6 Reasons Why SEO can be the Secret Ingredient in Your Account Based Marketing Success

August 27, 2023

Are you planning on launching an account-based marketing campaign? One factor that you should include in it should be a robust and thorough SEO strategy. If you want some convincing to have SEO strategies in your ABM campaign, then this article is here for you. Before that, let’s first discuss what account-based marketing is first.




What is account-based marketing (ABM)?


Although not relatively new, account-based marketing, or ABM, is a marketing approach that has become increasingly known among marketers.


However, if you don’t know what it is, then a simple definition would be that ABM is a marketing approach that focuses more on targeting specific accounts or companies rather than mass marketing to as many people as possible.


Marketers usually use a trusted ABM Platform to help them expand and scale their ABM campaigns.


ABM can be highly beneficial for businesses in specific scenarios. Companies with a limited target market or niche industries can benefit significantly from an account based marketing campaign. As well as businesses with complex sales cycles or those selling high-ticket products or services can also benefit from ABM.


By nurturing relationships with key decision-makers within target accounts, ABM helps align marketing efforts with sales objectives, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.


To make the most out of ABM, you should clearly understand the target audience and their specific needs. It also requires strong collaboration between sales and marketing teams and access to accurate data and insights about target accounts. The heart of ABM here is quality over quantity.


Now that you know more about what ABM is as a marketing approach, here are some reasons to consider SEO as part of your ABM campaign.


1. SEO expands the outreach of your ABM


You would want to invest in an SEO strategy in the first place because you want your website to appear higher on search results. What’s the point of appearing and ranking higher on search engine results pages or SERPs? It would be because if you seem high on SERPs, you’re more likely to get visitors to your site.


Given these reasons, ABM is a great way to get more reach through your ABM campaign. You can even start a backlinking campaign for SEO to connect with other websites close to the one your target audience hangs out at.


One of the key benefits of using SEO in ABM is that you can easily reach out to a target audience’s concerns that are more niche.


SEO helps expand the reach of your ABM campaigns by attracting organic traffic from a broader range of sources that you might not be able to reach just from networking. When you optimize your website for relevant keywords, you increase the chances of appearing in search engine results pages (SERPs) for both branded and non-branded queries.


This effect means that even prospects needing to be more familiar with your brand or engaged in an active ABM campaign can discover your content through organic search.


2. Keyword research is vital in content production


When creating content for your ABM campaign, it’s a good idea to do some keyword research before randomly inserting keywords into your content. After all, keywords that you include in your SEO strategy as part of your ABM campaign are one of the ranking factors that affect your SEO.


Keyword research involves identifying and analyzing the search terms that your target audience is using when looking for products or services related to your ABM campaign. Conducting thorough keyword research can uncover valuable insights about relevant keywords and have a high search volume within your target market.


If you do your keyword research right, you might be able to identify long-tail keywords – specific phrases or questions with lower competition but higher intent from potential customers.


Integrating these long-tail keywords into your content helps capture highly targeted traffic and increases the chances of converting those visitors into leads or customers.


By leveraging keyword research in content production for your ABM campaign’s SEO strategy, you can align your messaging with what matters most to your target accounts. This approach allows you to create valuable content that addresses their pain points directly while positioning yourself as a trusted industry resource.


3. Collect data on target audience interaction


Since ABM involves you having a closer relationship with your target accounts, it makes sense that part of your ABM SEO strategy should have you collecting data on your target audience’s interaction.


Many SEO metrics can help determine whether your strategies affect your target accounts. Some of the metrics worth tracking would be the following:


  • click-through rates
  • time spent on page
  • bounce rates
  • conversion rates


You can use these metrics reports to identify areas for improvement in your overall SEO strategy, optimizing your content and website to meet their needs better.


Aside from the SEO metrics, though, getting in touch with your target accounts is a good idea. Simply asking them where they found out about your business can be an excellent way to understand how your ABM campaign is going.


4. Search is an optimal channel




Think of how a target account will find you and discover your business.


Most of the time, they’re going to do a search on a search engine to either look you up or look up the product or service you provide, with the latter being the most likely. That’s why search will still be a relevant and valuable way of attracting inbound leads for your ABM campaign.


You want to be there when your target accounts look up a service or product that you provide. Therefore, investing in SEO strategy should be a part of your ABM campaign.


5. Provides detailed insights on ABM campaigns


If you have a ton of other content channels that your SEO strategy is around, then you need to have the right SEO metrics in place to get deeper insights into how your ABM campaign is going.


SEO metrics can help you identify your target accounts’ patterns, preferences, and interests.


Combining SEO with ABM efforts gives you a holistic view of your target accounts’ online behavior and preferences. As mentioned, this approach allows you to steer your ABM campaign in the right direction.

6. SEO generates new leads


Another reason why investing in SEO strategies for your ABM campaign is excellent is because it gives you a steady stream of inbound leads if you do it right.


Once you’ve set up a reliable SEO approach for your business that can make you a constant presence in the correct search terms results, your target accounts can find your business efficiently through search engines, meaning you’d get more leads that way.




These are all compelling reasons why you should invest more in SEO if you plan on running ABM campaigns for your business. From lead generation to better success in outreach, you’ll undoubtedly be able to reach your target accounts more if you invest in SEO. Therefore, if you’re hesitating, hopefully, this article shows why you should launch more SEO strategies.


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