Digital Marketing and Videography: Why do They Work so Well Together

March 8, 2022

As the digital space changed, content marketing adapted to leverage new developments. Marketers quickly realized that people weren’t just consuming more visual media every day, but that it was also having a stronger impact on them.

The greatest joy to any marketer is knowing that their campaign is memorable and effective. Videography helps them achieve both goals and lead a successful campaign. Let’s take a closer look at why digital marketing and videography work so well together.



The Impact of Animation

Animation has played a big role in the rise of video marketing. It’s heavily used for most campaigns on Youtube and Facebook ads. Most companies rely on animation studios in Singapore to develop beautiful, effective content. But why animation?

Animation appeals to a wide range of audiences. Even though they don’t contain real people, they can still elicit feelings in their viewers. Most of us grew up watching cartoons, so animation connects with us on a fundamental level, securing our attention.

Animation is engaging and stimulating. It’s easy to use them to entertain while explaining and showing complex concepts. Unlike real life, there’s no real limit to what an animated character can do, so you can use them to do anything.


People Trust What They See

Videos build a lot of trust in viewers. They aren’t only hearing about a product or just reading about it, they are seeing it unfold right in front of them. They are better able to imagine how useful it can be to them as they see other people interacting with it.

It’s a form of social proof that makes viewers comfortable. From the quality of the video to the presentation, people can be convinced of the standard of what they’re getting. Videos are also easily shareable, and word of mouth is powerful. So, when one person finds a video and shares it with their friend, that friend would be more receptive because it came from a trusted source.


Video Is a Lot More Memorable

You’re going to retain information from a video a lot better than information from text. This is simply because more senses are being engaged as you interact with the content. Once your videos are more memorable, your brand is more memorable.

People will remember your brand long after they’ve watched your video. If a video is catchy, entertaining, or informative, it takes up residence in their brains. They will seek you out and do business with your company. So that means sales, profit, increased brand awareness, and more success.



Merging video and digital marketing and videography was inevitable. Video is stimulating and engaging, and marketers couldn’t help but use that to their advantage. The more a customer sees a video about a product the more likely they’ll make a purchase.

The viral, shareable nature of videos also makes marketing successful. With little effort, the right video makes its way to millions. Spreading brand awareness and expanding a company’s audience. Animation is a cost-effective way to get the benefits of video marketing since customers can still relate to your content even as you explore complex topics. We hope this insight helps you implement video marketing into your marketing strategies.


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