How Competitor Analysis Can Help You Win the SEO Game

June 16, 2023

The business landscape in the US is highly competitive, regardless of the domain. Small businesses have more to deal with, considering that 99.9% of the enterprises in the country fall in the category. You can imagine the effort to stand apart in the market. It takes more than enticing customers with quality products and competitive pricing.


The markets are more competitive in some American states having favorable business climates. For instance, Texas has one of the best business climates for organizations of all sizes and industries, with a transparent tax and regulatory structure. You have excellent chances to succeed, but it also spells stiff competition.




High-value promotional strategies can be the real game-changers in this situation. When it comes to marketing, you cannot overlook the significance of digital outreach. A great website gives you a head start, but search engine optimization is the key, as it makes your website visible among a sea of businesses. Since 63% of online searches begin with a search engine, SEO has to be a part of your game plan.


A robust SEO strategy includes great content, relevant keywords, authority links, and on-page optimization. Beyond the basics, competitor analysis can take your strategy the extra mile. Undertaking it sets you up for success as you know where your rivals are, what they are doing right, and how you can rework your plan to beat them.


Let us explain how competitor analysis can give your SEO plan a winning advantage.


What Is SEO Competitor Analysis?


Knowing your competition gives you an edge. An SEO competitor analysis digs deep into rival websites to uncover factors such as their keywords, backlinks, and optimization variables. The information is handy for creating your strategy in the long run because you can learn from the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.


Consider running a local business in Dallas, which has a thriving market with over 65,000 businesses operating in full swing. Even if you look at your industry and market, you have to beat thousands to rank online. SEO experts in Dallas, Texas, recommend empowering your SEO strategy with a proper competitor analysis because it gives you an extra edge.


Brooks Internet Marketing notes that competitor analysis should be the starting point of an SEO project. It helps business owners gain valuable insights into the strategies of top rivals, helping with informed decisions regarding keywords, content, and backlinks. With more information, you have better chances of scoring high rankings sooner than later.


Benefits of Competitor Analysis


Marketers may not comprehend the need for competitor analysis as a standalone SEO audit process. After all, why would you want to know the ins and outs of another business’s marketing plan? But the truth is that you can derive multiple benefits from competitor analysis. Let us highlight these:


Clarity on Keywords




Multiple businesses running in a single niche likely target similar keywords to reach their target audience. Yet some tend to perform better than others because of minute differences in keywords. When you perform keyword gap analysis, you discover hard-hitting phrases that achieve the maximum possible results. Additionally, you have a clear view of how and where to target your audience.


Content Inspiration


An SEO competitor analysis helps you create a picture of the content strategy of top brands in your niche. Ranking content is relevant, useful, educational, and shareable. What does it take to score all these checkpoints? It is about identifying the gaps and pain points of your customers and filling them with helpful information. A successful competitor’s content can give you a fair idea.


Backlink Data


Link building is perhaps the trickiest part of SEO because you need to balance quality and quantity to create a healthy profile. Checking the backlink profiles for competitors’ websites can help you find authoritative links and sources. You can use the data to nail opportunities for strategic outreach and link-building for your business.


Geographic Targeting


Geographic targeting entails optimizing your local listings to be visible on local searches. If you run a company in Dallas, beating hundreds of competitors is about capturing the local market in the first place. A comprehensive local listing does the trick, as it helps potential customers reach your business when they start searching. Check competitors’ listings and see how you can outperform them with testimonials and reviews.




SEO competitor analysis shouldn’t only be a small part of your strategy. It should be the beginning of your plan because knowing what others do right can give you a good starting point for creating a viable strategy. At the same time, you can capitalize on their mistakes and use them to your advantage. It is a win-win both ways.



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