Pros and Cons of Free Website Creation

November 3, 2021


Not too long ago, only IT experts and specialists could create websites. The rest of the people couldn’t perform this task effectively as it required a great deal of technical knowledge. But the thing about technological advancement is that it manages to make things easier for everybody as time goes by.

The same thing happened with the process of web creation. Now you do not require the help of any IT enthusiasts to build a website. You can do it yourself, at your home, on your computer. Plus, you do not need to break your piggy bank to pay for it. All you need to have is access to a good website builder, and website creation will automatically become a piece of cake for you.


Pros of Free Website Creation


Some fundamental bonus points come with free website creation. You can even access a free website creation guide to know even the minor details.


No Technical Competence


One of the best things about creating a website online for free is that you do not need to have any prior expertise in IT or technology. Everything is already arranged for you and served on a silver plate.

The drag and drop feature or technology available on website builders allows the users to move various components with just a single click. There is no FTP handling or line of code editing required in it. Hence, you do not have to sweat over any technical stuff at all.


Multiple Design Templates


Designing a website was never so easy before. One needed to have at the very least some basic knowledge in graphic designing to build an impressive website. Gone are the days when this was the situation.

Now, when you create an online free website, there are many templates available for you to choose from. You can select your preferred one for your website. Plus, in case you feel like the templates are not doing justice to what you have planned for your site, you can always customize them according to your needs.


Edit from Any PC


Yet another advantage of creating an online website is that you do not have to operate a specific computer to make any amendments. The website builders that are used to create free websites are online-based.

To make any changes on your web page, all you need to do is log into your account, make whatever changes you want to, and then simply click the save button. The only essential requirements for this task are a good internet connection and a web browser.


Fast and Easy


Moreover, you will save your precious time if you are creating a free website online. Everything is already there for you. From ready-to-use tools and applications to pre-designed templates, each and every requirement essential for creating a website is available there.

Your only headache will be to integrate your content and then hit the Publish button. Your website is ready to launch now.




You do not need to make any unnecessary transactions to create a free website. As “Free” is the keyword here, most of the services available for online web creation do not charge anything.

There may be some in-app purchases or additional features that require you to pay. However, the basic things that are important for creating a website are free.


Cons of Free Website Creation



Although creating a free website has many plus points, not everything can always be up to the mark. There are always some loose ends that cannot be ignored.


Slow Speed


The biggest drawback of free website creation is slow speed. No matter how much effort you put in, at one point, this speed is going to get the best of you. Precisely because hosting providers of free websites put a large number of websites on the same server.

When so many websites are sharing the same server, the speed becomes automatically sluggish. That is why these websites take ages to load hence disrupting the user experience along with the SEO.


Blockage of Data


Furthermore, users who take the road to free website creation often find it difficult when they want to move further to a paid service. The service providers usually do not provide any additional tools that will aid in the migration of your site.

In the end, they have to hire freelancers and perform everything manually. You will have to empty your pockets to achieve such a simple task.


Too Many Ads


Do you know what makes you clench your teeth when you are using the internet? It is those irrelevant advertisements that won’t stop popping up. This is one of the significant downsides of using a free website.

There is no doubt that you get what you desire when you use this option. You get to have your website on which you publish your content, but everything comes with a price. Advertisements support these free websites. These Ads make everything look ugly and annoying. One can not have peace of mind if someone keeps on poking.


Website Shutdown


Furthermore, the website services that offer free website creation can shut down your website without giving you any warning. Even their terms and conditions include this clause. You won’t get your data back or a way to save it.

There will not be a site address available and no straightforward way of redirecting users to your new website. Hence, everything will turn to ashes in a blink of an eye.


Limited Features


In addition, free website creation comes with a limited range of features that lead to the website’s limited functionality. Sometimes the Search Engine Optimization elements are missing, and sometimes the limited e-commerce functionality becomes the problem. But then again, you can not get everything for free in this world, right?




Although free website creation is a blessing in disguise for those who cannot afford a website designer or a professional at it, it is a risky business. But then again, nothing is perfect in this world, and everything has some drawbacks. If luck is on your side, you will reach the heights of success even with a free website.


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