Ideas to Help you Get Started with Customizing your Brand

September 3, 2021

For many people, the word ‘brand’ is synonymous with the Nike swoosh or McDonald’s Golden Arches. Few people realize that brands are not only about logos and slogans; they also represent a company’s promise to deliver something of value. Brands can make or break a business. A brand has an identity and personality. To communicate effectively through branding, both consumers and companies need to understand who they are and what their brand stands for.

With so many factors influencing how we buy, from our emotions to how we perceive quality, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating your unique branding strategy. Instead, you will want to research what other companies are doing so that you do not follow an overcrowded path.



What is a brand, and why it’s important


A brand is an integral part of the process in any product or service that you are trying to market. It includes the name, logo, slogan, and tone that is unique to your business. The tricky part is brainstorming ideas and figuring out how you want to market your product. The brand is essential because it is what people remember most about the company. It will make or break a business for your product to be sold when consumers purchase the brand, even if they try to find items that are similar in price or quality.


How to get started with customizing your brand


It might seem like a big task to start customizing your brand, but it can be easier if you brainstorm ideas and figure out how you want to market your product.

The first way to customize your brand is by creating a logo used on every product and promotional material for people to remember you. That includes your website, business cards, invoices, resume, and everything else you make for people to see. After making a logo, you need to create a slogan or phrase to use along with the logo, helping make it more unique and memorable. If you come up with a good motto, then apply it to all of your marketing outreaches so all your customers will be it and begin to associate it with your brand. For example, Starbucks established their brand by using the word ‘coffee’ in their slogan, which people relate to because they know you will get it when you go there.


How to use custom packaging to increase your brand awareness



Custom packaging can utilize the logo or slogan that is most commonly thought of when it comes to brand recognition, and it can positively increase your brand awareness. When customers receive their package, with branded tissue paper, for example, and see the logo design, they will want to look at your other products more closely, even if the tissues are for one-time use. It will get them thinking about your business and help increase brand awareness and create an aura of quality for your brand.

By customizing every detail from logo to product packaging, you can establish a strong brand that is unique and memorable in your industry.


What should you include in the design process for your brand?


When designing your brand, you should include the logo and its look on every product. It would be best to consider what colors and fonts to use so that everything is cohesive when it comes to making branded material. Don’t forget to include a slogan or phrase that people can remember. The most important thing is for everyone who works for the company to be on the same page and know how to use any branded material.


Examples of successful branding strategies that you can use as inspiration when designing your strategy


Starbucks is a successful brand that started almost forty years ago. This company has grown from just coffee to using their iced drinks and frappuccinos as well. Starbucks has adapted its branding throughout the years but kept it consistent with its logo on all products. The colors are also a massive part of how they have branded their brand and why it has succeeded. Nike is another company that has been around for decades. Although they sell clothing, shoes, and more, they have branded their logo on almost every product. These companies both started small but became worldwide brands because they paid attention to branding from the start, even before making any products or creating a logo.


The benefits of researching other companies before starting this project


If you research before starting your brand, you can see what others have done so that you don’t create something that looks too similar. The research will help make everything unique and avoid having content close enough to the design of other companies where they can steal your ideas or design, which can happen more often than you think. If a consumer is buying from two companies selling the same things, they will choose to buy from one just because their brand is better and more well-known. If you have researched the competitor’s branding, you can establish your brand in your portion of the market by creating something unique.

I hope this article has given you some ideas for customizing your brand. Remember, the key to success is brainstorming and researching before deciding what design or logo will be best for all of your products. The next step would be to use these customizations in conjunction with a slogan that everyone knows to remember why it’s great if they want more information about the product later. Finally, if you’re still unsure how to make everything work together cohesively, consider researching other successful brands that have made their marketing strategies work for them. You will then be ready for your brand to take off! Good luck!


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