Tech Upgrades for Marketers: 9 Dos and Don’ts

May 2, 2024

The marketing landscape is a dynamic beast. It’s ever-changing. Remember the days of mass media mailers and cold calls? Those tactics still exist. But they’re no longer the sole drivers of successful marketing campaigns.


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Today’s consumers are bombarded with information across an ever-expanding digital landscape. Do you want to capture their attention and convert them into loyal customers? It’s not enough to be just creative. You must incorporate cutting-edge technology, too!


And that can pose a challenge for marketers and business owners. How do you utilize technology upgrades to achieve your goals? Is it possible without getting overwhelmed or outspending your budget? Those questions typically pop up.


Informed choices are the answer. It means that marketers must be strategic with any tech upgrade. Worry not; we’ll explore the do’s and don’ts of upgrading your martech toolbox here. Are you ready? Let’s get right to it!


Dos: Essential Tech Upgrades for Marketers


Let’s explore some essential tools that can empower your marketing efforts. These technologies can free up your team to focus on high-impact strategies.


Do: Embrace Automation


Marketing automation tools are a must-have for any marketer. Why? That’s because they streamline workflows and boost efficiency. So, what repetitive tasks can you automate? Here are some of them:

  • Email marketing – Isn’t email marketing dead already? Not at all! In fact, 37% of brands increased their email budget in 2023. (1)
    Ever heard of automated email sequences? That’s one good strategy. You can even segment your audience for targeted campaigns. Personalization of emails with dynamic content based on customer data is also possible.
  • Social media scheduling – Next is social media scheduling. You can plan and publish content across multiple social media platforms in advance. It’ll save you time. It also creates a unified brand experience for your customers.


Marketing automation shines through its synergistic effect. It streamlines your processes. Customer journey personalization is also achieved through it. Lastly, it makes data-driven decision-making possible.


Do: Unify Your Data


Aside from automation, it’s also a good idea to unify your data. How does one do it? Customer relationship management (CRM) software makes it possible. It centralizes all your customer data, which includes contact details, buying history, and even a record of past interactions. These tools provide a holistic view of each customer. That’s why they’re the cornerstone of building strong customer relationships.


If you encounter any difficulties setting up your CRM, don’t hesitate to seek help. The tech support team at Resultant, along with many other IT companies, is readily available to assist.


With a CRM tool, you can:

  • Offer exceptional customer service – Complete customer profiles and empower support teams. They can address inquiries more effectively; personalized interactions also become achievable.
  • Nurture leads effectively – What does tracking customer interactions and tailoring marketing messages based on interests and needs do? It nurtures leads through improved user experience and converts them into loyal customers!


Ready to dive deeper into the dos of a marketing tech upgrade? Continue reading for more.


Do: Make Data-Driven Decisions


Imagine trying to navigate a maze blindfolded – that’s what dealing with raw data can feel like. It’s valuable, for sure. But without some guidance, it’s overwhelming. Enter analytics and data visualization tools. They help you make sense of the information available. These powerful platforms:

  • Track campaign performance – Measure the success of your marketing efforts. Key metrics to monitor include website traffic. Social media engagement is also helpful. Check lead generation results as well.
  • Unlock customer insights – Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Do that by analyzing website activity, purchase history, and social media interactions.


Translating complex data sets into clear and actionable insights informs marketing strategies. It also optimizes campaigns for better results.

Data visualization tools also produce compelling charts and graphs. They make it easier to identify trends. You’ll also decipher customer behavior. Communicating insights to stakeholders? It becomes a breeze as well.


Need help getting started or maximizing the potential of these tools? Don’t hesitate to connect with IT experts. Their guidance can empower you to unlock the true power of data.


Do: Streamline Content Creation


Another must-do technology upgrade is streamlining content creation. It’s crucial for any successful marketing strategy.


