Maximizing Your Website’s Technical SEO Potential

February 2, 2023


While a website is essential to establish an online presence, it is not enough. Optimizing the website for search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for maximizing its potential. Technical SEO is an integral part of this process.

While many people don’t understand technical SEO, the good news is that a few tools are available to help you with your technical SEO needs. For instance, Google Search Console can help you with keyword research.

In fact, 92% of survey respondents of a technical SEO tools and platforms survey preferred using it. Likewise, 90% of the survey respondents used Screaming Frog services for crawling through a website.

This article will provide an overview of the steps necessary to maximize the technical SEO potential of a website. It will discuss the importance of website structure, content optimization, and other technical SEO best practices.


The Importance of Technical SEO

Technical SEO is one of the most important things you can do for your website. It’s not just about getting your site to load fast or ensuring it’s compatible with mobile devices. Technical SEO is about ensuring that search engines understand your content and index it properly so that people can find your site when they search for things related to what you do.

If you don’t have technical SEO figured out, you might miss out on potential customers looking for what you sell or offer. You could also be losing out on people who want to know more about your company but aren’t finding enough information online to make an informed decision about whether or not they should buy from you.

Despite the importance of SEO, a recent survey of 600 small and medium businesses across North America and Canada found that many don’t have an SEO strategy. According to the survey results published on the Search Engine Journal website, 57% don’t have an SEO strategy, and 23% have no plans to make one.



Hence, having an SEO strategy can get you ahead of all of them. Moreover, a technical SEO strategy can get you an additional advantage over your competitors and ensure an improved online presence.

If you don’t have a technical SEO strategy yet, it’s high time to have one. If you don’t have the in-house expertise, get help from a technical SEO service provider operating in your locality, especially if you want to focus on local SEO. For instance, many new startups are launched daily in Cincinnati, Ohio.

These startups are innovative and try to gain much traction through digital media. Whether you, too, are a startup or an established business, you should hire a Cincinnati SEO company that offers technical SEO services to get an edge over such competitors.


How to Maximize Your Technical SEO Efforts

There are many ways to improve your website’s technical SEO. Listed below are a few of them.


Are There Too Many Popups or Overlays?

While popups and overlays can be used to make a website more user-friendly, they are also prone to annoying users.

  • Don’t use popups or overlays for marketing your company or product. While it’s common for companies that sell products online to offer discounts or coupon codes on their websites, this tactic should never be used in any other context, including as promotional material for the site itself.
  • You should only include popup windows when there is a need for them. If you have content on your page that requires some kind of interaction from users, then consider creating an overlay instead with text explaining what needs filling for those forms’ completion.


Does the Site Have a Responsive Design?

A responsive web design means a website that can adjust based on the device’s screen size used to access it. This means the website will adjust according to the screen’s size instead of having the same resolution and display across all screens.



For instance, if the website shows three columns side-by-side on a desktop, it will only show one column on the mobile screen due to its small size. You can optimize your website for all devices by adjusting your code.

If you have a responsive site, you will have an easier time ranking in search engines because Google considers sites with this type of layout more user-friendly than those without one. People can access your website from all devices while enjoying the experience.

A responsive design is no longer a requirement but has become necessary due to the increasing use of hand-held devices for accessing the internet. According to Statista, mobiles generated 59.16% of the total internet traffic in the fourth quarter of 2022.


Is the Website Fast Enough to Provide a Good Experience for Visitors?

Site speed is a critical factor in search rankings. It’s also important for user experience and conversion rate optimization (CRO). The higher the conversion rate, the higher the revenue for you. According to Wordstream, the average landing page conversion rate across industries is 2.35%, but websites that load fast and offer good experiences are converting over 5%. You can get there by optimizing your website’s speed.



There are many ways to test your site’s speed, but the easiest way is to use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool provides an overall score for your website, along with suggestions on improving its performance by making changes to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. The tool also gives you an estimated time for someone on a slow connection (2G) to load each page on your site.


Is the Website Secure With an HTTPS Connection?

HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, which means that all information sent and received between your visitors’ devices and your website is encrypted. This protects data from being intercepted by third parties trying to steal or manipulate it.

HTTPS also requires a certificate from a trusted authority for browsers to know they can trust the site they’re visiting. If you use HTTPS on your website, ensure all pages are served over this secure connection.


Does Your Site Have an XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap is a web page that allows search engines to crawl and index your website. It’s a list of all the pages on your website so you can tell them about it.



XML Sitemaps are good for SEO because they allow search engines like Google and Bing to find new content faster and keep track of webmasters’ updates. These sitemaps also help Google determine which pages are important enough for inclusion in its index. The more links from other sites point toward yours, the higher it will rank in search results.



We hope that this article has given you some insight into how you can improve your technical SEO. Remember, it’s an ongoing process and not something that happens overnight.

Also, remember that many other factors besides the ones we’ve covered today, such as content quality or mobile-friendliness, will affect how Google ranks your site on its search results page. But by following these guidelines, you should be able to ensure your website is ready for prime time.



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