How Cloud Computing Elevates Digital Marketing

June 22, 2022

Over the past two decades, many sectors have realized the benefits of cloud computing, with businesses of all sizes embracing and integrating it into their operations. The marketing industry is one of the biggest industries that benefit greatly from the cloud because it has the potential to significantly change strategies used to reach and engage with their target market, particularly in regard to the distribution and storage of data that is essential to the operation of the business.



Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is also known as internet computing or simply the ‘cloud.’ The term refers to the process of computing services over the internet, including data storage, server operation, analytics, databases, networking, software, and intelligence. This allows for faster digitalization, flexible assets, and scale economies. But how does it work?

With cloud computing, instead of owning infrastructure, companies can rent cloud applications and storage. Using cloud computing reduces the upfront cost and complexity of owning and managing IT infrastructure. Instead, they only pay for the services they use and require as they go along.

Cloud computing requires IT upgrades and up-to-date knowledge. Decision-makers should regard migration as a business re-engineering process. Business executives are often confused about how and which computing technology to adopt. And that’s where IT companies such as Tenecom Managed IT services come into play. Read on to find out how cloud computing helps digital marketing teams:


Better Customer Data Accessibility

Digital marketers often encounter significant obstacles whenever they attempt to promote via the internet: they are unable to interact directly with target audiences. Knowing one’s intended market well enough to influence their purchasing decisions is the most effective strategy there is.

Data from customers can be used to better analyze the needs and wants of the audience. A significant amount of effort is required when using more traditional methods, such as surveys.  On the other hand, storing data and gaining access to it is easier for businesses when they utilize a cloud data center because they can use it to store and access data at any time and from any location. Moreover, the utilization of Graphics Processing Units servers within these cloud infrastructures empowers businesses with the computational muscle needed for complex data analysis and AI-driven decision-making, making it a formidable tool for understanding customer needs and desires.


Improved Data Analytics

Today, cloud data analytics is gaining popularity amongst the majority of businesses. In the marketing department, tracking leads, evaluating new distribution channels, and figuring out which aspects of the marketing strategy performed well (or poorly) are all made easier because files are reliably accessible via the cloud. Through the use of customer relationship management (CRM) applications, which are easily accessible at reasonable prices, monitoring both potential and existing customers is also made easier.


Better Insights For Content Creation

Inbound marketing relies on engaging content to persuade visitors to buy. Engagement and conversions depend on quality content. But how can the marketing team identify the elements that give content its strength and draw readers in? This is where cloud-based analytics come in handy.

Cloud-based data analytics technologies make it easier to identify top-performing content because the data is more updated compared to physically stored data. Furthermore, multiple tools use the same updated data to track factors such as purchases, clicks, and other forms of customer interaction. This gives advertisers a better idea of how users engage with the material, allowing them to come up with more effective marketing strategies.


Rank Higher Because Of Cloud Hosting

Your chances of ranking high in the search results can be improved in a variety of different ways. Cloud-based hosting is one feature that can help you rank better, but many marketers overlook it as a potential ranking factor.

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), cloud hosting can help you rank higher by providing uninterrupted uptime, a decentralized network of servers, seamless mobile optimization, improved security, and other benefits. Google has more of a reason to rank you better in local searches due to the fact that the servers are located all over the world. Localized servers also provide better response times and consistent connection with fewer (if any) interruptions.


Improved Collaboration

Cloud computing can help improve team collaboration. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology presents the benefit of mobility for marketers and makes it possible for them to access marketing data from the devices that they already have in their possession. This reduces the amount of time that is wasted and increases the overall effectiveness of the workflow. It should come as no surprise that a collaborative strategy enables marketers to improve the quality of their initiatives and get faster and more significant outcomes.


Fast And Secure Technology


With cloud computing, any digital marketing company can access strong efficiency-boosting solutions in minutes, allowing them to focus more on customer satisfaction. The cloud service delivers regular upgrades, so the platform won’t function poorly.

Most importantly, AI and machine learning can help cloud computing handle data. Cloud computing is safer from hacking and data loss than traditional methods.


Cost Minimization

Physical data storage systems require high upfront and maintenance costs because of the need to anticipate large volumes of data. On the other hand, cloud storage solutions are paid depending on the amount of space and services that are utilized by the businesses. This means that cloud-based storage allows better scalability, which is essential for both big and small businesses.

Businesses should also seek information regarding a cloud vendor’s data security procedures first, you should carefully examine the vendor’s service level agreements (SLAs), and verify that the vendor can encrypt data both while it is in transit and while it is stored before signing a contract with any cloud vendor.


Marketing Automation

These days, automation is considered essential for any business to remain competitive in any market. Established organizations don’t waste time on basic tasks because automating whenever possible frees up manpower and resources. Cloud computing’s ability to sync data could be considered a part of the automation process.

Auto-saving may not seem like much, but some people underestimate how much time it could take to save and sync a file with a central database. Over time, cloud-based computing’s auto-syncing capabilities will save hundreds, if not thousands of hours that could be dedicated to something more productive.



Cloud computing offers so many advantages over conventional alternatives, that it should be considered a must-have for digital marketers. Thru this technology, your workflow has the potential to become more efficient with the integration of cloud computing into your marketing campaigns, your workers have the potential to become more productive, and your marketing campaigns are likely to be more successful.


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