All About Planning a Future-Ready SEO Strategy for Your Business

November 27, 2022


3850. That’s the number of times “how long does it take to learn SEO” gets searched on Google in the United States in one month. A simple back-end keyword research can tell us this fact. This glaring statistic may serve as an indicator of the need felt by businesses to take charge of website SEO.

Monthly 500,000 new businesses get founded every month, with only 64% of them having websites. Even then, the sheer volume of websites competing for attention for every search query relevant to your product and service is certainly overwhelming.


3 Ways to Manage Your Website’s SEO

There are always new trends emerging which require us to think outside the box when it comes time to make updates or changes to our websites.

Here are a few ways in which you can manage your SEO Strategy effectively.


1. Become an SEO Expert Yourself

You may feel the need to be personally involved in such a vital aspect of your business. However, though you may know your business and customers better than anybody else, you need to constantly adapt and evolve to stay competitive in the world of search engine optimization. You can’t just settle on a strategy that worked last year because chances are it may not work next year.

As a business owner, you may not always have the bandwidth to track the latest trends governing page ranking and make changes to your website design. A sustainable SEO plan needs to ensure the business goals and the SEO tactics undertaken to achieve them complement each other perfectly. Hiring a professional may be an option to coach you in SEO for the same.


2.  Appoint an SEO Coach to Mentor You and Your Team

An SEO coach can mentor the business to upskill itself in SEO skills with a faster turnaround time. Employees and founders can learn (and unlearn) the fundamentals of SEO and understand how to implement the same for their websites. If you are keen to start your journey of Search Engine Optimisation for your business website, find out how SEO coaches can guide you effectively.


3. Outsource Your SEO to an Agency

In case you are unable to or do not want your bandwidth to be occupied with managing your ever-evolving SEO strategy, outsourcing the same to a trusted digital marketing agency might also be an option.

Even in that case, it is still recommended that you familiarise yourself with SEO fundamentals so you can have meaningful meetings with your SEO agency and cascade your business requirements to them more effectively.


Latest Trends in SEO


The search engine landscape is constantly changing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up. In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the latest trends in SEO.

1. Voice Searches Will Rule Search Engine Results

Voice searches have been on the rise for years. As it turns out, people are more accurate when speaking than typing. This is because we often misread or mistype characters when typing into a search engine.

This means that search engines will likely change their algorithms so that they can better match up with what people are saying.


2. Content is Still the King

Websites are all about delivering quality information to their users. Content creation remains a key pillar of marketing. Relevant, readable, and diverse content for users needs to be created regularly to boost your brand awareness and recall. It is also a meaningful way to build trust and engage with your customers better.

Your SEO should be integrated seamlessly into your content marketing strategy through keyword research to select the right set of topics, as well as focusing more on quality content creation and curation.


3. Mobile-First Indexing is Still Important

Mobile-first indexing is a ranking signal, and it’s still important. Google announced that it would be switching to a mobile-first indexing system in 2018. This means that Googlebot’s crawling and indexing systems are now based on the mobile version of a site rather than its desktop version.

With this new focus on user experience on mobile devices, webmasters should focus on creating relevant content for desktop and mobile users. In general terms (except for some specific scenarios), most websites will likely look better when viewed full screen with no distractions, such as ads or navigation elements at the top of their pages. Webmasters should also make sure their website loads quickly since users have limited patience when it comes to waiting for websites to load.


4. The Age of Video SEO is Here

Video is an essential part of any SEO strategy. Video happens to be the popular content format for consumption by millennials and Gen-Zers surfing the web today. It is a great way to engage with your customers and provide them with the information they are looking for.

Video can also help you rank higher in search results by improving CTRs (click-through rates) and boosting SERP performance, so adding videos to your content strategy will only increase its effectiveness over time as more people start using them for these purposes.


5. User Experience Will Keep Relevance with Search Engines

The user experience on the site determines, to a large extent, how long the user spends on the site. A user-friendly, intuitive, and interactive UI that can deliver a personalized experience to users will reduce the bounce rate. This, in turn, will influence the search engine rankings positively.



It is common for millennial business owners to attempt to implement SEO on their own. However, SEO requires dedicated focus and needs constant updating of the website.

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithm to keep up with modern technology and trends, so an SEO expert must understand how these changes affect their client’s website or apps for them to stay relevant on SERPs over the next few years.

Not many businesses in the USA are implementing SEO properly. Only 43% of a sample size of 600 reported that they have SEO practices in place. Thus, it is time you improve your product placement on the web by implementing some of the best SEO practices. Feel free to seek professional guidance to learn how to do the same.


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