How to Use Google Ads to Increase Your Business Profit

January 24, 2021

If you are an ambitious manager who is always searching for new ways to increase your rates on return then this article might just be your cup of tea. As you probably already know, Google Ads is a superb platform for having amazing search advertising campaigns.

A lot of people have been utilizing SEO (search engine optimization), however, at times, it may take a couple of months or frequently, even longer to begin generating traffic to your site. Therefore, purchasing the best engine positions through the Google Ads campaign is an outstanding way to launch your company.

google ads profit


Every business owner has one main goal, and that is to generate as much revenue as possible. There’s no shame in it. Hence, we decided to help you out, by providing you with some high-quality suggestions.


Ways To Increase Your Sales With GoogleAds

DKI In Ad Headlines

It’s short for Dynamic Keyword Insertion, which instantly matches all your ad headlines with people’s search queries. Google account managers love to discuss this topic. Generally speaking, DKI in ad headlines can bring a lot of leads in cases where grouped keywords sets are difficult to put together.

The point of this method is to figure out how to disguise keywords. How does it work? Namely, Dynamic Keyword Insertion tries to trick web users into thinking these keywords are simply normal, extremely important ads.

How to determine whether DKI should be utilized on your Google Ads account? First, do not utilize it on any ad group that simply doesn’t convert properly. It is widely known that DKI tends to make poor converting groups work much worse.

Secondly, assess all your Ads ad groups separately when you are trying to figure out whether Dynamic Keyword Insertion is going to work for them or not. These two rules must be remembered.


Keyword Match  Types

It’s important to utilize the proper keyword match types because it’s a crucial aspect of outstanding Google AdWords campaigns. When it comes to search engine marketing campaigns, marketing experts at state that you have the option of utilizing particular keywords, along with certain modifiers for those keywords. There are four main kinds of keywords match types that you can implement:

  • Broad – this can reach the broadest audience.
  • Broad match modified – enables you more control than the broad one, however, less control compared with exact, or phrase match types.
  • Phrase match – this one also gives a lot of control. Namely, in this case, your ad appears when a user’s search query contains the keyword collocation in the exact order.
  • Exact match – It is the most restrictive. The ad sets in for exact keywords, with very small variations.


Listing More Beneficial Strategies

Begin By Determining Your Objectives

Another important step that must be taken is to define the product categories, as well as the offers you want to accentuate. They should be the ones you are supposed to invest in. The whole point of it is to pick the areas which will help you accomplish a positive ROI. So you need to figure out whether you are trying to:

  • Blast off a brand-new product
  • liquidate items that are not sold
  • maximize the sale of high-margin things

In this case, you have two options. You can either choose a couple of items or all of them. They should be from the catalog on your Google Shopping. This is going to help you recognize the products that are the most popular. We firmly believe that the results will blow you away!


Landing Page Should Be Relevant

Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, people tend to neglect this aspect of paid search. We assume it’s because people tend to lose themselves in the tweaking bids, various search platforms, trying out ad copy, as well as investing all their energy into the platform.

However, it’s important to highlight that something extremely important occurs after any user clicks on a particular ad in the platform you are focused on. The entire point of PPC marketing is to create a sale.

The main duty of that landing page is to turn that prospect into a paying consumer. Therefore, you should optimize all your landing pages precisely for PPC conversions by creating the message of your ads line up with the message on your landing page.

ppc business profit


Google Ads can either cause you to lose money like you any other slot machine, if you are not lucky enough, or it can help you earn money like never before. It’s all up to you. If you focus on developing great strategies, profit is inevitable. With the help of these tricks, you will be able to easily achieve that.


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