How To Choose A Marketing Consultant On A Budget

January 4, 2021

Marketing consultants are essential to any type of business because they provide objective advice on marketing strategies, fresh thinking, and have experience in delivering excellent results in various market sectors. A marketing consultant can also help improve your marketing performance, serve as your outsourced marketing department, take you into a new profitable market sector, and get better results from your market budget. 

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Unfortunately, hiring marketing consultants can be an extra expense for many businesses with a tight budget, especially if your enterprise is located in a competitive city such as New York. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find a great one suited for your budget.

Below are some of the ways to choose a marketing consultant when on a budget:


Establish Your Budget

Make sure to set a budget when looking for the best marketing consultant. It’s a necessary step before interviewing anyone. Many consultants in an SEM Agency in NYC have an hourly rate, while some work for a regular retainer fee. Thus, determine how much room you have to work on when it comes to your budget.

If the consultant demands a bit more, but you feel that it’s worth the investment, see if budget adjustments are possible. Remember, many consultants will tell you that you need to spend money to make money. If they can’t tell you how they’ll help you make money, search for another potential candidate.


Check The Experience

Your chosen marketing consultant should show experience in solving the kind of challenges your business faces. The right candidates have experience working in your industry or market sectors you’re targeting, so they don’t have to spend too much time learning about your company.

Marketing consultants must also have experience in working with companies like yours. Consultants who have worked in the business industry may not appreciate various organizational resources and structures of small businesses and could make recommendations that are hard to implement. So, it’s always better to check the consultant’s experience before you hire one.


Know What Services You Need

When you’re looking for a marketing consultant, it’s crucial to do some research. Educate yourself regarding the services you’re searching for, like content marketing. Through that, you know what consultants must deliver in terms of services.

Because of the rising popularity of online marketing, many reputable and trusted websites publish guides on digital marketing strategies. Most would maintain resource centers, blogs, and email newsletters that keep you updated on the new standards and trends. When choosing a consultant, make sure they’re capable of providing insights into your digital marketing strategies and helping your team discover opportunities for your business to grow its presence online.

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Consider The Consultant’s Skills

Marketing consultants have different specialties and skills in their careers. Search for those with a skills profile that matches your needs. If you want to develop a strategy for growth, ask about your preferred consultant’s strategic capabilities.

If you want to boost your marketing communications budget results, search for consultants with experience across every main communications media. Consultants with a proven track record in building market share or launching new products can focus on your company’s new product development strategy.


Ask As Many Questions As You Want

Interviewing marketing consultants means asking as many questions as you want. But, make sure to ask only the right questions. For instance, inquire about what they have worked on lately and ask for details.

Any reliable consultant will tell you what they have worked on for several years and include detailed examples. You’ll also have to ask about the current list of their clients. If they can’t furnish testimonials, ask permission to contact their previous clients. Asking referrals from some companies is a great way to gauge what consultants could do for you.

Another essential question to ask is the reason you must hire a consultant over the competition. It may seem like an abrupt or rude question. But consultants should share what they can bring to the marketing table that the competition cannot. Those who claim not to have competition are considered as a red flag. What you might want to hear is something that will give you reasons for what makes them different from others.


Get Proposals

Once you have filtered your list of potential marketing consultants, obtain proposals. It’s suggested that you get proposals from several consultants, especially if it’s your first time hiring one.

If you’re running a small business, getting at least three proposals is enough. However, if possible, get many proposals from consultants, so it’ll be much easier for you to choose the right person and compare your options.


Explore Their Values

Whether you’re collaborating with a freelancer or a marketing consultant from a consulting company, it’s essential to research their background. Besides, you’d want to work with somebody who will work correctly with your business and team.

An area you like to focus on is the consultant’s values, which may focus on the approach to challenges, customer service level, and quality of work.

In terms of digital marketing, it’s a constantly changing field that prompts industry professionals to be updated. Often, digital marketers and professional consultants’ public social media accounts will show that they’re active in the industry and have invested in learning more. In this way, you’ll understand whether the consultant is the right fit for you and your business needs.


Check The Consultant’s Client Retention

A significant signal that consultants know their craft is when they have an impressive client retention rate, accompanied by glowing testimonials and client reviews. With a reasonable client retention rate, you can trust that marketing consultants will do well and know what they’re doing.

However, if consultants don’t publish their client retention rate, it’s another red flag. It’s a better sign if a consultant publicizes their achievements for you to know if they’re worth your budget or not.


Final Thoughts

Throughout the process of comparing and researching different marketing consultants, you may have expectations of what consultants must deliver. So, before choosing one, it’s crucial that you and your preferred consultant agree and discuss those expectations. In this way, you can be assured that you’ll hire the right and the best possible candidate for your needs.


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