Software development: full-time employees or outsourced app development?

January 24, 2023

Creating an app is a long, routine, and painstaking process. Without the right level of skills, specialized knowledge, and a lot of experience, it will not be possible to implement such a project. How to make the right decision — to try to do everything yourself, or is it better to trust true professionals in their business?

If you are aiming at obtaining quick results, you have no time to delve into modern technology, deal with all kinds of processes, to control the course of implementation — it is better to find a partner in app development. This way you can take advantage of professional help and build a really successful product.



Advantages of outsourcing company services over your own team of programmers

It is worthwhile to look into this question in detail. So, you have a specific task — to create an application as quickly as possible. But before that, your work was in no way connected with the development, and there is no one in the staff of your company who even superficially knew the programming languages.

So is it better to spend time figuring out the issue and getting developers together, or to focus on finding a partner in app development?

  • To assemble a team of true professionals, which in addition will work as smoothly as possible, you need to spend a lot of precious time and effort. It is better to find a partner in app development. You will be able to apply to a company that is located in another country, but whose employees have a high level of expertise. The choice is huge. You also won’t have to spend money on keeping employees.
  • If you plan to hire your own specialists, be prepared for the fact that the deadline for the final product release will be significantly delayed. It is possible that most of the time will be spent just on interviews and searches. When you hire a partner in app development, you are asking for help from an existing team.
  • Partner in app development demonstrates the highest level of efficiency, which has a positive impact on project timelines. Also, such companies know how to qualitatively solve the problem of underutilization of specialists. Well-established work allows you to quickly hire the right people or change personnel. The approach to the organization of processes within the project implementation also plays a great role. When a programmer concentrates on one project for a long time, he or she starts to burn out. In the case of a partner in app development, this will not happen, because there the specialists solve problems in different projects, thus keeping the interest in the development. This also promotes the emergence of new and interesting ideas.


Where to look and how to choose a partner in app development for a project?

In addition to searching for potential candidates on Google and LinkedIn Recruiter, you can try to turn to developer associations.

After selecting potential candidates, the first thing to do is to get answers to the following questions.


Does the partner in app development have experience with this kind of development?

Outsourcing companies have to work in different niches. And if the company has been on the market for a long time, it means it has managed to accumulate knowledge and expertise in many areas. It is desirable for a company to specialize in outsourcing and to have time to work on various projects. At the same time, it should actively follow the development of technologies in the field of computer vision and offer customers to use these technologies in their projects.


What technology stack does the partner in app development use?

Ask your potential partner in app development what stack he or she uses: experienced companies keep track of technology and are constantly pumping up their skills. It’s a good sign in person if the developer explains why a particular language and framework is best to use.


Are there any projects to try? (demos, ready-made programs, websites, applications, etc.)

If there are websites in the company’s cases — go to the link and evaluate the quality. If mobile applications are mentioned, find them in the App Store and Google Play, and find out what ratings the application has. Download, test, and evaluate the usability.


What is the cost of services in app development?

The most budget-friendly options are worth sifting out. Cheap does not mean good. There is a risk that you will end up with a low-quality product.

The cheapness of the service can be because the project is outsourced to freelancers, between whom the communication is built for the first time. Yes, the cost of the freelancer’s services is lower, but the quality of the product suffers because of poor management. Often clients come to the contractor with a request to redo the product after another team didn’t follow through or didn’t provide the required quality. If the budget is not enough, you should not rush and ruin a good idea with a bad implementation.



In the initial stages, find out what the pricing model will be for the project. The most popular: Time & Material (for labor-intensive projects that involve multiple changes) or Fixed Price (for projects with a clear statement of work). Also, ask for an estimate of the project in person-hours. This will tell you how much time the customer needs to complete the task. On average, an estimate takes 3-5 days and involves detailing large tasks.


How public is the company?

Does the company actively maintain a social media presence? Does it publish expert and informative content? Does it participate in industry events? Yes, publicity is not a guarantee of a good product, but it is a definite advantage.


How is management organized?

Find out how the interaction with the customer is carried out, and how the work is organized. The design of software creation is usually described in the company’s cases.


What are the conditions of post-release service?

Check with the company developer to find out whether post-release support is provided. This is one of the most important points. Find out what warranty periods the developer is prepared to provide.


Is there an option to start with a demo version?

If a partner in app development sees that the client has doubts, they are offered not to try to implement a large project as a whole, but only a part of it. This allows the client to determine whether the format of the work is convenient and whether the quality and speed of solving problems are acceptable.


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