How Startups are Leveraging the Power of Tiktok

January 6, 2021

Probably you do want your own business to be prosperous and as the world slowly starts to reopen. The first step is to get to know TikTok. This video-sharing platform, even if thought is only for teens, has emerged from relative obscurity.

tiktok for startups


TikTok has become one of the leading social media companies around the globe and is surprisingly one of the most business-friendly platforms for entrepreneurs that are aware and know how to make it work properly. Here are some examples of how businesses, especially startups are leveraging the power of TikTok.


The First Step

It is recommended for any startup businesses to just observe what people are actually doing on the platform. Basically, it was the same as the early days of Snapchat and Twitter. This would be a better option than to create your own original content out of the blue since many startups are launching byproduct placements and using influencers to reach people on TikTok.



TikTok has considered the option of adding a website URL to your TikTok bio.

This is an option that was only previously possible on Instagram. Now, startup companies are getting their ears ready. Especially since not everyone can actually get the URL ability. Startups that have a significant number of followers are granted this option, which professionals from the can confirm by saying that it seems that a business has to have at least around 1 000 followers. It can be a difficult task, but until then, the recommendation is to work as hard as possible to have those viewer numbers rising up. Hopefully, TikTok will change this in the future. Until then, businesses are doing what they can, from searching other ways they can set up URLs to taking the harder route and obtaining as many viewers and followers as possible before granting this permission.


Addressing the Audience

It is still unclear what the best practices are for TikTok. The reason is that it still has a lot of room to grow, so different brands are still experimenting with it. Although it may be true, startups do understand what the persona of their brand audience is and they are also native on the platform.

Businesses know what they engage with and why. By observing businesses similar to your own, you can build your ideas up which can help you greatly.



Ever since TikTok has introduced ads to the platform, it has become a perfect space for all startup businesses to take advantage of. Meaning, the ads provide various benefits.

Here are the types of ads that exist and which company owners use:


Infeed Native Content

Similar to Snapchat or Instagram story ads, this type can support multiple features. For instance, it can support website clicks or even app downloads.


Brand Takeovers

Here, TikTok is used by other brands for the day. These brands can create images, videos, and GIFs


Hashtag Challenges

Businesses use promoted hashtags which gives them more audience engagement as a result


Branded Lenses

These lenses are for photos and faces, similar to those of the Snapchat


“For You”

The TikTok algorithm will start to favor you as a creator if you upload at least once a day. Because of that very reason,  you will have an increased chance of getting featured on the “For You” page. The majority of startups know that over-analyzing their niche can make their content distribution put on brakes.

tiktok for startups


By engaging with your early followers, you will build up a loyal foundation, which can be a critical first step that is wise to take. For instance, by going live no matter if the following is rather small, companies can end up on the “For You” page.

Social media news has been talking about TikTok ever since it came to be. The reason being, TikTok is not like any other platform out there which startup companies and marketers would agree. It is true that the approach needs to be different to engage the users, however, even if the medium of engagement is not the same, some of the basic principles of traditional marketing remain intact.

As an example, the idea of targeting the right demographic group with the right message has not changed a bit. At the end of the day, even if the more things change, the better since the product is new opportunities.

If you want your own startup business to grow just as many others did, it would be wise to make an educated decision first and compare other companies that made it on TikTok.


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