Six Tips on How to Better Manage Your Personnel to Achieve the Maximum

July 3, 2021


In every organization, personnel determine the output and are responsible for implementing policies and directives of the organization. Therefore, to keep a company active, liquid, and ahead of competitors, organizational leaders must understand the significance of having a productive workforce in achieving the organization’s vision and mission.

So, if you have been looking for ways to drive your company’s growth, here are six tips for managing your personnel to achieve maximum performance.


1.  Make provision for break sessions


Making provision for break sessions may look a bit counterproductive because it represents a loss of working hours. However, workers who don’t go on break tend to get tired, lose interest in the job, and skip work or call in sick due to stress.

So, irrespective of your organization settings and nature of the job, you should include at least a minimum of thirty minutes timeout for your personnel to relax, read magazines and unwind. Doing this across all cadres of your workforce will significantly increase productivity and reduce the level of fatigue among your employees.


2.  Having a competent human resource team



The role of human resources managers within the organization has been expanding beyond their core functions in the last few decades. Companies must work on providing HR services for better employee management, as these professionals are saddled with enforcing policies and procedures, hiring, recruiting, amongst other parts. But nowadays, the HR department has been playing more integral roles within the organization because they have the technical-know-how on:

  • Identifying talents
  • Improve working environment
  • Making staffs happy
  • Smoothening the relationship between the organization and its workforce

Having an excellent human resource team gives you firsthand information on implementing policies that will motivate your personnel for maximum performance.


3.  Have a priority list for each working day


The early morning time is when most people are active, and it is the best time to get your workforce to do their best. Your priority list should contain information on the task you project to achieve for the workday. Therefore, it is advisable to encourage them to take care of their most important task first thing in the morning, when they have the energy, drive, attention, and focus.


4.  Reduce stress on your staff by automating where it is possible


In this jet age, everything moves at the speed of light as individuals, government, and businesses transfer more of their activities from analog to digital. To enhance your personnel capacity, you should reduce their stress level by rearranging your mode of operations. By automating some activities, there will be a reduction in man-hours that goes into some designated projects. For instance, instead of filling out forms, generate invoices through an analog method, you can adopt the use of an online tracking application for monitoring sales, cash flow and give back reports for managerial heads for quick decision making.


5.  Give every personnel a sense of belonging


Some managers usually ignore this because they feel roles within the organization structure are not the same. So, they create the impression that personnel A is more essential to the company than personnel B. Giving preferential treatment is counterproductive to achieving organizational objectives because it demoralizes employees, making them less committed to the organization.

To improve staff productivity level, you must create an impression that everyone is essential. Building a feeling of this nature makes workers happy, increases their commitment towards achieving organizational goals, and promotes unity among all employees.


6.  Cultivate a solid company culture


Some businesses are tumbling because of the toxic environment, which has become unpalatable for employees to deliver maximum capacity. However, for every company to thrive, there must be a positive vibe and exciting culture, which can only be obtainable if the right set of leaders controls the company.

A company with good leaders and bosses will motivate workers and bring out the best in their personnel. When the employees feel disconnected or lose interest in the company, they won’t feel the need to give more than is required. Cultivating a solid company culture helps in boosting employees’ productivity, improving company success and sales revenue.

 There is a direct link between workforce capacity and organization growth. However, an organization may have the right personnel and still not hit its target due to an unfavorable working environment, inadequate working equipment, and harsh policy towards personnel welfare.

To enhance your personnel performance, apply the six steps enumerated in this piece to your organization, and you will see a sign of improvement among your staff. In addition, increasing personnel performance is not a one-off thing. It requires consistency. Ensure you work hand-in-hand with leaders in each section of the company to get firsthand information on how to build on existing success.



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