The Top 9 Unlimited Graphic Design Platforms in the World

October 28, 2022

Imagine if you get a genie who can grant all your design wishes. Someone who can create as many logos as you want. And also design website front-ends. Plus mobile screens. And unlimited social media content. Well, consider your wishes granted. With…

  • The unlimited graphic design service.
  • What exactly do unlimited design services mean?
  • Unlimited design services mean exactly what they sound like.

With unlimited design providers, you get as many designs – logos, websites, digital ads, promo materials, presentation slides, illustrations, infographics, flyers, and more. All at a flat monthly fee.

The Internet is flooded with unlimited graphic design platforms and services, so finding the best of the best can take time — unless you’re reading this blog.

So, without further ado, here are The Top 7 Unlimited Graphic Design Platforms in the World to help you get your design started.


1. Wepik

wepik graphic design platform

Wepik is the perfect solution for creating professional-looking visuals with a few simple clicks. Consisting of a wide archive of all things templates, their online editing tool allows you to quickly and easily personalize them to detail. Also, it presents tools such as the background remover, their brand-new AI image generator, social media scheduler, and even a Brand Kit feature. Thanks to their trendy content and tools, it’s easy to keep content looking high quality and professional with no budget and very little time.

Pricing: For the time being, Wepik’s full version is free. There is no paid subscription available, even though it will likely be in the future, so it’s time to make the most out of it!


2. Epiic is an international and multicultural company, that provides one of the leading unlimited graphic design services since 2012. Their website has an engaging design which gives trust that the quality of their work is high. They have got a team of vetted designers, skilled native copywriters, and amazing content managers.

Pricing. They have three plans:

  • Pro ($445 per month). It includes all design tasks and graphic design essentials, unlimited requests and brands, 1-2 business day delivery, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Pro+ ($595 per month). It is like Pro, but also includes logos & branding, landing pages, website design, animated GIFs, and presentation decks.
  • Double ($995 per month). It is double-skilled Pro+ because it involves 2 vetted designers working on your project.


3. ManyPixels


ManyPixels is a simple and fast graphic design service, that was launched in 2018 and currently has a team of 30+ designers. All of them are experts in one particular design field: illustration, website design, logo, etc.

Pricing. They have three design plans:

  • Advanced ($549 per month). It includes all design services, 1-2 day delivery, and 1 daily output.
  • Business ($899 per month). It is like Advanced but provides you with 2 daily outputs.
  • Dedicated designer ($1,199 per month). It includes all perks of the Business plan, plus real slack communication and same-day delivery. On the other hand, it is only available for US Eastern and Central European Time.


4.  Kapa99



Kapa99 has a team of skilled designers working to bring you the best graphic design product. They have an in-house specialist who has an eye for design and allows you to delegate any design work just in 5 minutes.

Pricing. They have two plans:

  • Business ($449 $299 for the first two months). It includes 24-48 hours delivery time, unlimited: active tasks, custom graphic design, illustrations, logo design, brands, team members, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Business Express ($649 $499 for the first two months). It is like the Business plan, but delivery time is faster – 12-24 hours.


5. Kimp


Kimp is one of the strongest players in the market and offers unlimited graphic and video design services. Their experienced designers are known for producing high-quality designs. For example, many renowned brands such as Decathlon, Harley-Davidson, Universal Music, etc., trust Kimp and consider it one of the best unlimited graphic design services providers.

Pricing. They have 3 plans:

  • Graphics ($599 $299.50 per month (For the first 2 Months!). It is for any type of graphic design task.
  • Video ($699 $349 per month (For the first 2 Months!). It includes all scope of motion graphics and video design.
  • Graphics+Video ($995 $497 per month (For the first 2 Months!). Yep, you’re right, it combines Graphics and Video plans.


6.  Designhill


Designhill is an unlimited graphic design platform that provides unlimited projects with fast turnaround times. The company offers various services, including presentation slides, social media content, lead magnets, digital ads, covers and promo materials, business cards, infographics, and much more.

They have been featured by worldwide famous media including Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Inc., and more!

Pricing. They only have a flat rate for graphic design services that costs $399 per month per user. There are no hidden fees, no credit card requirements, no contract, and nothing, just a flat subscription fee.


7. Penji


Penji offers you a flat rate for unlimited print, digital ads, and UX/UI designs for a fixed monthly fee. Penji guarantees to create the best graphic designs, from a new logo, promo materials, advertisements, and website designs to an application interface. They make sure to always assign a perfectly qualified designer for the job!

Pricing. They have 3 plans:

  • ($499 per month). It includes unlimited graphic design, custom illustrations, logos, and branding.
  • Team ($699 per month). It includes everything in the Pro plan plus unlimited web and app design, presentations, and animated graphics.
  • Daytime ($999 per month). It includes everything in the Team plan plus USA daytime designers, same-day turnarounds, and a dedicated art director.


8. Design Pickle


Design Pickle claims that their skilled team will provide you with the perfect dream design that you have in mind. Clients all over the world trust them. For example, their clients were Unilever, Poshmark, Pacific Retail, and more. They also follow an email or in-app communication in a simplified way to communicate revisions to your designer easily.

Pricing. They have three plans:

  • Graphics ($499 per month). It includes graphic design, custom Illustrations, and a 1-2 day turnaround.
  • Graphics Pro ($995 per month). It is like the Graphics plan plus presentation design, same-day turnaround, designated designers, real-time Slack collaboration, onboarding manager, and Spanish-speaking designers available!
  • Graphics Premium ($1,695 per month). It includes everything you have in the Graphics Pro plan, plus motion graphics and motion graphics revision tool. Moreover, they’ve added a new option – Canva file delivery!


9. Picsart


Picsart is an AI-powered photo and video editing tool that doesn’t require a graphic design degree to use. It has plenty of features, including a batch editor, background remover, and image enhancer. With thousands of templates to choose from, you’re going to have no problem creating all of your designs on their platform. 

But we can’t forget about Picart’s cutting-edge image generator, which turns text into images. This generator can create some incredible designs, so we recommend you try it!

Pricing. They have two plans (other than free):

  • Picsart Gold ($5.50 a month). It includes access to design assets, like fonts, templates, stickers, and stock images, the removal background, watermark, and animation tools, cross-platform access, and the ability to save your designs as JPG, PNG, or PDF.
  • Picsart Team ($5.14 a month). It includes everything in the Gold plan plus team management, centralized billing, and priority support.


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