How Small Businesses Can Leverage AI for a Savvy SEO Strategy

June 28, 2023

Artificial Intelligence is a game-changing technology for businesses looking to maximize their digital marketing potential. While AI sounds sophisticated and complex, it is accessible to small businesses with tight budgets. The truth is that you can leverage AI tools to achieve more with less and make the most of your budget.


SEO is an area where you can save big by adopting these tools. With the average SEO project costing about $750 to $2000 a month, cost-cutting will be on top of your mind. Imagine how much you can save annually by adopting innovation for your campaigns. Whether you have an in-house team or collaborate with experts, going the AI way can be the smartest move.




Not surprisingly, small businesses across the US are rapidly adopting this technology to get the best outcomes while minimizing their spending. Before diving in, you will surely want to know how it can boost your strategy and


Let us dig deep into how to run a savvy SEO strategy by adopting artificial intelligence.


Gain a Winning Advantage with Personalization


While only 63% of American small businesses use SEO to propel their brands, the competition for the top spot in search rankings is stiff. Consider the landscape of Texas, where 99.8% of the 3 million enterprises are small businesses.


Houston is the SME hub, with 82% of firms here having fewer than twenty employees. You can imagine the competition you will have to face when running a business in this part of the country.


According to SEO Monkeys in Houston, outsourcing affordable local SEO services is an ideal solution for small businesses in the area. Looking for a provider offering AI-driven solutions is even better. The technology can be a winning advantage as it can help you create a strategy around the needs, preferences, and behaviors of the target audience. AI also segments them to create personalized search experiences.


By tracking and analyzing user behavior, machine learning tools can predict what a particular user is likely to search for next. They can tailor search recommendations accordingly. This level of personalization can strengthen the search experiences of users and hook them to your small brand., Synthetic Users, and Userdoc are some popular AI tools for user research.


Create High-Value Content With Agility


AI brings agility and cost-savings for content creation, which is an integral element of SEO. Did you know that 43% of American marketers are already using it for content creation? You can save time and money by adopting a reliable tool to create high-value content for your content marketing elements and email outreach. You may even repurpose the existing pieces to create fresh content.


With AI-generated content, you can focus more on user intent and context instead of trying to fit in keywords to gain a high ranking. But you must use these tools cautiously because relying solely on them means your content may lack the empathy that comes with a human touch. Google’s core value is delivering relevant content to its audience, and Chatgpt for Google enhances that experience. You can also try tools such as,, Writersonic, and ChatGPT for content creation. They are all available on AI Fosshub.


Get Smart With Voice Search




With more than 1 billion voice-based online searches conducted every month, integrating this strategy into your SEO plan is non-negotiable. Search engines prioritize websites providing users with relevant and customized search results. But understanding what makes them pertinent can be tricky, considering voice searches differ from text-based queries.


AI-based technologies such as natural language generation can help you predict them and create contextual answers that users and search engines find helpful enough. It is a clever way to empower your SEO strategy to reach a whole new customer segment without massive marketing spending. Tools like, Speechmatics, and AssemblyAI can help with voice search optimization.


Optimize Your Website


A fast-loading, responsive, and user-friendly website is the mainstay of a successful SEO strategy. A website that follows Google SEO guidelines ranks well on searches and attracts traffic. But small businesses often overlook website optimization. It may seem like a lot of work, considering that Google uses more than 200 ranking factors to assess websites.


Fortunately, AI can do the heavy lifting for this part of the SEO strategy as well. It can help by digging deep into factors such as crawling, indexing, caching, compression, and rendering. You can rely on technology to provide suggestions regarding improving your website design, navigation, security, and accessibility.


Track and Monitor Results


SEO is not a set-and-forget activity. It requires constant tracking and monitoring, and multiple metrics make the process cumbersome for small businesses running on tight resources. AI can help you track and monitor your SEO results by keeping a close eye on ranking, traffic, conversion rate, bounce rate, and ROI.


AI tools are quick to raise red flags if anything seems amiss. You can quickly identify gaps and implement improvements. With these tools, you can even watch your competitors and see how you can grab opportunities in the competitive landscape.


You can use AI tools such as Pro Rank Tracker, PageSpeed Insights, and SEMRush to automate tracking, monitoring, and analytics for your website’s SEO.


The Bottom Line


Artificial Intelligence is capable of supercharging your SEO strategy to deliver better outcomes with personalization, quality content, website optimization, and strategic improvement. The best thing about the technology is that it does not break the bank. Instead, it can save tons of money for your small business. Undoubtedly, building an AI-driven SEO process should be your top priority.



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