How Email Marketing Can Increase Small Business SEO

January 19, 2021

In today’s world, there is no substitute for email marketing. Whether for customer engagement or other things — it offers your business an incredible competitive advantage. There are a plethora of benefits you get with the relevant email marketing content. For example, it can lead your prospective customer (audience) to your website and enhance your SEO ranking. If you want to win big money, you can balance out email marketing and SEO for better results. email marketing seo As you attempt to implement a marketing plan, there is no gainsaying that email is paramount. Even more, given that you are particularly interested in seeking inexpensive means of measuring engagement with your customers, email marketing offers an impressive value offer. Unfortunately, many marketers are not aware of how much they can achieve with it, especially its impact on their search engine optimization (SEO) game. SEO is the art of making sure that your content, whether articles, marketing, or blogs, appears more often and as high as possible when your target audience searches for activities related to your operations on Google and other search engines. Whether you sell sports equipment or run mobile apps for Android, your company can benefit a great deal from well-composed emails. With the right keywords, you stand a chance of getting your content across all search engines and selling your product.

6 Ways to Improve Your Small SEO Business With Email Marketing

As a small business owner, we cannot overemphasize the fact that there is a direct relationship between email marketing content and optimizing your position in search results. And as you continue to place your email content on your website, you can achieve that feat.

#1. Drive Quality Visitors to Your Website

One way to increase engagement and maximize your small business SEO is to drive visitors to your page. With the help of email marketing content, you can promote your SEO and gain shares and backlinks to produce actual SEO gains. SEO and email are intrinsically linked, and thus, can improve any SEO content you target. Moreover, with quality traffic, you can get better engagement signals for Google. Small to medium-sized businesses have the responsibility of building search traffic. After all, every company wants to grow its brand quickly. Email content keywords and search rankings are crucial for starting entrepreneurs.

#2. Keep Your Content Personal

High-quality content is important in any email campaign. But you must personalize it to attract the right audience. The idea of personalized content must be implemented based on the demographics you target. The more relevant your emails are, the better your SEO works. Besides, the more customized experience you create, the more likely you are to engage visitors.

#3. Use Your Website for Every Email Marketing Content

When you send an article or blog via an email newsletter, you must post all your content on the website. Resist the urge to cram it all in an email. People will search for your content in Google instead of reading their email inbox. While customers have the original intention of coming to your site, keep in mind that they use keywords, which come from email marketing, to get there. Therefore, it is pertinent that you included the right wording in your promotional campaign. As we often see, email marketing messages, especially personalized emails, can have wrong timing, especially for people who are not ready to engage fully. Some want to get back to it later. email marketing seo

#4. Add Social Media Links to Your Email

Social media links in your email campaign are a great way to build search traffic because of the exposure you get on social media. Sharing email content helps you to drive more leads and traffic to your website. It is core to your marketing campaign, and, consequently, it will help encourage your readers to share it on other social media pages with links that redirect them to your website. That is achievable with specific emails, and you should take it seriously. In turn, you will get enormous SEO improvement. Many marketers are now turning to AMP in their emails to make sure the customer ends up going to where they need to be to increase conversions. It basically simplifies the process so potential customers do not have to search around an email for the right links.

#5. Keep a Highly Engaged Email List

Take time to develop an email list of contacts with high engagement — recipients with active open emails. Then, read the content to get to the website. The idea is that you can search for the offerings on the Internet later. Many email marketing tools offer means of effectively managing and measuring your audience engagement. It is even easy to automate the metrics, such as the ones they show on dashboards after the email blast. Building a list of impressed and engaged users requires that you study your audience thoroughly to learn about its preferences. A well-thought-out promo campaign allows you to know the types of people you want to attract to your goods or services because you have built incredible email traffic. Besides, you can make your brand an avenue to sync your email marketing and SEO with the proper content. An email list is not sufficient; you have to segment it based on your previous interactions to boost your SEO efforts.

#6. Encourage Your Email Subscribers to Share Your Email Content on Social Media

If your email subscribers can relate to your content, you have given them the opportunity to share it on their social media platforms without any problem. Indicate this via emails for an effective marketing campaign. According to Google, social media shares have no direct impact on helping site ranking. Yet, with a tremendous amount of social visibility, it will help your SEO, too.


With the advent of digital marketing and continuous technological progress, it becomes obvious that every digital marketing campaign must leverage every channel and ways to ensure maximal return. Each of these channels has a unique way of operation and, even more importantly, engagement with the audience. When used together, there is no limit to how much you can achieve. Moreover, in terms of small business marketing, SEO and email can be combined to access the most effective digital marketing routes through various email marketing strategies to spark things off. We welcome any questions, comments, or opinions on the topic discussed. Please leave your suggestions below. Thanks!

Author’s Bio: Thomas Glare is a Business Analyst. He has been in technology for over 7 years. His career as a technical journalist began in Computer Geeker magazine in 2015. Since then, he has written extensively on corporate IT, innovation, and technology convergence.


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