How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Market Your Business Better

January 23, 2021

When people hear the words artificial intelligence or machine learning, they often think of hyper-complicated, insanely expensive software. The truth is, AI functions in a simple way. When a software program changes and adapts according to the information it sees, that’s AI. Even when Netflix recommends shows or asks if you’re still watching and when Spotify creates a playlist based on your recent songs, that’s also AI at work. From this information, one can see that AI can have a lot of potential uses. How can it be utilized when it comes to marketing a business? Here’s your answer.

artificial intelligence


Website Personalization

Nowadays, SEO is all the rage. The more personalized and user-friendly your website is, the higher your website will rank on any search engine results page. You’re probably familiar with cookies, the ones a website asks permission to use. These are data files that contain your browsing activity and other related data. When artificial intelligence gains access to those pieces of information, it analyzes them and figures out the best way to improve a user’s web experience, whether it’s through recommending articles, products, or bringing up products you’ve shown interest in before. In other words, AI can personalize your website and content to cater to each potential client’s interests which increases marketing efficiency.


Digital Advertisements

Have you ever looked something up online a few times, then an hour or so later, you found a related advertisement while scrolling through social media? It’s not the FBI or some sort of surveillance, it’s artificial intelligence. Search engines and social media algorithms learn about your preferences through your social media and browsing activity, then they send your way advertisements that fit your needs perfectly so that a click is almost guaranteed. Instead of paying for a place at the bottom of a page, you can use AI-operated advertisement services to guarantee you the highest ROI.


Market Analysis

Any marketing department thrives on data and market knowledge. The downside is that in order to gather sufficient data, go through it, analyze people’s preferences, and come out with conclusions, so much time and effort is required. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, already accumulates data from previous website visits, product views, and social media engagement. More than that, a proper machine learning consulting service can give you a lot more freedom and control when it comes to data that needs to be analyzed whether historical or real-time. After the process of data accumulation, AI software processes such data and displays it in a comprehensible form that you can then utilize. Whether to improve your marketing campaign or market certain products at the expense of others or to understand why one product is doing better than the rest.


Trend Prediction and Spotting

As we’ve mentioned, AI is proficient at accumulating data and utilizing it. While some software can help you better understand your market, other software can help detect existing trends or predict future ones. If as of late, your YouTube channel has been getting you the most leads, or if a certain demographic has recently been flocking towards a certain social media platform, with the help of artificial intelligence you’ll be the first to know. Once you’re aware of a trend, you can then alter your marketing content to follow, fit, or even stand out. Trends can also show you a new target demographic or flaws in the way you’re targeting your desired demographic.


Email Marketing

By far, one of the functions that display the true power of AI is email marketing. Picture a software learning your brand’s voice through the emails that you’ve previously sent out to your clients and the data you’ve put in. Then, the picture that software writing your emails for you using your voice. It’s a recipe for a killer email marketing campaign. Not just that, but you can also use AI to personalize each email which will make your clients feel even more valued. Other than that, you can also automate the timing for follow-up and confirmation emails, and email marketing campaigns.

As you can see, the way AI operates makes it a jack of all trades. Because marketing depends on data analysis, especially when it comes to the feedback loop, it’s one of the fields where the power of AI shines. By now, it’s fair to assume that you’re interested in using the help of AI to market your business. If so, make sure you consider those three questions: which AI functions do you think you’ll need the most? How can you smoothly integrate it into your system? How much time, money, and effort will it save?


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