How Businesses Can Use Technological Advancements to Recruit Top Workers

July 3, 2022

Talent acquisition is a complex process that requires a lot of planning and strategizing. A wide range of workflows, procedures, and background checking is carried out by HR professionals in order to fill up current and possible upcoming vacancies. It wouldn’t be wrong to say it takes a village to hire the right people for any business organization.

As with everything else, technology is greatly impacting and changing the hiring process. Every single day there are technological advancements changing the way businesses find and recruit employees.



You can not just ask people to leave their resumes in a drop box in the lobby or walk in or ask to fill an application anymore. Gone are the days when you could call HR and inquire about any possible openings. Nowadays recruitment is not just an HR task; it in fact requires full support from the IT department. From writing and posting job descriptions to an evaluation of applicants, interviews, organizing job fairs, negotiating compensation, and keeping track of the new hires, each and everything is technology-dependent. Automation, artificial intelligence, and HR technology have made all of this much easier.

Your business should take advantage of technology to make your hiring process more efficient in order to stay ahead of the competition. Here is how you can use technological advancements to recruit the best workers and therefore grow your company beyond its limits.


1.  Use Job Aggregators And Gig Apps

In recent years, various generalized and niche-specific job boards and sites have revolutionized how people search for job vacancies. Previously they would approach the relevant company websites for finding opportunities. Besides that, classifieds, references, and even fliers were used to attract candidates. But things have changed now; a whole lot of job seekers have found employment through aggregators. For job hunters, these aggregators tend to work like search engines that depend on artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms to match the applicants with all the best jobs for them.

The gig economy has also gained traction over time. A huge number of qualified candidates are choosing to do freelance or gig work. With many freelancing applications and sites attracting skilled workers, most firms are now also looking for candidates there. These aggregators and gig apps have now become the hub for skilled and qualified people hunting for jobs. Therefore, businesses should also improvise and start using this technology for hiring employees.


2.  Application Tracking Systems For Keeping Track

In the modern economy, the companies using Application Tracking Systems (ATS) are attracting, identifying, and hiring the best candidates much more efficiently than competitors. Digital HR is the future for businesses. ATS is software that digitally processes applications, making life much easier for HR professionals and applicants. This software also allows for automation of many steps of the application workflow, saving you time and effort that can be spent doing more productive work. Adopting this technology will save you time lost in administrative tasks and will allow for standardized, faster screening of the resumes you receive.

HR teams can quickly share notes and data using this software, allowing collaborative hiring. Your company will be able to attract more candidates and speed up the recruitment cycle. Using this software is bound to improve the overall quality of the hiring process for your business.


3.  Recruitment Marketing To Attract Top Workers

In order to attract skilled and talented candidates, HR teams utilize many different strategies and methods. Recruitment Marketing is mainly used for creating brand awareness and engaging the top talent so that the company can draw out the most suited individuals for hire. Marketing experts have realized that the job market is candidate-driven, allowing job seekers to confidently reject offers they find unsuitable or undesirable.

Investing in a recruitment marketing team or software will help improve the chances of qualified candidates finding, liking, and applying for openings in your company. With the help of effective recruitment marketing, company owners can ensure that their business strategically attracts higher-quality candidates. There are quite a few recruitment marketing software that will apply the best market tactics and practices, and automate and optimize the distribution of job postings in order to find the best for your business.


4.  Predictive Analytics For Enhancing Efficiency

Backed by machine learning, predictive analysis is a technology helping businesses in using their own data along with outsider and third-party data for efficient and effective decision-making. It analyzes data and generates models that can predict the future performance of candidates. For hiring teams, it can allow insights into the current workforce and the upcoming recruitments, therefore, assisting in finding the top talent that most suitably fits the company requirements.

Businesses already possess information regarding their employees including qualifications, experience, personal attributes, educational background, and their current performance in the company. Predictive analytics software can use this data to compare, correlate, and produce the ideal profile of a candidate who is likely to succeed and bring value to the business.


5.  Use Social Media To Track Candidates

Social media is a powerful tool for finding ideal candidates for businesses. Besides posting jobs and researching candidates online, recruiters also check social media platforms of prospective candidates regularly. Candidates have built their personal brands on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, and Twitter. It’s only logical for companies who are hiring to also have representation on these platforms and exploit this technology to attract the most qualified candidates.

Hiring teams can also see if the candidates are interacting and collaborating with industry peers online as it shows their interest in solidifying their spot in the field. There is no doubt that social media is a key element of technology that is improving the whole recruitment process.



All these emerging technologies are destined to redefine the hiring process for the better. Businesses that are embracing these technologies wholeheartedly are already seeing improvements in the recruitment process quality. This, however, doesn’t mean people are no longer needed for optimized hiring. But technology has well established itself as a handy and effective tool in helping professionals manage talent and make strategic decisions.



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