How to Run a WordPress Website

December 29, 2020

No longer is it only reserved for the select few who are incredibly gifted with computers to be able to make websites. The proliferation of tools and easy to use resources is making it much more accessible for anyone to make a website. In fact, it’s so easy even your grandparents could do it now.

running a wordpress site

The most important advancement was with WordPress, which is a service designed just for that – making websites. It’s one of the most crucial tools for people to use when it comes to making a website and has allowed newbies and experts alike from being able to create them. If you want to make a WordPress site, check out how to do it.


Creating a Theme or Template

The first thing you want for your site is obviously to make sure that there is something to look at. This is your theme or template for the site and it makes everything come together in an attractive package so that visitors have something to look at. When it comes to using WordPress, you don’t even need to make a theme yourself as there are plenty of people who have created their own that can be plugged right into your site quite easily. WordPress does a lot of the difficult work for you which makes it a lot better as a beginner way to create a site and this is true for your theme/template.


Setting Up Content

Next, you want to create some content. This can be anything from adding videos or images to writing articles or paragraphs. Imagine you were creating a blog, you would want to have a decent amount of written work on the site to attract people, which can be added in text boxes, which are easily dragged or dropped onto different parts of the site. Embedding images and videos is also incredibly easy and all of the behind the scenes stuff is done for you by WordPress which makes it incredibly satisfying and time-efficient.


Hosting Your Site

This can come before or after you make the content but you need to make sure that your site is legitimate and hosted by a service. A great site can be just as easily forgotten or lost amongst the shuffle of never-ending websites because of the fact that you aren’t actually hosting it with anyone.

running a wordpress site

There are a lot of hosting services (HostGator, GoDaddy, etc) that WordPress can provide for you to help bring your site to life. You need to be able to host the site somewhere so that it is operational and not just sitting in the design lab collecting dust, so to speak. When your site is hosted, you go live, and you can start getting viewers, users, or customers.


Creating a URL

This might be something you want to do in the early stages if you already have a good idea of what you want to do. The reason is that your URL acts as a sort of patent, so the longer you wait and sit on an idea, the more chances are that someone can snatch it up and claim it. People do this all the time too, they buy plenty of URLs to sell or hoard, just like people would do with patents. You want to create a URL that is relevant to your site/store or whatever it is you use your website for and make sure that it isn’t taken already. You can easily search up the URL to see if it’s there or not which makes it easy, but remember to pick something memorable and claim it quickly.


Adding Features

You might be thinking that your site is all good to go, and for the most part, it is, but there is some fine-tuning to be done now. Once the basics are all down like admin login, URL, the site is hosted, you have a template, and you have some content to work with, you can start adding more features. You can add seller tools with Shopify, you can add security features with an SSL certificate, anything to make the site run and feel better. These are available through plugins which you simply download and add to your site’s features in the admin settings.

Creating a website isn’t hard anymore and with WordPress, it is even fun. Using this service is one of the best ways for anyone to bring their shop or blog to life with a website and the information provided here will help you get started with the basics.


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