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Here is a selection of brands and businesses we have worked with.

Here is a selection of businesses we work with.

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Digital Marketing in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Animas Marketing has been serving Southwest Colorado since 2018 and is now working with clients in Pagosa Springs. We want to be available to the town in a time where there is much economic development and visitor growth. Animas Marketing is now working with the Pagosa Innovation Center to have a remote location to be able to serve local businesses in Pagosa Springs. Regardless of if your business is in the restaurant sector, or the outdoor industry, we will have the right custom digital marketing strategies for you. 

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the work that goes into a business to help make it show up at the top results in search engines. Find out how we can help you rise to the top rankings in Google and Bing.

web design

Website Design

Website design is more than flashy animation. It is a collaboration between excellent customer interaction and beautiful design. With the right mix, we can help design the right site for your business.

social media management

Social Media Management

With our experience working with brands like Steamworks, El Moro, and Carvers, we have built a reputation for creating engaging content on social media. Find out how we can help your business grow with social.

search engine optimization

Email Marketing

Still today, email marketing is one of the most important revenue generators for businesses that work online. It is important to have a welcome email sequence and consistent messages that are right for your audience. We can help create your first campaigns.

paid advertising

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising (PPC) is the process of paying for clicks or leads from channels like Google Ads or social media. The intent may be different whether you are going for an emotional response but regardless of the message, we can craft the right copy for your audience.

graphic design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an essential component of keeping a consistent feel for your business and brand as your send out messages to your audience. Find out how we can help craft the right designs to help your business send out the right message.

Pagosa Springs Digital Marketing Agency

What makes us different from any other online marketing agency?

For starters, we will never recommend a strategy that we do not believe would help your business succeed. Even if a business owner wants nothing more than to use a particular strategy, we will not take anyone’s money when we do not believe it will yield the best kind of results. We want to make sure that 100%, you are getting great results from any strategy that we help you build and we can continue to build a long-term relationship to continue to boost business revenues.

We also feel it is important to take on a personalized approach to your marketing strategy as both business owners are local to Southwest Colorado and want to work with local businesses first. We understand that each industry works differently, which is why we craft custom digital marketing strategies for each business that is tailored to their specific company. 

We understand that Pagosa Springs is starting to hit some milestones and the town is beginning to see more and more visitor traffic each day. We will be here to team up with economic development partners to help become a strong part of the community.

Meet the Team

Sean Moriarty

Owner & Creative Director

Sean grew up in Silicon Valley and learned to use a computer around the same time he learned to speak. He attended Film School at Humboldt State University, Serves on the Executive Board of the Durango Chapter of The Colorado Restaurant Association, and specializes in food, beverage, and hospitality marketing. When he’s not glued to his computer, you can find Sean on a hiking trail or at the movie theater seeing the newest superhero film for the third time.

Tyler Rice

Founder & Technical Director

Since the dawn of time, this man always had an interest in computers and the digital world. Building his first website at the age of 11 was only the beginning of what would become a career in digital marketing. After receiving a BA in Marketing at Fort Lewis College, he set off on an adventure to create an agency focused on small business growth through digital marketing solutions. When he is not nerding out at the office, you can find him playing the banjo, snowboarding, or off on a backcountry hike.

Alexandra Meyer

Office Administrator

Allie grew up in the little town of Castle Rock, Colorado, where she developed a passion for art and hospitality at an early age. She has taken her organizational skills and artistic background to the digital world and become the ultimate digital marketing sidekick, assisting in social media marketing and administrative tasks. When she is not behind a computer screen, you can find her blowing bubbles underwater with the fishes or practicing yoga in the mountains.

Ready for the Next Steps for Your Business?

We know that every business is unique. Therefore, your marketing strategy should be exclusively tailored to your business. See how a custom online marketing strategy can substantially grow your company’s success. Let’s meet up over a cup of coffee.

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