Top 3 Features of PDFBear to Increase Your Productivity!

March 15, 2021

During quarantine, you probably start and end most of your days in front of illuminated screens. It is not for entertainment purposes but more on finishing work-related documents. You might have the assumption that this online set-up is a blessing in disguise because you get to do your tasks in the comforts of your own home. But little did you know, your workload seems to be heavier nowadays than the face-to-face setup. On top of this, your unfamiliarity with the ins and outs of handling digital documents can lead to reduced productivity.


If you feel like you are missing out on a bunch of stuff related to your work, you should consider accessing PDFBear. It is one of the great online tools used to manipulate digital files without exerting much of your time. If you want to give this website a chance, continue reading to know what it can offer.


1.   Convert to PDF

PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, and HTML are the file formats available for use nowadays. Each file format has its unique features and characteristics. That is why it is necessary to identify the most suitable one for your needs. For instance, you will probably use Word format if you need to make an essay. This type of document is best for writing purposes. While you might use Excel to perform mathematical calculations and visualize complex data through the use of graphs and charts. In cases that you don’t want anyone to alter the content of the document, you can convert XLS to PDF using PDFBear. This format will allow no one from adding or deleting any information.

The process involved in converting documents using this website is relatively easy compared to other online tools. You can accomplish it in just a few steps that last for a couple of seconds only.


How to convert files to PDF?

You first need to upload the file on the website to change the file format to PDF. The more stable the internet is then the faster you can upload it. After you successfully placed the document on the converter tool, it will auto-detect the file and start the conversion process. After making the file into your desired format, you can have a copy of it in your local storage by clicking the download button.


2.   Optimize PDF

It is irritating to have a gadget with extremely low memory. You can never get rid of the pop-up message on your screen telling you it can no longer save new files. It prohibits you from capturing photos and installing new applications. For this reason, you can’t keep up with the current trends.

In this online set-up, it is highly recommended to save as much storage space as possible. One way you can perform this is by compressing your files through this compressed PDF tool. Its purpose is to reduce the file size that means a lesser amount of space is needed to store it in your device.

Besides storage issues, you might have encountered handling corrupted PDF files. It is one of the most horrifying scenarios that most people avoid. With PDFBear, there is a possibility that you can recover it. In this way, you can view and edit its content again.


How to compress PDF files?

To upload the file you want to compress, you must click the select files button. If you feel like dragging and dropping the file is more comfortable, then you can do so. Once the tool finishes analyzing and compressing the document, you can already download it to your storage without occupying much-needed space.


How to repair corrupted files?

Select the corrupted file from your local storage and drag it on the toolbox. If the tool completed analyzing and uploading the file, the recovering process would start. Manage your expectations since it can’t recover all damaged files.


3.   Organize PDF

Organizing the content of your PDF document can have a great impact on how you handle your files. Merge, split, and delete PDF pages are under this tool. If you noticed that your PDF file contains unnecessary pages, you may opt to split or delete it. It depends on what you need at the moment.

Use the split PDF feature if you want to have a separate file for unwanted PDF pages. You may delete the said pages if you are certain that you will no longer need any information on that page. While the merging PDF feature is the opposite of splitting. You can use it if you have two PDF files you want to combine.


How to merge PDF files?

Make your files available on the website by uploading them. Once you successfully do this, the tool will give you an option to modify them. If you don’t see the need to do so, click the Merge PDF button to immediately combine the files into one PDF file. Download the file or save it on your google drive.


How to split PDF files?

Upload the document you want to split and identify the pages you like to separate from the original PDF. If done, you must click the extract button to start the splitting process. You will see the download button after a few seconds. It is preferable to click it to access the document anytime you want.


How to delete PDF pages?

Just like any other feature of PDFBear, it made deleting PDF pages easy. As usual, you must upload the file to the toolbox to start the process. After this, you must select the pages you want to omit. Only when you click the “apply changes” button will the tool will start deleting the pages. After a few seconds, you can already download the file.


In a Nutshell

Since people can easily access different technological innovations in just a snap, there is now a lesser demand to perform things manually. With the aid of online tools, such as PDFBear, you now have the luxury to perform all your tasks while still having the time to rest. You no longer have to waste time looking for an online tool and mastering how it works.


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