How to Create Successful Social Media Content Strategy

May 24, 2021

Reaching a larger audience is almost always a top priority for content creators. It can expand your fanbase, provide connections with people that can boost your career, and carve a pathway to success.

It’s not a simple task, though. There are steps that can help, but it’s essential to get creative, mix different ideas, and stay consistent. Below you’ll find some of the best ways to create a killer social media content strategy.


Your Audience Finds You

“If you build it, they will come.” This is an old saying that still holds firm today. There are times where you might need to tweak your work to appeal to a larger audience, but this isn’t always required. Sometimes it’s better to create what feels right and wait for people to join you for the ride.

social media strategy

It is, however, essential to identify what your followers enjoy and try to offer similar content in the future. You can send this out in waves while mixing in some variety here and there. Staying faithful to your gut feeling and what makes you happy is usually more beneficial. It feels more authentic and attracts loyal fans.

If that proves to be an issue, you can use a creator finder to discover creators that make content regularly and compare your own content to theirs. That way you’ll be confident that your content is on par with others while giving you the chance to improve it even more.


Push Engagement

Selfies, vlogs, unique videos, and other generic content might provide some enjoyment for followers, but it’s not enough. People like to interact, be it for a friendly debate, heated arguments, or simply to express an opinion.

Instead of creating what resembles a slideshow in social media format, offer a space for discussion and engagement. An example of a safe way to do this is via simple polls. Short questions with multiple choice answers are excellent. People enjoying some free time usually love participating and seeing the results after each poll.

Another way to increase engagement is via light controversy. Pick a topic with two sides and make a statement. You might be surprised as to how involved followers can become from simple statements like, “apples are better than oranges, prove me wrong.” To make sure your efforts meet with success, you can follow this link on how to calculate engagement rate in social media: The Definitive Guide.


Seek and Embrace Feedback

Your content doesn’t belong to you if others are influencing it with a heavy hand. But, while it’s a noble cause to remain steadfast in the face of criticism, it’s also essential to listen and understand feedback.

social media strategy

More often than not, a follower will provide an opinion on your work because they care. There are individuals seeking to control your content, but these are less prevalent. Try to make modifications if possible. If you can’t, at least inform your audience that you’re listening to what they say. Also, consider explaining why you refuse to make changes to your work.


Connect With Other Creators

This killer social media content strategy revolves around advertising via creators in your line of work. To connect with other names in your industry, you need to reach out with an idea that provides mutual benefits.

Collaborations can work wonders, for example. They let fans of both creators explore more work in the same industry. This can also apply to different subjects, as well. There’s also the opportunity for features. However, the most impactful benefit is that of a larger audience for pushing engagement via polls and light controversy.


Keep Going

These are some of the best actions for creating a killer social media content strategy. If you remember to connect with other creators, recognize feedback, provide engaging content, and stay consistent, you’ll be sure to find success.


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