How To Achieve Better Call Quality When Communicating With International Business Partners

March 28, 2022

To measure how good a book is you can simply count into which languages the book was translated. This parameter is really good because it measures the global impact of the book. We live in a world that is more connected than it was ever before, which is a good thing. International recognition and communication is the key to moving forward. It is what separates good businesses from the best business, their international connection.

International communication is more than just making it official. It is about maintaining this communication and growing it at a healthy pace. Maintaining this healthy international relationship is easily done with the help of phone and video calls. Of course, viewing in person is important, but it can be rather inconvenient if you need to do it constantly. Calling, on the other hand, is much more convenient, especially when done with higher call quality.



SIP trunking

The term SIP trunking might confuse a lot of people, however, it is nothing new. It is a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) that can connect with many different systems such as MS Teams to provide a lot of benefits. Global SIP trunking services serve to connect these systems to a platform that provides much higher call quality. It is important to have this better connection when communicating with business partners that are far, far away.

Besides covering you with higher call quality, you can also expect much better security. Business calls are pretty important and it is important to keep them away from snooping eyes. These snooping eyes can gather information and either steal your data or hold it for ransom. Global SIP trunking can provide much better customer support if there are any issues. That is because their only job is to maintain this platform and are thus more available.


Solving technical problems

Once you have a better platform for communication, it is important to cover other technical problems. You will need a stable internet connection to make these calls more enjoyable. Without it, you can expect a lot of lost time connecting and repeating your sentences. If you want to do a video conference, it is important to have your setup ready. This means a good camera that points at you in a pleasant background.

This does not mean that you need to invest in a 4K camera and a bunch of ring lights. You just need a camera that can clearly focus on you so your face is visible. Clean up your room where you will be talking and you are already providing a better call. Mix that with a good push to talk microphone and by letting everyone else know you will be busy, and you are good to go. It is often the simplest and minimal things that make the biggest difference.


Do not talk with WiFi

WiFi is super convenient, there is no doubt about that, but sometimes you need the ethernet cable. If you are talking internationally, you will need the internet connection that ethernet cables provide.

This can not be overemphasized if you are talking with multiple people like during a video conference. If you are using WiFi in such instances, expect poor connection and a lot of misunderstandings. Everyone will know that the problem is at your end which will affect your reputation.


Customer service

If you are using a top SIP trunking system and you solved all of the technicalities, you should contact customer support. This is why it is integral to know how good customer support is on the platform you are using.

Good customer support will always help you solve these issues in no time and stress-free. Time is always of the essence when it comes to calling your business partners. It is also about respecting their time, which is why your end of the call needs to be in top shape.



International business partners are some of the most valuable allies you can have. The different goods and services that you can share are priceless. It can create a truly symbiotic relationship where your and their business grows beautifully. The ideas and different concepts you can hear from international business partners are fascinating.

All of this represents reasons why you need to achieve better call quality. You need to maintain these relationships with good communication that will not have problems on your end. By doing so, you can talk to your business partners across the whole globe like they are in front of you. This is where we should be thankful for the technology that we have because, without it, we would lose so much. Without such technology, who knows if we would even meet these people from across the world.



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