Why Pie Chart Maker Is One of the Must-have Tools for Digital Marketers

June 24, 2021

Infographics are one of the most effective ways to boost your digital marketing game when done with the right tool.

No matter your type of business, an infographic is how you keep your message bite-sized and easy to understand. This way, more people can consume your content.

Statistics show people are 30x more likely to read an infographic than text articles. Getting more people to consume your content means increased visibility for your business and, ultimately, increased sales, among other benefits.

If you wonder how to boost your sales and grow your digital marketing strategy, harnessing the benefits of infographics is vital.

Wondering how to get started? Want to know the best tool to create the most engaging infographics that drive results?

Then, keep reading.

How infographics improve your digital marketing efforts

Introducing infographics in your digital marketing strategy comes with lots of benefits. Check them out below:

1.    Infographics are eye-catching

Infographics are compelling and eye-catching and can make your readers stop scrolling on their feed to read your content.

Because infographics are a combination of numbers, images, and colors, they are hard to miss.

They can stand out amid other types of content and give the readers no choice but to check them out and see what they are about.

Infographics can help your content get more views, increase your lead generation, and drive traffic to your website.

By driving traffic to your website, you get more people to read other content on your blog, fill required forms for lead generation, and click the “buy” button.

Infographics are a process that births more processes, and these actions all work together to help you reach your sales goals when you do them correctly.

2.    Infographics are memorable

Infographics have proven to be more memorable than any other form of content.

They can leave a long-lasting impact on the minds of your readers because they are filled with colors and images.

It’s how the mind works: the mind picks colors and images faster than text and retains them more quickly. Colors have a significant impact on our cognition and learning.

Research has shown an 82% increase in readers’ attention span when they consume visuals rather than text.

How does this help to boost your marketing efforts? Creating unique content brings a long-lasting impact on your audience, which makes your brand unforgettable.

This means when your audience is in need or has a challenge, your brand will be the first to their mind. This gives you an edge over your competitors and increases your sales.

3.    Infographics are great for your SEO

Infographics are clickable, shareable, and consumed, so it’s only natural for the Google algorithms to promote an infographic for increased visibility.

Google algorithm decides if a post should be ranked based on how relevant a post is. Relevancy is often determined by how well a post is being consumed on the web.

If a post receives high shares and clicks, Google automatically thinks the post is relevant and deserves to be seen by more people. Thus, the ranking.

However, to get the best results with your infographics, it’s important to ensure you create the content your audience needs and insert the right keywords to help drive the right traffic to your website.

4.    They help complex data look interesting and simpler

On days when you want to convey complex data and ideas to your audience without being a bore, infographics come to your rescue.

With infographics, you can make the most complicated information easy to digest for your readers. This ensures your audience doesn’t scroll past your posts anytime.

It also means your audience will never find any of your posts boring or hard to understand. This way, you can keep your audience intrigued and engaged anytime they consume your content.

Pie Chart Maker: The must-have tool for digital marketers

When creating infographics, it’s essential to use the right tool. This is because the type of tool you use often determines how your infographic will turn out to be.

Piktochart Pie Chart Maker is a cloud graphics design software that enables all digital marketers to create the best infographics in the least amount of time.

There are endless opportunities with the Piktochart pie maker, and this is why it is the savvy digital marketer go-to tool for all things infographics.

You can use it to create posters, presentations, and other forms of infographics across every platform, from your website to your blog and across social media platforms. It also works seamlessly on any device, including Mac and Windows.

Find out why Piktochart Pie Chart Maker is a must-have tool for digital marketers who want to upscale their digital marketing game using infographics below.

1.    Piktochart Pie Chart Maker is easy to use

If you are a digital marketer and designing isn’t really your thing, then it doesn’t have to be.

Piktochart Pie Maker doesn’t require you to be an expert designer to make the best infographics. It is intuitive and seamless to use.

Whether you are just setting out designing, Piktochart pie maker is a great place to kick-start your career. Or, if you are pretty experienced at designing, the Piktochart designing tool helps you take your designs to a whole new level.

Piktochart pie maker was designed for everyone’s convenient use. Its intuitive interface makes navigation easy, and you can find the right tools you need quickly.

It also comes with a wide range of templates you can choose from, so you don’t have to design it from scratch unless you want to.

2.    It offers a robust toolkit to meet every digital marketer’s needs

Piktochart Pie Chart Maker has been designed to meet a wide range of digital marketing needs. It is packed with features that enable every digital marketer to design outstanding infographics from one place with ease.

It comes with several interactive maps, icons, drive charts for design, configurable canvas, and more.

What’s more? Piktochart is equipped with an HTML publishing function so you can upload your work on the web without any difficulty.

Piktochart also combines the graphics design and presentation function effectively.

You can make your best graphic designs for your website and social media, and you can also create exciting and comprehensive presentations for your team, clients, and business partners.

All these features make designing easy because you have all the tools you need in one place.

Piktochart Pie Chart Maker lets you explore your creativity without restrictions. And you can bring whatever design you have in mind to live with the various Piktochart Pie Chart Maker features.

3.    Piktochart Pie Chart Maker is versatile

Piktochart Pie Chart Maker is a highly versatile tool. It’s not restricted to a platform, as you can post any content you create with Piktochart pie maker on any platform.

You can use the Pie Chart Maker anywhere and for a wide range of purposes. It enables you to save your files in PNG, JPG, or PDF to fit the different platforms and purposes required.

With the Piktochart Pie Chart Maker, you can create a wide range of content forms, from presentations to reports and infographics. It really is your best tool for all your infographic designing needs.

4.    Piktochart Pie Chart Maker is perfect for reports and presentations

Piktochart Pie Chart Maker helps you create compelling charts to convey your data most engagingly and understandably. You can also combine different charts to organize them in one comprehensive place for professional presentation.

5.    You can repurpose content with Piktochart Pie Chart Maker

PiktoChart Pie Chart Maker helps you save time as a digital marketer.

You don’t have to spend time creating different presentations and reports for your team every month because the Piktochart Pie Chart Maker helps you organize your project for easy access. These past reports can be tweaked in minutes to create new reports and presentations when required.

What Makes a Good Infographic tool

The success of an infographic is a combination of many factors.

For an infographic tool to create content that generates the right number of clicks, shares, and engagement required, you need to ensure it has these top qualities.

1.    Intuitiveness

A good infographic tool is intuitive to use to ensure an easy-to-use experience for users. It also ensures your designs can be done in minutes because you can easily navigate its functions to create your unique designs.

2.    Customizable

Designs should be unique; therefore, your infographic tool should come with customizable templates to tweak to meet your style and needs. A customizable design tool lets you add the colors and fonts you want and create the best chart, graph, and more.

3.    Functional Toolkit

An excellent infographic tool comes with all the resources you need to design high-quality content. These include all the features and functions required to create different content types, such as infographics, reports, and presentations.


This article discussed the top reasons why Piktochart Pie Chart Maker is a must-have tool for every digital marketer. An excellent Pie Chart Maker like the Piktochart’s helps you create the best reports, presentations, and graphics you need to achieve your digital marketing goals.


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