How to Optimize your Website and Expand your Business

July 12, 2021


If you’re a small business owner, your website is one of the most important resources you would have in your marketing depository. As a matter of fact, it’s the one-stop destination where all your marketing efforts meet. They might be in the form of inbound content marketing, advertisements, direct or indirect marketing. It is the first place customers will check to get an overview of your products and services before proceeding to other actions such as placing an order.

Considering the crucial role it plays in the success of your business, you need to pay attention to its development. You can’t just have a website and let it remain dormant. Any opportunity to revamp or optimize your website such that it can draw more visitors to it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Failure to do so would mean no gain in your sales journey and might make matters worse. Learn in this article how to optimize your website with a view to expanding your business.


1.  Create Clear and Detailed Business Goals


This is a very important step to take before optimization because you need to see your overall performance over the course of time. Establishing clear end-goal objectives would help you identify low points and successful strategies so you can capitalize on them. They need to be based on the data you have gathered and be as precise as possible.

Your goals don’t need to be unilateral, you can have different objectives for various aspects of the business’s conversion strategy. They can cut across a different range of products and services including multiple customer actions such as them registering for an event or scheduling a phone call to talk about a possible collaboration with your business.

Again, even though your goals should be clear, they should be equally versatile. You’re thinking of an expansion, not just the now.


2.  Analyze Your Data


As stated earlier, to optimize your website, there is a need to properly understand how it’s performing at the moment and identify what areas are in need of tuning. There should have been tracking tools set up on your website already. Ensure to install them if you don’t have any. Google Analytics is one of the cheapest, free, most common, and affordable options you can get that have advanced features too.

Why should you analyze your data? In case you haven’t heard but data rules the world. It is very essential that you record the amount of traffic visiting your site each day, how long they spend there, and what they do. That data is pivotal in your ability to make the required changes to your website design or layout. You can also make use of heatmap tools to identify areas that grab the attention of your visitors and which ones they just scheme through.


3.  Use Keywords and Image Tags


Even though page layout tags are important for proper SEO, you also need to take advantage of keywords and image tags on your website. They are a subtle and effective way to drive traffic in. If you’re going to get the best possible SEO value, using the appropriate labeling method and keywords is a must.

Research the right words depending on your niche and name all the images on your site appropriately. Get SEO advice from top experts if you’re confused about what to do. Labeling pictures with image alt tags offers another access point to your website when users put in certain words in a search engine and shouldn’t be taken for granted.


4. Apply Visual Marketing



Visual marketing can be viewed as the backbone of your marketing strategies considering it’s what attracts people. Don’t just focus on raw content alone (text), it is great for only certain types of audience and information. For a great business, you do need to take the time to transform your message into graphics. It’s more effective when it’s in the picture, video, or infographic form than in other forms of marketing.

Your text becomes easier for your audience to read through without leaving the page and they can get your call to action. It’s only natural that the more people who end up clicking your call to action are likely to convert. Also, since graphics and videos have now become shareable, more people can easily share them on social media and that would mean more engagement which in turn brings more traffic.

You can hire experts to get it done or learn to use tools like Canva to make unique website designs quickly and can include customer-generated content using certain perks to increase engagement on your social media pages.


5.  Use Testimonials


Not the regular template as seen on several websites. Use testimonials that are convincing preferably actual comments from social media. If it’s catchy enough and doesn’t follow conventional templates, people would visit your website and that’s what you ultimately want.

Your website sets your business up for global patronage which is why you should never rush the building phase and ensure it’s optimized. Follow some of the steps listed here, ask experts, and do some research.


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