Finding The Right Web Developer For Your Project: Pros And Cons

May 14, 2021

As much as we might all like to believe that we can get almost anything done on our own, this cannot be said for many projects in the tech space. One of such projects in web development. According to Wikipedia, web development is the work involved in developing a Web site for the Internet or an intranet. It can range from developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex web applications.

In the course of this article, we’ll like to show you why you need experts for your web development project and how these experts can be the best project decision you’ll make.

right web developer


Why Do I Need A Web Developer?

Hiring a professional web developer is of great importance in the pursuit of the success of a project. Failure to define the project or plan for some basic things could attract problems, leading to a dysfunctional website in the long run. Such eventualities are foreseen and managed by these experts who have years of experience and technical knowledge under their belts. Now that you’ve decided to hire IT people, we know it can be hard to find the right one, so here are some tips to help you in your search:


Define The Project

Searching for a developer takes careful research. Therefore a detailed outline of the project, either short-term or long-term, needs to be taken into consideration.

The required skill set, workload, and schedule would help fasten the developer’s search process because the project is the main drive for a developer.

What is the project’s scope? What type of project is it? Who is needed for the completion of the project?


Web Development Budget

Sometimes, cost estimation in web development is complex because it involves different types of varying determinants. Due to its complexity, a web developer might not be able to come up with an accurate time estimate for the project’s completion as it is executed in phases.

It is proactive to have a budget to determine your limits. What is your estimated budget? Are your developers paid collectively or individually?


The Type Of Developer

There are full-stack, freelance, and contract developers. When you have an idea of the types of developers, it is easier to realize what type the project needs. Usually, a full stack developer can develop both the back-end and front-end program of a website thereby, requiring only the services of a customer experience designer. These developers are rare and usually deliver on short-termed and straightforward projects.

Suppose the project requires different types of developers with a web developer as the lead. In that case, you could be required as a company to hire other freelance developers to work along with the lead developer.

When dealing with a complex project, a developer can’t possibly take up the responsibility of setting up servers, back-end, and front-end programming, and handling data therefore, a contract developer who works for 3-6 months with his team is needed. What type of developer is needed for the completion of the project?

right web developer


A Detailed Job Description For Publicity

On realizing the type of developer needed, the next step is to publicize the proper job description for the web developer, including relevant information like salary, a summary of the type of work, and details of incentives on online platforms like LinkedIn, Hired, Flex Jobs amongst many others.


Interview And Implementation Of Structure

The search for the right developer is on. Things to look out for during interviews include portfolio, honesty in answering questions, questions for the company, and sample tasks for implementing a standard structure.


What Are The Pros Of Hiring The Right Developer?

These are the benefits you stand to gain from hiring the right web developer:

  • They have years of experience and technical knowledge, which leads to speed and accuracy in project execution.
  • The right web developer will carefully consider your demands while pointing out things that need to be scratched or improved upon, giving you attractive designs, simple navigation, and clear communication.
  • The right developer will not just develop your website. They will ensure that your website is performing optimally and yielding the results you envisaged.
  • The right web developer will help in the development process and be available for future updates and modifications.


What Are The Cons Of Hiring The Right Developer?

We know it must sound wrong to you too, but we’ll explore this all the same:

  • Searching carefully and hiring the right web developer might consume money, time, and energy.
  • There is the risk of hiring developers who do not bear the passion of vision or cannot interpret it correctly.
  • There can be a more extended communication channel if the work is outsourced and not handled by your team or company members.

Finally, the cons listed above are avoidable if you follow the tips given and are patient enough to hire the “right web developer.” Also, the money and energy spent are eventually worth it when placed against the progress and success of your project as well as the several pros mentioned initially.


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