How To Create The Perfect Animated Video?

April 6, 2022

These days, the popular medium for content sharing is video. Whether you look at informational videos, how-to videos, entertainment, or any other category of content, you will find that videos reign supreme. A big reason for this is that people have shifted from traditional desktops and laptops to mobile phones. Plus, data plans are much cheaper than before and the internet is much easier to access through WiFi or mobile data.

In the past, certain limitations made videos unfeasible, but with high-speed internet easily available there is no reason for people not to access video content. Among videos, animated videos are gaining a lot of popularity, especially among creators who are camera shy. If you are interested in making some animated videos, then these are the steps you should take.




When creating any kind of content it is best to start off with a plan. This could be a simple skeleton of your ideas, or it could be a more detailed structure of what you want to create. In the case of videos, this will usually be the script. Again, the script can go through many drafts and versions, but having a script will help give the project a sense of direction. If you don’t want to start with the script right away, start with a written storyline. This will also serve as a great foundation from which you can construct the script later on when you are happy with the flow of the video.



Here comes the part that will require the most technical expertise. Creating an animated video starts off as a creative process, but the actual video itself requires technical knowledge. Specifically, you need to know about graphic design and animation. In the words of specialists behind Groundbreak Productions, if you are starting off with no previous animation experience or knowledge, you should go for a simple drag-and-drop option. There are plenty of software options that will help you easily create an animated video from pre-made clips and templates.

However, if you want the best video quality, then you will need to custom-make things for your particular project. The problem here is that this requires you to have some degree of experience with graphics. If you don’t have the knowledge, you can always hire an expert, but this will undoubtedly increase the cost of video production.



Some would argue that the audio is more important than the graphics in your video. Especially if you are trying to convey a message through the audio, you need it to be clear. When adding speech to your animated video make sure you use a good quality mic and have the track professionally balanced and added to the video. If you don’t want to add a voice track, then at least add some background music to create some depth in the video. You can easily find a lot of high-quality, copyright-free music online totally free of cost.



If you really want to go the extra mile, then you can include elements like subtitles or specific video features, such as chapters. This will depend a lot on the kind of platform that you want to publish the video on. Some platforms will allow these additional features, while others simply will not have support for them. Also, be sure to have an attractive thumbnail to get people to click on the video, and hopefully, the substance of the content provided will keep their attention till the end.


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