What is the Difference Between Personalization and Customization in Business?

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Created June 19, 2020

Most of the businesses today are operating online. Previously the customers were contacted through emails or phone calls. But the issue arises when your potential clients don’t get immediate responses.

People always look for instant interaction, and if they can’t get the assistance they need, they will immediately move to another service provider. You’ll lose a potential lead which is damaging for your business.

An online chat facility is a powerful tool that can help you to cater to your clients’ needs immediately. This live chat tool is benefitting many businesses in terms of real-time communication with their clients. Statistical data collected on online chats reveal that 63% of the clients are likely to return to a specific brand website if they offer live chat facility.

This is an excellent way of achieving customer satisfaction levels and a reliable tactic for lead generation. Just like businesses gives importance to marketing to grab the customer’s attention, an online chat support tool will aid in maintaining a steady volume of high quality and potential leads.


Online Chat Support Versus Phone Support

Before we move towards discussing the reasons and importance of online chats, let’s compare how it is better than phone support. In this day and age, meeting customer’s high expectations is vitally crucial for growing your business. And in order to achieve this, you are required to offer your clients great quality customer support to keep up with their needs and requirements.

If your business fails to connect with your prospective customers effectively, this will simply bring your business down. Online chat has more benefits than phone support.


Online chat is a better option for handling small users or catering to their queries. They are easier to analyze and take up less space. Today customers are ready to spend enough to have a better customer experience. Online chat is a fast resolution, while phone support takes a lot of time. Clients are kept on wait for the auto attendant, which results in them losing interest in your business.


Ins & Outs of Online Chat Support for Lead Generation

Investing in an online chat support tool is a great way to increase customer retention and enhance their satisfaction levels. If your business communicates with customers through multiple channels, an omnichannel support tool like Acquire could go a long way with having everything organized in one place. 

There is no doubt that the modern business environment is of high fidelity.

Therefore, companies need to incorporate online chat facilities to convert viewers into customers. It acts as a force multiplier to strengthen your lead generation—readout below a few of the reasons why more and more websites are introducing online chat support.


1.    It is Cost-Effective

The main goal of every business is to save money by every chance they get. They always opt for those strategies that are reasonable as well as effective.

Online chat support is a customer service tool that is money saving. You can easily connect with the audience by just providing a small option on your website or social media platform by investing a small amount. Emails and phone support has always been a part of every business as it helps them in direct interaction, but it requires various resources and investment.

Moreover, this channel takes a lot of time to respond to the client’s queries. Online chat support is much easier and cheaper to integrate into your business as it offers a wide range of benefits for the progress of your business. This facility provides real-time consumer service through which allows you to answer numerous questions of the clients saving time, money, and labor costs.


2.    Live Chat Offers You Competitive Advantage

Online chat support is still a new idea that very few companies have integrated into their systems. Even if they are using it, you still won’t find their agents always online. This gives you an opportunity to gain an edge over your competitors. Opening your service round the clock for your clients will enhance the experience of the client with your brand.

Online chat is an effective way of creating your brand’s identity. Many customers prefer to a good experience and the brand client dealing abilities over brand name. If you are unable to find your competitive advantage, then online chat is the best option for you.

So, before any of your competitors get ahead in this, train your employees in client dealing that will help you creating leads and transforming them into loyal customers.


3.    Feasible & Convenient 

Online chats are more preferred over other communication channels because it caters to the client’s needs immediately and helps them in taking instant decisions.

This tool is productive and feasible as it allows the customers to instantly connect with the company agent without waiting for long. Therefore, an excellent way to sustain your website leads as waiting for long hours will result in leaving your service website. It is not only convenient for your client but for you as well as it helps the agents to multitask.

Phone support does not allow you to save the complete conversation, but with online chat support, everything exchanged will be saved, and you can share links with the clients. Imagine if a customer is facing any issue, and they need it to get it resolved immediately, at this time when online chat saves them. The live agent quickly answers on the spot. Overall, it helps clients in making on-spot decisions.


4.    Live Chat Saves Time

Time is money. This phrase is strictly followed by every successful business, whether it is online or not. The more you are able to save your time, the more you will be able to increase your productivity. Online chat support is the best tool for saving time. You can get valuable customer feedback through it as well as to measure your representative’s efficiency. With a greater response rate, you can save time to achieve your most prominent targets. When your response is faster, you will be able to get more leads for your business.


5.    It Helps In Engaging With The Leads

People always appreciate one to one interaction with human beings, and online chats are a great way to connect and engage with the audience. When you offer a real-time interaction to your leads through a small icon on the side of your website, visitors are more likely to contact you for service. This way, you can easily turn them int your clients. User engagement is what most of the online business companies are looking for these days, and this facility sets a stage for a productive and fruitful interaction helping you in building strong relations with your clients.


Most of the clients say that they feel satisfied when they interact with a brand through online chat. The biggest advantage of this is that you are able to convey about your events to your audience through the user’s location. It aids in replying to the queries and sharing contact details, which helps to maintain customer’s trust in your product or service.

6.    Increasing Your Brand Sales

Selling is not about exporting your product and making money. It is about building long term and good relations with your clients through social media marketing and other tactics. Gone are days where business owners used to look for the client only for selling their products, not on their experience with your brand. Online chat support is an eminent way of increasing sales. Online transaction is easier, and people get the answers regarding order placements or shipments easily. The more you work on making their experience better, the more likely they are to return to your brand.

Online chat is an effective way to lead generation and transforming customers into long term clients. Increase customer satisfaction levels through this tool and observe your company’s sales and progress.


Other Ways to Personalize the Customer Journey

Online chat support is just one effective way to personalize the customer experience. One might consider the native advertising approach when using paid ads so you can be more relevant to a potential customer and have your content blend in the media they are already active with.

You might also want to consider some sort of rewards program or private club to offer your premium members. This will help make your customers feel special and you can continue to give them more personalized options depending on their needs.

Regardless of which steps you take to make the customer journey more personalized and customized, it is important to take some steps to ensure that your target audience feels special and wants to choose you over the competition for a good reason.

John William

John William is working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Crowd Writer. He is also a trainer at Dissertation Assistance, a platform for fulfilling write my essay request of students. He has been researching in the field of digital marketing and written many blogs online to facilitate online businesses.


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