How to Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness

March 25, 2021

Your marketing effectiveness is essentially how well your marketing strategies are doing. If they are doing well and making an impact, your marketing effectiveness will be high. If they appear to be doing nothing at all, then their effectiveness is low. In order to make the most of your marketing budget and to ensure you gain as many new or returning customers as possible, you will want your marketing effectiveness to be high.

Many business owners wouldn’t be able to say whether their marketing effectiveness was high or low, good or bad, because they don’t measure it. Unfortunately, this could mean they are using marketing campaigns that are having no effect at all other than to drain the business’s finances, or they might pull a campaign that was working slowly before it had a chance to really bloom. With that in mind, it’s crucial you measure your marketing effectiveness, and here are some of the ways to do it.


Bounce Rate

One of the best ways to measure the effectiveness of any marketing campaign you might be running is to look at your bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of users who visit your site and then leave right away without browsing, without clicking on any other pages. If this happens, it means they didn’t find your landing page to be very interesting, and they didn’t want to look further.

When considering your bounce rate, you should be aiming for anything under 40 percent. If your bounce rate is higher than this, you will need to consider what it is about your website that is unappealing and make some changes to try to bring your bounce rate down. In fact, changing your website content, if not the theme itself, should be something you factor into your working day. The more up-to-date your website is, the more customers are going to trust it and enjoy it. This can take up some considerable time, so you may need to invest in software for Gantt charts to ensure you get everything done or outsource the work if need be.


Click-Through Rate

Your click-through rate is also very important, and it can give you a great instant snapshot of how your marketing campaign is working. The click-through rate is the percentage of people who saw your ad (or Facebook or Google, for example) and then clicked on the link to get to your website rather than scrolling past. Obviously, the higher the click-through rate, the better your marketing strategy is, and the more sales you should get as a result.

Knowing your click-through rate for each individual advert will immediately show you which ones are working and which are not engaging with enough people. Those latter ads can be amended or removed altogether, allowing you to focus more on the ones that are working. It will also give you a good idea of what kind of advertising is best for your specific target market.


Search Engine Traffic

More than anywhere else, the journey a potential customer will go on to arrive at your website and make a purchase from you will begin on a search engine, so measuring your search engine traffic is another useful and even vital way to measure your marketing effectiveness.

Search engine traffic, also known as organic traffic, relates to the number of people who find you when searching for something and then click from the search engine results to your site. These figures indicate how well your SEO techniques are working and give you an idea of just how many people need or want what you’re selling.


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