How Data-Driven Local SEO Strategies Can Help Your Business Gain Traction Locally

March 8, 2023


The SEO landscape is almost always evolving. However, its purpose remains the same, and that is to welcome more traffic and ensure business growth. In today’s business world, however, the competition is tough, meaning your SEO solutions need to be as efficient as they possibly can be. For that, you must opt for data-driven SEO strategies.

In this article, we’ll shed some light on how data-driven local SEO strategies can work wonders in getting your business local traction. 



A Local Target Group

When you’re trying to define a target group for your SEO or marketing campaign, you might think that it’s wise to consider a large group, probably on a national or global level. However, for a local business, such a wide reach is unnecessary. After all, it’s likely that you’ll only be operating within your city or state’s geographical boundaries. Therefore, it’s cheaper and more efficient to stick to a local target group. 

Even then, you still have a large crowd to deal with. However, through data-driven SEO strategies, you can further narrow down the target group

For instance, if you’re doing SEO for a Chicago deep-dish pizza restaurant, you will consider targeting those under the age of 19 because that’s the age range that consumes pizza the most. Now, you put Chicago and deep-dish pizza at the center of your SEO strategy while highlighting a few other features of the restaurant. 

Maybe it’s cheap, maybe it has an Instagram-worthy interior, maybe it does home deliveries, etc. These are the things that this age group will look forward to the most, which is why data-driven local SEO strategies tend to work wonders most of the time.



Localized Keywords 

The idea behind localized keywords is fairly simple. They are like your usual keywords but have a few local elements added to them. 

Take the example of Phoenix Air Conditioning and AC Repair, an AC repair service in Phoenix. They teamed up with a renowned local digital marketing agency called Octiv Digital to improve their SEO rankings. 

Through the use of localized keywords like ‘Phoenix AC repairs,’ ‘best Phoenix AC repairs,’ ‘nearest AC repair in Phoenix,’ etc., the agency was able to help this business grow its traffic. Now, it sits on the top of the list on Google Maps whenever Phoenix locals search for local AC repair services. 

This was possible because the ‘Phoenix’ context was added to these keywords by Octiv Digital since the agency’s data analytics helped determine that Phoenix locals are more likely to hire a local repair service than opt for a nationally recognized one. 

Another major advantage of localized keywords is that there is less competition for them. For instance, ‘best Phoenix AC repair service’ will have less competition compared to ‘best AC repair service,’ which has more competition worldwide. 



Localized Leads

When you have sufficient data regarding your local consumer patterns, you will be able to generate localized leads through your data-driven SEO strategies. This means you’ll have the option to discover local leads that match your target demographic. 

For example, if you observe that every year, before Halloween, there’s a huge demand for a specific type of candy amongst teenagers in your town, you can set up your strategies to cater to this specific group. That way, when they search for the candy online, they’ll first be redirected to your e-commerce site that is probably selling those candies. 



Cater to Local Needs

Let’s say you have a coffee business based in New York. You know that the locals there are more eager to opt for internationally reputed coffee shops like Starbucks. However, your coffee shop offers more youth-friendly products, which means the shop itself is aesthetically appealing with beautifully designed paper cups and is also quick to serve its coffee without disrupting the taste. 

Now, in New York, since everyone, including the youth, is very busy at all times, you can advertise your brand on social media as a coffee shop that offers the quickest takeaways. People can walk in, order their coffee, wait a couple of minutes, and be on their way to work or classes. This means you’re catering to your local needs, where the need in this example is quick takeaway coffee. 

Using the right keywords, you can make your target group aware of your existence and get your brand’s name and features across without having to run too many extensive marketing campaigns. 

As you can understand by now, data-driven SEO strategies can always ensure the best possible results. You only have to get the right experts working behind the scenes on this, and you’ll get to witness your traffic and business growth in a matter of months. 


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