How To Attract More Interactions To Your Brand

May 3, 2021

The digital age is here. Regardless of the industry, every brand is trying to adapt to build more customers and brand interactions. Brand interactions can be mistaken as just the engagement level between a brand and its consumers in the digital space. At the same time, brand interaction is when a brand makes necessary efforts to grow a rational and emotional attachment with consumers through digital and conventional marketing efforts.

interactions for brand

You get the highest level of interaction from your brand when you focus your marketing efforts in the digital space and the conventional real world.

Here are some ways to attract more interaction to your brand regardless of the size or the brand type.


1.   Social Media Marketing

For many brands and businesses, social media is the principal stimulant for growth. There are countless social media platforms available, ranging from the big 4 Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) to others like Reddit, palmchat, etc. Trying to be active on all social media platforms is a quick way to get burnt out. The best way to optimize social media platforms to increase brand awareness and brand interaction is by understanding your brand and what it signifies and linking it to a platform that will enable you to optimize your goals. These are some of the most effective methods to utilize social media to increase brand interactions:

  • Focus on your industry’s topics, not just your brand; promotional posts get boring and are not always relatable.
  • Share other people’s content; you can repost your follower’s content.
  • Engage in interactive questions and answer sessions with your followers and customers in your comment section, your stories, or even under industry posts.
  • Join the trending conversions through hashtags.


2.   Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is perhaps the most effective marketing strategy with exceptionally high ROI. In the earlier days of email marketing, building email lists was a major challenge. However, as proven at, it has become much simpler with integrating other marketing channels and the help of professional PR agencies helping brands understand and navigate their audience better. The practical ways to make use of email marketing are:

  • Personalize the emails. This goes beyond just using the customer’s names but rather sending information that is relevant to each customer based on previous interactions with various aspects of your brands.
  • Segment your subscribers. This is so important to maintain relevance in the emails you send out. Sending generic emails to all subscribers will lead to junk emails and fewer interactions.
  • Take advantage of mobile devices. Your emails should be mobile friendly and so that when opened on a mobile device, it remains in an organized view. Remember, most users will read your emails on the go.


3.   Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising is one of the oldest methods of building brand interactions. In the early 1900s, brands would deliberately create controversial content for a billboard to build local interactions, and if they are lucky, they get viral and will be mentioned on the news. Hence they gain more brand awareness. Billboard advertising is also called out-of-home (OOH) advertising because it is ideally an advertisement that can only be seen and accessed out of your home space. The major disadvantage of billboard adverts is the high cost associated with them. The more populated the region, the higher the price. Major ways to utilize billboard adverts to increase brand interactions are:

  • Make it memorable: something that stands out and will stick to the memories of the viewers.
  • Make it interactive: based on the location, you can curate a billboard post that directly interacts with its immediate surroundings like buildings, electric poles, etc.
  • Make it bold but still simple because the viewers have just a few short seconds to take it in and understand what you’re presenting.


4.   Content Writing (Blogging and Storytelling)

more interactions for brand

Content marketing is an informative and educative way to build trust among your consumers and viewers over time by creating educational content. When making use of content writing, it is important to find a brand voice that will be uniform in every written content. Using catchy headlines can do a lot in inviting the interests of both viewers and search engines. Some of the ways to make use of content writing are:

  • Blogs on your website; descriptive and informative blogs are very interactive as they spark the interest of consumers.
  • Storytelling; can be used strategically to create relatable situations that will foster interactions on both websites and social media platforms.
  • Sales copies employ the interactive features of content writing to influence the buying behavior of consumers.

Every time a prospective consumer visits your website, comments, likes, or shares your social media posts, visits your store, or comments on your blog, they form an opinion about you, whether big or small. It is important to create content, not for yourself or your brand but rather for your customers and prospects, as they are the consumers of such content. When you have your customers in mind when creating content, they will relate with your brand and thus attract more interactions to your brand.


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