However, juggling different content formats and maintaining brand consistency across various channels can be challenging. Content creation and management platforms come to the rescue. These tools offer a centralized hub for:

  • Streamlining workflows – You can manage the entire content creation process from one place. A content creation and management tool can help from brainstorming and planning to design collaboration and publishing.
  • Maintaining brand consistency – Only 31% of organizations strictly enforce brand consistency. That’s according to a 2021 report. So, ensure consistent brand messaging and visual identity for your business. Do it across all your marketing materials to stand out. That’s possible with pre-designed templates and brand asset libraries. (2)


Content creation platforms can significantly improve your team’s efficiency. That’s by allowing them to collaborate seamlessly on projects. Your team can also manage content assets effectively.


Do: Manage Social Media Presence Like a Pro


Social media is a powerful tool. It connects with your audience and builds brand awareness. However, managing multiple social media platforms can be time-consuming. Social media management tools offer a solution by allowing you to:

  • Schedule and publish content – Plan and publish content across various social media platforms in advance. That saves you time and ensures consistent brand messaging.
  • Analyze social media engagement – Gain valuable insights into audience demographics. You can also track engagement metrics. These pieces of information allow you to measure the success of your social media campaigns.


Embrace these essential latest tech solutions, and you’ll empower your marketing team to work smarter, not harder!


Don’Ts: Avoiding Pitfalls in Marketing Tech Upgrades


two men analyzing data on a computer


With so many latest tech options available, it’s easy to fall into traps that can hinder your progress. Be careful not to commit the following mistakes:


Don’t: Upgrade on a Whim


The allure of shiny new tech is real. However, upgrading marketing tools without a clear strategy is a recipe for wasted resources and frustration. So, take a step back and define your marketing goals first. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are you hoping to achieve with this upgrade?
  • What specific challenges are you trying to solve?


Having a clear roadmap helps you identify tools that align with your needs. They should contribute to the success of your marketing campaigns.


Don’t: Be Blinded by Bells and Whistles


Marketing tools often come packed with an array of features. But resist the urge to be swayed by flashy functionalities, too. The truth is you might not actually need them. Prioritize tools that offer core functionalities instead – ones that directly address your marketing goals and drive business growth.


Does the tool offer the essential features you need to solve your specific challenges? Are there simpler, more cost-effective options available that can deliver the desired results? Answer those questions when assessing tech solutions.


Don’t: Leave Your Team Behind


The best marketing tool is useless if your team doesn’t know how to use it effectively. Note that implementing new technology often requires a shift in mindset and workflows. So, prioritize user adoption and training. Here’s what you can do:

  • Develop a comprehensive training plan. It’ll help familiarize your team with the new tools.
  • Offer ongoing support, too. Ensure your team feels comfortable and confident using the new technology.
  • Encourage feedback from your team. It’ll help identify any roadblocks and optimize the user experience.


Do you want to leverage the full potential of your tools? Do you want to maximize the return on your investment? If so, then invest in user adoption and training.


Don’t: Skimp on Security


Data security and privacy are still of paramount importance in any martech tool. That’s why, when evaluating new marketing tools, prioritize solutions that offer robust security features to safeguard your data. Of course, that also protects your customers’ information. Key considerations include:

  • Data encryption – Ensure the platform encrypts data at rest and in transit to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Access controls – Verify that the tool offers granular access controls. It restricts access to sensitive data based on user roles and permissions.
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations – Of course, choose tools that comply with relevant data privacy regulations. It’ll help avoid any conflict with the law.


There you have it: the dos and don’ts of marketing tech upgrades. Keep these things in mind to ensure that you’re choosing and using the right tools – ones that have a high impact on your business.




The marketing landscape is a dynamic ecosystem. It’s constantly evolving with new technologies and consumer behaviors. That’s why strategic tech upgrades are now a necessity. Implement the right tools, and you can automate repetitive tasks, personalize customer experiences, and gain data-driven insights. Ultimately, all these will lead to a significant return on investment. But remember, the key is to approach tech upgrades strategically.



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