, your website and your law firm. 

Implementing these options requires considerable experience. Many of these methods are extensively used in law firm marketing and with great success. Tools like SEO and SEO auditing can also be invaluable in raising the visibility of your firm’s website. The more your firm is noticed, the greater the chance that you start seeing more clients approach you. 

Social media sites have also become amazing hotspots where quality marketing is possible. The average American spends about 2 hours every day on social media. Think about that for a second. 

Imagine for a moment how huge an advertising opportunity it would be if you could find such a place in the real world. A place where 7 out of 10 Americans come to congregate every day for 2 hours. Marketing potential on these platforms is extremely high, and this is why the sites are free to use for the public. 

The revenue that these websites are able to generate via ads and sponsored posts is astronomical. In 2021, Facebook and Instagram together made approximately $121.53 billion in ad revenue. This should give you some idea about their effectiveness. Remember, companies don’t like to spend money on things that don’t work.


Influencer Marketing


These days, social media influences can be quite powerful and are often overlooked by legacy law firms. Influences these days can have millions of followers, and sponsoring channels or getting them to talk about your service as a small sponsored section in their content can give you instant reach to a wide audience.

Even here, you want to do enough research to ensure that the influencers you focus on have an audience that is likely to require legal services.  For example, if you are a law firm that helps file class action suits and deals with cases against large businesses and corporations, you could target an influencer who is known for that activism and social awareness.

The audience that they have are more likely to avail your services rather than the audience of an influence who is famous for their humor.



The points discussed in this article are not just applicable to new firms. Many large firms at the top experiencing stagnation will find that renewed focus on their marketing can stimulate significant change.

Market research, proper discernment, and application of marketing strategies can give your law firm the group that it needs to thrive.


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