How to Write a Newsletter that will Help you Grow your Business

July 28, 2021


One term that prevails across every business owner’s mind is email marketing. And before digging into the recipe of a successful newsletter, you must understand the concept of email marketing very well.

The process of sending promotional emails to people in large quantities that eventually result in more sales is the key definition of email marketing. It is much needed that you connect with the right audience and keep them up-to-date with your products and services. And email newsletters besides skyrocketing your sales take care of all these. A newsletter is indeed one of the most popular yet cost-effective mediums to heighten your sales.

But what to write in your business newsletter to hit your target customers? How to find out what works the best for your audience? If you are still stuck with those questions, you have landed on the correct page.

By the end of this post, you will come to know about every tit-bit of business newsletters that will help you in growing a loyal customer base and eventually your sales.


Want to take your business to new heights? Follow these 5 simple steps to write a newsletter


For a better and effective digital campaign for your business, newsletters are the saviors. It is quick, easy, and focused. A short and precise newsletter allows your customers to know about your business updates and promotions at a glance. It is a valuable marketing source through which you build long-term relations with your consumers rather than just pitching them.

Following are the five steps that will help you pen down a kickass newsletter for your business.


1.  Figure out your newsletter goals and strategy


Just think, are you sending a newsletter to the people just for the sake of it? Or do you have bigger goals?

Setting a clear-cut strategy for a newsletter is an important step for every business. We are quite sure that you spent enormous time while preparing your email list. And in order to keep them engaged and interested in your brand, you should chalk out a focused newsletter strategy.

Make a clear idea about the type of email newsletter that fits your business; one-off email, news blast email, subscription newsletter, or digest email. Choosing the right type of newsletter will ensure you a better reach with quick conversions. It may also happen that you need all of them to boost your business. But make sure that you churn out a good combination of these to gain the maximum attention of your email list.

Content plays another vital role in setting up your newsletter strategy.  With a customer attention span of eight seconds, you have to make sure that your content is crisp and to the point. Besides, your content must be enjoyable to the readers as well.

Finally, in order to derive upon a great content study the outlines of your competitor’s newsletters and every other successful newsletter. Find out those little details they are putting in to grab the attention of their readers. This will not only help you maintain a relationship with your customer but also will offer you ample space for promotions.


2.  Offer your viewers a reason to open it



It’s pretty obvious that the next common question peeping in your mind is, ‘how do I get people to open my newsletter?’

When you know that including a ‘sign up for our newsletter’ text is not luring enough for your audience, why not offer your viewers a reason to open the email?

Try to be creative with your subject line. It is that perfect combination of 35 characters in the front line that makes or breaks the game. A killer subject line will always entice your readers to open the email. You can include promotional offers, engaging queries, or even a simple solution to a grave problem. Remember that your subscribers will judge your newsletter by that one sentence. Make sure it’s crisp and targeted.

Next comes the importance of an opening line. Once you are successful in making your reader open the email, you need to have them dig deep into your services. A killer subject line without an attention-grabbing opening line is of no use. Most businesses spend maximum time working on the email body, but focusing on the subject and the opening line is equally important. “Another important point to focus on are SPF records and high email deliverability for a better experience.”

In a world where everyone is offering a ‘subscribe’ option, make sure you include an option to ‘unsubscribe’. This will help you have a better and targeted customer base who are meant for your business only. Gradually, this will also help you to reach out even more to the marketplace with an appropriate audience.


3.  Create a crisp and digestible body


While crafting the email body, it is necessary that you keep in mind what your readers want. Focus on content that is relevant and interesting to your audience.

The content body is your opportunity to show how your products and services can bring value to your customer’s life. We suggest you avoid an overdose of information by keeping the mail body crisp and digestible.

Short paragraphs help in better understanding. You can also have a personal tone and address a distinctive problem of your readers. This gives your readers a feeling that the conversation is taking place face-to-face. Besides, this also nurtures a bond between you and your readers. Building a healthy relationship with your audience is another key element in writing a successful newsletter.

Self-promotion is good but at times it can be bad as well. Your subscribers don’t want to hear about your offers and promotions all the time. Include educational, relevant, and timely information in your newsletter. If possible, shoot a personal question to your readers. Unless your business is coming up with an unputdownable offer, keeping yourself away from a promotional newsletter is a wiser choice.


4.  Add visuals to your newsletter


Did you know that people only read 20% of your email text? Got demotivated, don’t be!

Including pictures, infographics and videos make it easy for your readers to go through the entire content. Visuals enhance the chances of capturing and keeping your reader’s attention.

At the same time, you have to keep in mind that overuse of visuals may result in an increased opening time of the email. This may have a negative effect on your business too. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a focused visual which clearly conveys your message without slowing down the load time.

In order to make your newsletter more captivating, include short stories. Stories are interesting and can be easily recollected by the readers. We must admit that story-telling boosts conversions and is an effective newsletter strategy.

While crafting an interesting visual, make sure you include an alt text. It is the savior when your readers experience a slow loading time. This will also help your readers in case their emails are not image-enabled.

Next comes a clear and distinct CTA option. It is always advisable to write a newsletter with a creative CTA. Allowing too many CTAs may sound like a good idea but your readers may get confused as well. Instead, try including one or two primary CTA in your newsletter. In this way, it becomes much easier for your readers to understand what actually you want them to do with that CTA.


5. Experiment with your newsletter format


Now that you have got a fair idea with your next successful newsletter, it’s time that you do a little experiment.

Run test email on different devices, mail clients, and browsers. Check for name personalization and test links. Experiment with your subject line, CTA designs, and most importantly sender’s name. Testing one email against the other is the best way to judge what works perfectly for your business.

You can also take the help of your friend or your colleague to understand which part of the email needs a modification. No doubt, you have to constantly keep your newsletters under trials and experiments to find out that secret sauce for your conversion recipe.

If you are a SaaS company, then you might want to take the shortcut of finding great ideas with SaaS newsletter signup email templates.


To conclude


Newsletters are an indispensable part of your marketing campaign. Therefore, don’t be in a rush to frame one.

Have a clear-cut goal of the email and focus on that. Give equal importance to subject lines, opening paragraphs, visuals, and CTAs. Every fragment governs whether your reader is going to convert or not. Be consistent in delivering newsletters to the mailbox, but please don’t flood them.

The main purpose of a newsletter is to add value to your reader’s life. Let them decide what they want. Keeping these simple facts in mind will always help you craft a better newsletter.

Finally, go slow in discovering what your readers want. It is damn true that email marketing still works. And the only ingredient you need is understanding the right formula and reader mindset.

If you have done anything differently while writing your business newsletter or implemented any other tactics than the ones mentioned above, feel free to share with us in the Comments section below.



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