The Importance Of Protecting Your Online Data: Why Use A VPN

July 9, 2021


Protecting oneself from virtual threats that you can encounter on the internet is very crucial. People come across viruses and hackers on a regular basis and for those that don’t protect themselves, it is only a matter of time before their data gets stolen or compromised. In most cases, people don’t even know that their data has been tampered with.

Although there are countless ways you can protect yourself from hackers and viruses online, it’s never really enough. Hackers continue to develop new methods and techniques to get to you and it can be really challenging to be 100% safe online.

Whether you run an online business or you’re just a regular Joe, your data is not safe from hackers. All it takes is a click of a bad link or even something as simple as connecting to a public network that can ruin your data. This is why you really need to be careful with your online habits.

Why do hackers want to steal your data anyway?


Hackers and The Data Gold Mine


The key factor here that makes your data so enticing to hackers is that it’s worth something on the black market. Data such as addresses, bank account details, Social Security Numbers, and emails are all purchasable goods on the black market and the deep web.

Over the last couple of years, there have been numerous data breaches that focused mainly on companies that have their database filled with private customer data. Some of the big names that have been victims include Yahoo!, Marriott International, and many other internet companies.

Hackers compromised these company’s servers and stole millions worth of data. What’s worse is that the perpetrators were never discovered. Although it’s the company’s customers that had their data stolen, it’s the company themselves that took the full brunt of the impact of the data breach.

 The stolen data is bad enough as it is. However, the victims also had to face million-dollar lawsuits and a serious case of tainted reputation which made it harder to rise and get back to the playing field. As time goes on and as security measures tighten, the price of data is going to become even more valuable – thus making hackers more aggressive as well.

As a private individual, you may think that hackers won’t take notice of you but that is not always the case. Hackers will get to you if they see that you are vulnerable because, for them, that’s easy money already. Every piece of information or data that you share online is as valuable to others as it is to you.

Now that you know why hackers are so intent on getting your data, it’s time you understand how else you can protect yourself online. There are many ways to do so but one that many people are preferring so far is through simple software also known as a VPN.


Why Use A VPN?


For one, it’s important to know what a VPN is first. VPN stands for virtual private network. As the name suggests, the software creates a secure and private tunnel through which you can safely browse online. Aside from keeping you safe, the software also guarantees that you stay anonymous as well.

VPNs aren’t free solutions. Personal accounts can cost around $100 per year. If you want to avoid heavy fees, then NordVPN coupons can help you save a significant amount. While it isn’t free, the privacy and security you get in return are definitely priceless and well worth it.

A VPN can protect you in many ways. The base protection is that since it masks your browsing activities, the software can effectively hide your physical and IP address from others. This is one of the biggest benefits of VPN software that most people know of.

Protecting your addresses is very important. It prevents cases like Swatting for instance. This is a trending and dangerous online prank where people call emergency services to have Swat teams arrive at your location thinking that there’s a serious threat in the location.

Of course, it can also prevent criminals from knowing exactly where you live.

Another way VPN protects you is that it can allow you to safely connect to public connections. Try as you may, there will be some cases where you have to connect to public wi-fi in malls, cafes, or other public places. Every security expert will tell you that this is a bad idea.



Public connections are the least secure connections available. Once you are connected to the network, it won’t take long before a hacker infiltrates not just your network, but also your device as well. Understandably not everyone can easily avoid public wi-fi especially if there’s an emergency that you need to attend to.

If you have a VPN installed on your smartphone or computer, you can safely connect to public wi-fi without having to worry about the repercussions.

People avoid VPN for many reasons. The common misunderstanding is that once you enable VPN services on your device, your browsing experience will significantly become worse because the connection is going to be a lot slower than normal.

However, this is a VPN problem that’s been long solved by developers. Although VPNs still can’t let you browse anonymously at full speed, the connection is no longer greatly affected by the software. At most, you are looking at a 10-20% slower connection than normal which is a big improvement

Aside from the added security, there are also other benefits to VPN. For one, it allows you to access content and websites that you typically might not have access to through geo-spoofing. This is a big benefit whether you’re a business owner or a private citizen.

Your online data is quite possibly the most important asset you have in the digital world. Tools like VPNs and other security software aren’t just recommended, they are also a must. It’s important to protect yourself from these threats because the problems that arise with stolen data are greatly debilitating.


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