Local SEO Myths Debunked: Effective Tips for Small Businesses

April 22, 2023


You might find it hard to trust local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics as a small business owner. Local search ranking is a tough nut to crack if you lack complete and accurate information. 

You cannot manipulate Google search results but can cater to the search engine’s needs. For example, you should use white-hat SEO tactics and create content based on user intent. 

Implementing the correct tactics will help boost your rankings in local search results. That, in turn, will drive online visibility and help you attract paying customers. However, you must use specific proven strategies to get there. 

This blog will debunk certain myths related to local SEO to help you build a robust strategy for your business. 


1. Google Business Profile Doesn’t Affect Local SEO


This platform allows Google to access or verify your data and show it in relevant local search results. Let’s say you own a bakery and have registered your shop on Google Business Profile. Now, when someone searches for a cake shop in your locality, they can find your address, contact information, and more on Google. 

However, some say that setting up a Google Business Profile service area will reduce your chance of visibility. This statement is a myth. Such a feature will not impact your company’s rankings on Google. 

A service area will only add a highlight feature on Google Maps denoting the location you serve in. 


Why Use Google Maps for Local SEO?

Having your business pop up on Google Maps is a great way to target high-quality local leads. When you register your business address on Google Business Profile, it supercharges your local SEO strategy because it shows up on Google Maps. 

This way, you can enhance the visibility of your small business and bring more organic website visitors. You can optimize your Google Map listing to increase your local rankings. 

Indeed, Google Maps and local SEO go hand-in-hand. According to to Create It Web Designs, Google Business Profile listings increase your visibility and allow you to showcase eye-catching multimedia and access reviews. 

However, they suggest using accurate data and always relying on high-ranking keywords for the best results. They consider Google Maps the best way to boost local SEO tactics and bring customers. 

Your Google business profile will appear on local search results if registered and verified on Google Maps. 


2. Keyword Stuffing in Google Business Profile Description Will Increase Rankings 


Stuffing your content with keywords will not manipulate your business listing’s ranking on Google. Instead, Google will give you a soft or a hard suspension based on the extent of this manipulation. 

If someone says adding a bunch of keywords will help rank your small business, they are wrong. While keyword stuffing is common, it does not impact your local search ranking. At the same time, adding keywords to review replies might affect rankings, but it depends on how you insert them. 

For example, if you optimize the responses with related keyphrases, it will increase your business profile’s visibility and discoverability. Create well-crafted and engaging responses with keywords. This way, it will build a relationship with the customer and bring organic website traffic from your local area. 


How to Write the Perfect Google Business Profile Description? 

Small businesses need to treat the description as local landing pages. It should have the following aspects: 

  • Write it like an advertisement copy highlighting your business name 
  • Sell your small business subtly by explaining the unique selling points 
  • Utilize all the characters given and add the critical information first 
  • Use your “business statements” and avoid repeating information 

Other than these, you should avoid adding links and do your keyword research. You can sprinkle keywords that align well with the description but do not overdo it. 


3. Pay-Per-Click Ads  Will Increase Organic Ranking on Google 


Some think getting Pay-Per-Click or PPC Ads is like paying for the number one position forever. 

That is nothing but a misconception. In fact, Google states that your Google Business Profile should be complete and accurate to rank higher. Indeed, Google will not favor websites that pay in the long run. And you cannot keep running the PPC Ad.

That means they do not have any permanent effect on the search algorithm. Yes, you might remain in the top position for a few hours or days, which will increase visibility. However, it will not affect organic rankings by getting you to the top of search engine results forever.

Let’s say a brand with no reviews, poor photos, and a lousy description ranked on top. It will only be possible if they have paid for an ad. However, their business profile is not conversion-optimized, and visitors will not click on it. Similarly, they cannot keep running the ad for a long time and will lose the #1 spot. 


Checklist for Running a Google Ad 

A Google Ad campaign is an excellent way to boost your brand only if you do it right. With the rise in cost-per-click prices, you need to use this tactic to your advantage before your competitor does. 

Even if Google Ads for small businesses don’t help boost local organic reach, they can still enhance visibility. Here are some tips: 

  • Set a goal for each campaign and decide on its structure 
  • Analyze your budget and work accordingly 
  • Work on your ad copy skills
  • Use an organic list of keywords and avoid stuffing them 

Once you do it right, you can reap potential benefits like getting more store visits, getting calls, and even brand loyalty. 


The Bottom Line 

Now you know all the myths associated with local SEO tactics. It is essential to use the correct methods for organic growth. This way, your small business will have better reach and credibility. 

Some might say that having a service area on Google Business Profiles might reduce rankings. However, that is a myth. Instead, it will help enhance visibility during a local search. 

Stuffing keywords will also not help your small business. Instead, you will have to use it strategically and organically. 

At the same time, PPC Ads may help with brand visibility but will not cater to loyalty. You should factor in all these things, understand the local SEO tips, and use them to your advantage. 

Only then can you rank better in a local search ranking! 


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