Marketplace SEO Guide: Optimizing Listings for Better Conversions

January 10, 2023

Marketplaces allow you to sell almost anything and everything. However, there’s a lot of competition here. To put this in perspective, Amazon has a gross merchandise volume of $490 billion, meaning that it has millions of products listed on the platform.

Buyers usually select products they see first. That makes it vital to ensure your products list high on marketplaces. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do that. This marketplace SEO guide will walk you through optimizing your product pages for marketplaces.



What Is Marketplace SEO?

Marketplace SEO is optimizing your listing to rank higher in marketplace search results. It’s a little different from regular SEO because it involves optimizing your listing for just one marketplace.

You won’t see as much movement in SERP rankings if you only do this optimization on Amazon. However, when you combine marketplace SEO with general copywriting techniques and other types of optimization for your product page, it can be very effective at improving conversions.

Marketplace SEO is also a long-term strategy. It takes time for Google to index new content and show it in their search results. So don’t expect to see immediate results after creating a few new listings. Instead, focus on building more product pages over time so that by the time those products start ranking organically through natural search traffic, there will be enough online inventory that customers will click through.


Why Is Marketplace SEO Importance for Online Retailers?

You know that search engine optimization (SEO) is essential as an online retailer. You have a website or marketplace listing and want to rank as high as possible in Google, Amazon, eBay, and other search engines.

A simple way to stand out from competitors is by optimizing your listings for better conversions on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. This can be done by focusing on the most critical factors, such as product title, image quality, and keyword research. The goal is to make sure that shoppers see the products first when searching for them on these sites.

Optimizing your listings can get you more sales. Marketplaces are making more sales than ever, especially during the pandemic. According to “The 2020 B2B Marketplace Report Series,” the B2B and B2C marketplaces can make sales worth $7.1 trillion by 2024. B2B marketplaces alone are estimated to make $3.6 trillion in sales by 2024. This presents you with an opportunity to make more sales and generate revenue.

However, this also increases competition as many sellers join marketplaces due to their undeniable success. For instance, Walmart added 50,000 sellers in 2020, doubling its marketplace size from 2019. Hence, optimizing your listing becomes crucial to stay ahead of the growing competition.


How to Optimize Marketplace Listings?

Now that you know what marketplace SEO is and why it is essential, here’s how you can optimize your listings through marketplace SEO.

Content Still Remains the King

Content is important in any website’s search engine optimization (SEO), including marketplaces. Even marketplaces use search engines to find relevant products. Search engines use algorithms to assess the relevance and quality of a website’s content to determine its ranking in search results.

By providing high-quality, relevant content in your marketplace listing, you can improve your ranking and make it more likely that people will find your products when they search on the marketplace. Additionally, well-written, informative content can help establish yourself as a trustworthy seller and authoritative source of information, increasing the likelihood that people will make purchases.

Developing the right content remains the same as general SEO. You will have to do keyword research, which can be challenging if you don’t have relevant experience. In that case, it is best to seek help from a professional SEO expert. The expert will have experience ranking eCommerce websites and developing product descriptions and other content. Hence, they will be in the best position to help you out.

You can find an SEO expert at or do a quick Google search to find recommendations. Compare different SEO experts and consultants and select the one you deem fit for the role.


Ensure Mobile-Friendliness

If you’re not already mobile-friendly, it’s time to get on the right track. The importance of having a responsive site cannot be stressed enough. In fact, Google has already stated that mobile usability is a ranking signal, and they expect this to become more important over time.

Google took this decision looking at the increase in mobile users. According to Statista, 7.1 billion mobile users were there in 2021. Moreover, smartphones generated over 54% of the total global website traffic. This shows that mobile devices’ use for online marketplaces and shopping will continue to increase.

The most apparent reason for ensuring your site is mobile-friendly should be self-evident. Customers need access to your products when they are away from their desktops or laptops, whether at work or out and about running errands. If they can’t find what they want because your site isn’t optimized for viewing on smaller screens, it will hurt sales conversions in the long run.


Focus on Highlighting Reviews


With the rise of online marketplaces, it’s now easier for shoppers to find and purchase products from various sellers. Because hundreds of sellers may sell similar items on an eCommerce site or app, search engine optimization (SEO) has become increasingly crucial for businesses looking to generate traffic through their listings.

SEO can help drive sales by making it easier and more convenient for customers to find your products while searching on Google or another search engine.

One way to optimize your listings is by focusing on reviews, both yours and those provided by previous customers of your business. When shoppers see that other people have had positive experiences with your company or product, they’ll be more inclined to purchase something from you than if they don’t see any reviews!


Click High-Quality Product Pictures

A product’s listing photo quality is extremely important because it directly impacts conversion rates. If the image is blurry or grainy, it will make potential customers turn away in droves. That’s why we recommend using high-quality cameras and editing software to ensure your images are crisp and clear and you can communicate all the relevant details about the products you sell.

To start with, choose a good background for your photos: white works well if you have a studio set up in which to take them, but be careful not to use black or dark colors as they can cause light reflection problems on objects like watches or sunglasses.



In conclusion, being in a marketplace is an essential channel for online retailers. It’s also a very competitive one. You need to optimize your listings to get ahead of the competition and rank higher in search results.


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