How a Marketing Tool Can Aid Cancer Patients in Choosing the Best Treatment

December 6, 2022


Marketing, specifically digital marketing, can provide helpful insight into your potential clients’ thought processes, challenges, and decisions.

For example, cancer patients’ treatment preferences vary. Some prefer to receive chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or other intervention, while others don’t.

Information on a potential client’s buying journey can help your team develop a patient-specific cancer care plan if you’re in the cancer care industry.

This advantage is significant if the patient’s condition is rare, like mesothelioma, a respiratory cancer condition typically related to asbestos exposure.

People usually don’t know existing treatments for rare conditions. Still, even if patients have a bit of knowledge about some medications, they might be unable to choose appropriately.

In the case above, people with mesothelioma can benefit from understanding the four stages of mesothelioma and their potential treatment.

Meanwhile, suppose you’re in the healthcare industry. In that case, you might be interested in how marketing tools can help your clients, particularly cancer patients, make better treatment choices.

You might also wonder how cancer care professionals like yourself can help clients understand and decide possible treatment options for their condition.

This article explains various ways marketing tools, especially digital marketing services, can assist cancer patients’ treatment decision-making process. It also discusses how cancer care teams can help patients understand and choose treatment options.


How Marketing Services Improve Cancer Patients’ Treatment Decision-Making Process

At a time when market competition is getting more challenging by the minute, many marketing and advertising strategies aim to boost cancer center recognition and attract patients.

While that may sound too commercial, marketing tools like advertising can provide helpful insights about screening and treatment options. These tools also benefit patients by leading them to facilities with optimal patient care outcomes.

On the other hand, if hospital advertising doesn’t correlate with patient outcomes, it can mislead patients and lead to inaccurate expectations about supposed treatment benefits.

So, it’s crucial to use a marketing approach that listens to and values the role of clients in choosing cancer care preferences.

For example, a study on prostate cancer patients suggests that implementing a specific marketing technique can be an effective treatment decision-making tool.

Marketing can provide clients with helpful information like treatment-efficacy data to help them determine the most suitable course of action they can take.

Additionally, marketing can broaden cancer patients’ treatment options and help them see and consider lesser-known procedures.

Most of the time, technical pros like engineers develop technology that everyday people would have difficulty understanding.

Marketing can bridge this critical gap between technical considerations and real-world customer needs. This potential marketing benefit can help improve patient-physician communication.

For example, upon observing that the patient wants to get involved in the decision-making process, a doctor might use a different approach than if the patient is a more passive, “just-tell-me-what-to-do” kind of individual.

You can combine the information you obtain systematically — for instance, via digital forms – regarding patients’ treatment attributes and preferences with data on the side effects and effectiveness of specific treatment options.

You can then note your observations and use them to guide treatment discussions with patients with different medical histories and demographic profiles.

Analyzing treatment options based on consumer preferences can be valuable for everyone.


How Cancer Care Teams Can Help Patients Understand and Choose Treatment Options


Communication between cancer patients, their family caregivers, and their healthcare team helps patients’ quality of life and well-being. When it comes to cancer treatment and supportive care, communication is crucial.

Healthcare professionals should ask patients and their families what information they require about cancer and its treatment. It is common for patients and families to request a great deal of detail.

Still, others want less detail. Also, patients’ information needs to change as they move through diagnosis and treatment.

For instance, the more advanced the disease, the less information some patients want.

Communication is vital throughout cancer care, especially when patients must make consequential decisions. These significant decision times include:

  • A patient’s first diagnosis
  • Every time the client has to make a new treatment decision
  • During post-treatment consultations
  • Every time the goal of care changes
  • The patient wants to announce their wishes regarding advance directives, including a living will, to their family and friends.

Here are some of the most common ways to treat cancer:

  • Surgery
  • Targeted therapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Stem cell or bone marrow transplant

Treatment options for cancer can vary greatly depending on the condition’s type and progression. Your cancer care team must determine which treatments are appropriate for you based on established treatment guidelines.

Research-based treatment guidelines are in use throughout the country. Information about a cancer patient’s tumor and medical history helps the cancer care team determine the appropriate treatment based on a patient’s type and stage of cancer.

It would be best if cancer care teams discuss treatment guidelines with their clients to help them understand your reasons for recommending a specific treatment.

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