Innovative Solutions That Will Improve Your Shipping and Postal Process

March 6, 2021

No one wants to receive their mails or shipments days or weeks after they arrive. When running a business, delayed postal and shipping processes can cost you your customers. Online shopping has become very popular and customers prefer to have their goods delivered with minimal strain. Here are a few innovative solutions to improve your postal and shipping process.

innovative shipping solutions


1.   Pick the Right Courier Service

Choosing the right courier service is more important than anything when you want to improve shipping processes. Create a list of the best courier services and narrow down your options based on security, reliability, and delivery speed. Consider their professionalism and the type of services they offer. The size and number of parcels that the courier can ship should match your business needs. Note that fast delivery may be more expensive. You may also need to pay extra for the delivery of special goods.

Some courier services are easier to work with than others. Ideally, you should pick one with simple processes. Do your research to ensure that you won’t be paying more than necessary. Unlike what you may see in adverts, shipping costs may include various hidden charges. Always request the final price before working with a provider.


2.    Using a Franking Machines

The benefits of franking machines are endless. They cut down your postage costs and can reduce your regular stamp postage rates by up to 33 percent. The team at advises that you have a franking machine in your mailing room for convenience. When running a business that involves shipping and postal processes, you need speed and efficiency.

One of the main benefits of franking machines is convenience. It is a lot like having a mailroom at the office. You do not need to make regular trips to the post office.

A franking machine will help you save money. Digital scales promote precise weighing and with a postage meter, you do not need to use multiple stamps. You can print out exact denominations. Since franking machines eliminate the need for applying stamps to envelopes, you can be out of the door in no time.


3.   Use Documentation to Streamline Processes

Consider using documentation to promote efficiency in your processes. Good delivery performance requires that you simplify processes. While many companies use advanced apps and systems for different processes, they can be overwhelming. If you need multiple apps for one internal process, you may be creating confusion and wasting time. Analyze your shipping process and determine what is currently working. Write a list of the aspects that could be slowing you down. From there, you can come up with solutions that work. Documentation will help you identify and address issues.


4.   Technology

Take advantage of technology to improve your shipping processes. You should have a system to determine the location of all items in your warehouse. Without a proper system, you may be wasting a lot of time. Use scanning devices to keep track of your stock. Both wireless and barcode scanners are great. They are efficient and minimize the risk of human error.


5.   Keep Customers Informed

Keep your customers informed at all times. When they are waiting to have their goods delivered, a few hours can feel like long days. Keeping them updated on the status of their deliveries will make things easier. They shouldn’t have to wait until there is a knock on their door. If customers know when their goods may be delivered, they are likely to go about their life with no worries. Thanks to technology, they can now track their orders. With the help of a tracking reference code, customers can receive updates of their delivery status through SMS.


6.   Automated Inbound Mail Processing

innovative shipping solutions


Inbound mail can be just as expensive as outbound mail. Consider the number of times your organization may have lost important packages or deliveries. Manual logging is a common cause of the problem. Consider automating your processes to reduce losses and promote efficiency. There are software solutions to confirm the receipt of mail. You may also be able to track it. This minimizes the risk of losing anything you receive. Everything about your mail or package can be automatically captured and tracked.

Improving your postal and shipping processes is important for both businesses and their customers. It improves customer experiences and may help businesses promote loyalty. From using franking machines to embracing technology and picking the right courier service, there are many ways to cut costs and promote efficiency. The tips are even more important when you run a big business.


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