Top Strategies To Make Your Website Rank Higher In Google Search Results

March 10, 2021

Ranking higher, even on the first page should be your goal no matter what type of business or website you run. Websites that are on the first page, or that are in the top results get more click-throughs which will potentially lead to more customers. So, you have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain, but, where do you start and how long will it all take.

Your starting point should be your website. You need to take a good look at your site and see where it is letting you and your business down. Is your website free from errors, is it written in a font that is simple to read and process, does it look good as a mobile site – is it even optimized for mobiles. The following article will help you learn some useful strategies to make your website catch the eyes of Google search results.

strategies to rank higher



Fresh Eyes

Looking at your website with fresh eyes before you get started will help you see what needs doing. At this stage, it is probably worth hiring a professional who has experience optimizing your site for seo to look at your website. Expert advice and guidance don’t have to cost a small fortune. Utilizing a professional with experience will ensure you get results. After establishing who you will use to assist you in getting first page results then you may be able to get a rough time scale with regards to when you could achieve the results you are aiming for.


Be Informative

There is lots of rubbish around on the internet, lots of copycat websites and lots of websites that are selling products that will waste your time. Google doesn’t want or need to be weighed down by any more of these sites clogging their systems and algorithms. Make sure your website and any content you provide is informative and helpful to your target audience. Don’t just produce content in the hope it will be seen, instead, create content that is built around your target audience. If you do not feel you can produce content that grabs attention and interest then hire someone who can.


Make Sure You Are Relevant

Just as you have to be informative, you also have to be relevant. Relevance is essential to ensure you rank as high as possible, you have to be relevant to your target audiences/your customers, and relevant to google who are constantly trawling for new sites and new information. Providing relevant information to searches will help you get noticed and will build up trust and authenticity from visitors and customers alike. So what is your target audience searching for and how can you be relevant to their searches?


Ensure Your Website Is User Friendly

A site must be friendly when it is used on a device such as a laptop, and it should also be optimized and friendly when used on a phone. When websites are friendly, easy to load, and quick to use – then google likes them, as do visitors. Your website needs to be free from loading errors and glitches, and it needs to be quick to load up. Visitors, customers, and Google do not want to be waiting around for your pages to load. Consider redesigning your website if it feels outdated, clunky, and hard to use. You will not get a second chance to impress first-time visitors, so make their first visit the best you can.


Build Trust

Visitors to your website need to trust you to use you and your services/products. Similarly, google wants trustworthy sites to appear in its top results on the first page too. Nobody wants spam pages to fill the front page, so to ensure you get to the top build trust from the start. To build trust you have to be honest and open. On your website, you need to provide clear and concise contact information, and you need to ensure that your site keeps visitors and their information safe and private. Trust takes time to build up but with persistence, informative and relevant content, and user-friendly pages it is more than possible to achieve.

strategies to rank higher


Utilize Keywords And Backlinks

Working together with other trusted websites and creating relevant and useful backlinks can help build your presence, and it can help build trust at the same time too. As well as utilizing backlinks you also need to use keywords that get results. Keywords need to be utilized throughout your whole website, and you need to use different keywords on different pages of your website. Keywords can be anything from single words to phrases but they must be relevant to your websites and businesses offering.

It can be overwhelming building awareness of your website and it can be time-consuming especially if you are trying to run your business at the same time, so, do not be afraid to ask for assistance from professionals. What could take you weeks or months to achieve could take them hours and days.


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