How To Integrate SMS Into Your SEO Marketing Strategy

January 8, 2021

Whatever business you might be running; you need to have a stable online presence if you want to give your company the best chance of succeeding. And a necessary part of every effective online marketing strategy is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

sms marketing

There are many aspects of this approach that need to be taken into consideration for you to rank well on Google or any other search engine. SEO experts use different tactics, including the SMS one. Let’s see what SMS marketing actually encompasses and what it takes for it to be successful.


What is SMS Marketing?

Up until several years ago, SMS marketing had a really bad reputation. Back in the time when the online world was pretty much unregulated, this kind of strategy was seen as spammy. Businesses would send promotional messages to people who are not interested in what they are selling. However, the laws have changed and the customers are more protected nowadays. With the changing rules, marketing experts can now use an SMS platform as an efficient tool to provide their clients with some significant information regarding their business. However, for you to send your customers messages, they need to agree to that. Given the fact that you are contacting those who want to know what’s going on with your company, your messages will be welcomed.

In the last several years, the SMS platform has become one of the most effective mediums when it comes to customer engagement. These messages are limited to 160 characters. Although you can send more of them, the studies show that it’s better to stay true to this limit.


How Does SMS Influence SEO?

Messages are being implemented in the sales tactic more and more. As stated by the digital marketing experts from, they are solidifying your online presence and you can check out their website to see what other ways will have the same effect. They are improving the functionality of your website and your clients are more likely to stay on your platform.

seo for sms marketing

Also, they are making data gathering easier for entrepreneurs while also increasing customer engagement. More than half of adults in the United States check up on their phone immediately after they wake up. Most of them don’t even get out of bed before they do that.

Texting has become such a huge part of our everyday life that most people don’t even notice that most of our communication with other people is done this way. So, it comes as no surprise that we open and read more than 90% of the messages we receive on our phones. The importance of this information is clearly shown in the fact that only 20% of emails are opened.

The advantages of this type of marketing include:

  • Being able to deliver your message to the intended audience and them reading it
  • Connect directly to your customers
  • Increased interaction between you and your customers
  • Enhancing the audience engagement

All of this is adding to the functionality and accessibility of your business which can seriously affect how your website is seen by search engines.


Always Available

Having this line of communication open 24/7 as well as providing your clients with quick answers will make your site seem more trustworthy and dependable. These are the two words search engines pay special attention to. So, if you’re able to deliver in this way, there is a good chance you will rank batter.


Increasing Usability

Search engines love websites that are providing clients with useful information. Being able to create this easy communication with the audience and them clicking on your links, you will give out the impression that you are providing them with what they want.


Mobile-Friendly Design

mobile friendly design sms

One of the most important factors when it comes to search engine rankings is whether your website is optimized for a mobile platform or not. If the answer is Yes then it will be perceived as more user-friendly. It makes your company seem more accessible and more valuable. So, it will be prioritized by the search engines and give you an edge over your competitors.


Getting to Know Your Customers Better

As you receive more information about your clients, you will be able to improve the SEO strategy. By gathering data, you will get to see why people are visiting your website and what they are looking for. This knowledge will allow you to get to know them better and develop a more serious SEO strategy.

These are the reasons for the success of SMS marketing. Also, this explains why this type of promotion is important in the digital world and how it improves the SEO strategy. Make use of this platform well by following the tips stated above. In doing so, you stand a better chance of improving your overall marketing strategy.


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