Content is a great way to promote your brand. It sells your business. It markets your values. It creates powerful connections.


The more content you have, the better your chances of connecting with your customers become.

Repurposing your existing content is an excellent way of getting twice the value out of your content production efforts. Here are four ways you can recycle existing content to maximize ROI.

Turn a blog post into a podcast

Podcasts are one of the most popular forms of online content right now. They’re easy to listen to and are great for people on the move, seamlessly adopting from desktop to mobile formats.

The stats back up our love of podcasts:

  • 44% of Americans have listened to a podcast – that’s 124 million people
  • Podcast fans listen to 7 shows a week on average
  • Over 60 million US homes enjoy listening to podcasts
  • 45% of people who listen to podcasts each month earn of $75 a year

So what does this mean? Turning one of your blog posts into a podcast gives you access to:

  • A larger audience
  • An engaged fanbase
  • Wealthy customers

The marketing value of podcasts is they can subliminally hit your audience with information about your business. This is because many people listen to podcasts while travelling – they’re background noise and easy listening.

The information sits in their heads working without being forceful. My advice is that you pursue the softest sale possible in your podcasts, as any podcast that looks like a hard push won’t get picked by your audience.

It’s simple to turn your blog posts into podcasts. If you’ve built your website with WordPress you can use the plugin. It’s quick to install and gives your audience easy-to-digest content in mere moments. For instructions on how to use the plugin, check out the video below:


Convert your useful webinars into handy video tutorials

Webinars are a superb way to introduce customers to your products – and I’m telling you this from experience. There are many occasions when I’ve considered using a product, sat in on a webinar, and then decided to buy it.

Webinars take away some of the teething issues for your customers, but they cannot remove all of them. Once someone has bought your product, they might still need refresher training. This is where video tutorials come in.

A quick way to repurpose your webinar into a tutorial video is to upload it to YouTube. This puts the video out into the public domain, letting your customers watch it at their convenience.

Why is this important? Because webinars are often broadcast only once, and always at a time set by the broadcaster. Video tutorials are often a more convenient content format for your customers.

Tutorials are also an excellent lead magnet for your business. This is because they offer a snippet of the service you provide, showing the features and benefits of your products. Adding a tutorial video to your Facebook or Instagram page is a great way to bring customers to your site.

As tutorials are a training tool, you can help your customers by including the minutes of your tutorial. YouTube allows you to include content underneath your videos, so post it there. To add an extra marketing angle to your tutorials, you can include a link to your website in this content.

To learn how to upload a video to YouTube, check out the handy tutorial below:



Make your expert opinions into an eBook

Did you know that your customers trust experts more than they trust you? I’ll prove it to you now:

  • 85% of customers look for expert advice content when deciding what products to buy
  • 69% of people want to read product reviews by experts before committing to a purchase
  • 67% of shoppers are more likely to get an item if it’s endorsed by an expert

The results of using expert advice in your business is persuasive:

  • Expert content is 88% better than branded content at increasing brand familiarity
  • Content from experts is 83% greater than user reviews at raising buyer intent

Your industry is full of experts. There are CEOs, Creative Directors, Heads of Marketing, and more. You may be an expert yourself…

Interviews are a quick content win, and expert knowledge makes for a great eBook subject. Take the existing expert interviews you have (external and internal) and repurpose them into a quality eBook. This is great marketing material for your company because it makes your business into a useful resource for your customers – they can reference your opinions in their own blogs. 

You can create an eBook in minutes using Canva. You don’t need to be IT savvy and there’s guidance to help. Watch the video below to find out how to make an expert eBook for your customers:



Post your company stats on Twitter
You know by now that I love stats and your customers adore them. If you’re not sold then I’m telling you now: check the stats on stats. The data your company holds isn’t only valuable internal information. This info is also snackable content. Why? Because you can repurpose it as Twitter stats.

Twitter is the most fluid of all social media platforms – a tweet can have a lifespan of seconds before it shrivels and dies. But stats buck this trend. They provide information to legitimize your arguments and that gives them power. The power to be shared.

Here’s some stats on tornadoes:

So, here it is…


This is really useful information for people interested in tornadoes.

All you have to do is establish what data you have that will be useful to your customers. Once you’ve done this, repurpose it in the same way as Tornado Talk. It’s that simple.

Repurposing your existing content gives you another opportunity to connect with your customers and grow your web traffic. Go back to your existing content and rejig it into a brand new piece of marketing for your business. 

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