The Best Guide to Website Security for Great SEO

November 23, 2021

Today, popular search engines give maximum priority to website security. The websites that are secure for the users and purposeful are recommended and promoted by these search engines. Therefore, SEO security is crucial to your website. With time, the nature of the users browsing the internet has also evolved. Protection of the website is taken very seriously in today’s cyber world. Therefore, it can easily impact the SEO rankings and can affect your entire business game.

It is very easy for website owners to hire experts that can deal with technical SEO, but the security aspect is often avoided with technological advancement. Therefore, dealing with the security aspect of the domain is a bit tricky but must be attended to in order to get great results.  SEO spam thus results in low rankings on popular search engines, directly impacting the rankings, and the organization will be avoided by the masses, resulting in higher bounce rates.

Most of the users assume that the website’s security is easy to crack. It is just a combination of complex passwords, using a firewall, and not giving out personal information. However, even after using all these hacks, it is seen that the hackers come up with savvy ways to execute the attack. As a result, this guide has been prepared to level up the security game on your website and positively impact SEO.

Website Security and SEO

HTTPS is a Google Main Ranking Factor

Webmasters and experts suggest it is extremely important for all websites to earn organic rankings on popular search engines. In this way, it is important to understand what Google wants. Mostly, a high-quality website with good content is suggested to the users, but along with this, ensuring cybersecurity is another important aspect that you cannot risk on. To secure your website and the data exchanged on it, you need to make a switch to the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. Here, the role of special SSL certificates is important as they are available at pocket-friendly prices and provide your exchanged data complete protection as well. Comodo SSL certificate, RapidSSL cert, GeoTrust SSL Certificate, etc. are among the popular trusted certificates used by multimillion organizations and midsize businesses to safeguard in-transit data from MiTM attacks and win over the user trust. Therefore, websites with SSL certificates installed rank higher on Google than those without them.


Blacklisting on Search Engines

As we are already aware that several factors influence SEO, SEO cyber security should be taken seriously. Today, the organizations and their special teams take out a lot of time to have their SEO right. The website’s security lies totally in your hands, and therefore you should not leave any stone unturned to keep it in place. Unfortunately, some businesses do not take security seriously, and hence they are putting all their hard work in danger.

Popular search engines quickly identify the spam and put the entire website to the blacklist category. Such websites are also penalized because of loopholes in their security and are not assumed fit for the users. Such websites are also penalized by the popular search engines because of loopholes in their security and are not assumed fit for the users.


Bots Crawling In

A website that leaves its security unattended automatically invites the bots as the main part of their application traffic. Bot’s crawl in the website and identify the vulnerability and loopholes to steal away the data. With time, if this issue is not removed, then the bots crawl in continuously and will harm your website in one way or the other. The website traffic is largely impacted if these attacks are not removed for a very long period.

SEO and Website Security

Lack of Trustworthiness

Users are shown an alert or a form of a red flag if your website is not secure. Security should be the topmost priority of every website present on the internet. In the absence of HTTPS in your URL, it is seen that the users turn away from the website towards a more secure alternative. They also get alerts or notifications that notify them to leave the website immediately. Cybersecurity and SEO run hand in hand and this measure is directly affected by both. In this manner, you should think of the adverse effect that the low security will pose on the business.

Some websites face high bouncing rates and are still confused about the reason. In this regard, the organizations should make a strong security policy that will help them win over the consumers and give good SEO rankings for the future.  Websites with high bouncing rates should immediately rebuild a strategy and provide good use of experience as rebuilding trustworthiness takes a lot of time, and they should start immediately to achieve great results.


Foundational measures to SEO cyber security


Ample Security Plug-ins

Every now and then, bots target the websites and their pages which has an adverse impact. These attacks result in severe data theft, which is sometimes very tough to recover. It impacts the SEO rankings and affects the reputation of the organization built over the years. Security plug-ins can come up as a helping hand in such cases. They can’t stop the malware attacks from infringing your system. It will serve as the security backbone of your website and fix all the security-related flaws for each platform. Every intrusion can also be stopped successfully by efficient security plug-ins. In this manner, every website should have appropriate plug-ins to save them in any security-related emergency.


Using the Updated Versions of the Software

Website security is not that easy to crack. Continuous monitoring and updates are required as it is vital for the well-being of the entire website. It is usually observed that the websites that are not updated frequently are the most common prey of hackers. It is the massive duty of all the businesses to maintain their entire system thoroughly in which all the software and plug-in update requests are attended to instantly. The website should be monitored continuously for any required updates as the outdated software has massive odds of getting attacked by the potential attackers or the bots. Complete attention should be given to the regular scanning of the site to avoid any intrusion.


Using Complex and Unique Passwords

With the inclination in the number of websites hacked per second, the need for strong and complex passwords has increased ever since. It is advised to use strong passwords that are difficult to guess in case of an attack. It is usually seen that the users use a single password for varied platforms associated with it. This is not a recommended practice by the experts, as you should come up with new passwords all the time to remain safe in the digital world. Alphanumeric passwords must be utilized for strong security as boosted by the popular search engines as well. A password manager must be employed to keep track of all the passwords used, making your task easy and sound.


Importance of a Strong Website Backup

No organization has avoided or ignored the attacks or hackers without the help of a strong backup of their website. It is a popular practice within big organizations to create a backup now and then. This measure is considered as a primary measure in case of an accident. In addition, it serves as a great measure to stop the organization from crumbling in case of an attack that can damage the organization’s important files.

Recovery is not possible in the cases where there is no strong backup both online and offline. In this way, every organization should train the members in creating a backup when possible. They can even create a cloud backup that can store the data in a very easy form and be accessed from any part of the globe. Furthermore, organizations should rely more on automatic backups than maintaining them manually, as creating a backup manually may have errors with time.



There are cases in which the organization cannot see the immediate financial impact of securing its website. Still, it is believed by the experts and webmasters that it is going to pose a great effect in the future. Having a secured website directly impacts SEO, and SEO improvement can positively impact an organization’s turnover in very little time. Providing a great user experience must be the top priority of every organization. It is considered the thumb rule for e-commerce websites to not negotiate and compromise with security. To protect the data is important, and it pays well to every single organization. All the measures mentioned above, like having the best SSL certificate, using a unique password, frequent back up can put you ahead in terms of security.


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