The Science Behind Facebook Views and How to Increase Them

July 31, 2023

According to the recently released statistics by Facebook’s parent company Meta, as of now, i.e., 2023, there are 2.99 billion active users on Facebook, which is around 37% of the world’s total population. If we look at the algorithm of Facebook in recent years, we may easily bet on the incrimination in the number of users in the coming years.




While some people are using Facebook as a path to stay connected with their acquaintances, for most of us, Facebook has become a platform to share our thoughts and ideas more freely than we can do, let’s say, in a family gathering.


Yikes! It sounds terrifying, isn’t it?


And with the free flow of these ideas, opinions and even work opportunities, Facebook has become this Mega-giant that everyone wants to have some control and influence over.


And that is where the Facebook views come into play. The more views you have on your posts, the more likely it is for you to influence people and derive business opportunities from Facebook, whether in terms of a public speaker, a writer, a poet, a business start-up or simply as a fun-loving blogger and entertainer.


And these days, figuring out how to get those perfect influential views on your post for growth has turned into a Snake’s Maze. Everyone seems to be doing it, but only a few get it right.


So, here we present you with the science behind Facebook views and the top 13 ways to increase them.


1. Understanding Facebook’s Algorithm


Facebook uses a unique Algorithm to create a specific sort of feed space for each user. And to do so, it considers the user’s day-to-day preferences and engagements with particular posts. Therefore, hoping for the latest sensational news and creating posts accordingly can increase your relevance on the platform. Subsequently, it will aid you in reaching out to a larger number of audiences, which we assure will boost your much-needed Facebook views.


2. Make your profile public


When you are trying to reach as many people as possible and increase your Facebook views, your first step should be to make your profile public, which will increase your visibility and people outside your close-knit group will feel welcome to engage with your post and give you that initial push towards opening yourself up to a more public environmental.




3. Visual Appearance


Humans are primarily sensory beings. Since Facebook is mainly a visual platform, users scrolling through their newsfeeds are more inclined to stop and pay attention to high-quality graphics that they find visually intriguing and mentally stimulating.


Therefore, adding captivating photos, videos, or infographics to your posts may significantly increase the chances of shareability, eventually leading to increased Facebook views.


So don’t avoid adding filters or buying those background wallpapers and ring lights.


4. Content Quality


Regarding Facebook views, a post’s content quality matters as much as its visual appearance. Therefore, creating shareable content is important. That does not mean you must post seven posts per day. Studies show that firms with five or fewer monthly posts received 60% more clicks than firms with 60 monthly posts.


So, according to this, our goal should be to post 15 to 30 posts per month but to make those posts entertaining and interesting to our audience so that they can emotionally or mentally resonate with them. The goal is to get them hooked, and for that, you need to create cliffhangers by keeping your engagement impactful but also under control.


Do not overshare is our advice.


5. Hashtags and Keywords


Hashtags and Keywords may be one of the most influential and unconventional approaches to increasing your visibility on Facebook. Still, we promise you if you learn to use the right hashtags at the right time, you can boost your Facebook visibility up to 10 times. By including pertinent hashtags and keywords in your posts, you may increase the number of individuals who will see them and are searching for such topics. To increase your reach, look for and use popular or trending hashtags that apply to your content.


6. Managing and Target Your Audience


To reach any milestone, we must do it systematically first. Imagine trying to win a rowing competition when you have basketball and baseball players on your team; sounds impossible, right? Because it is.


In the same way, having a larger audience with diverse views and dispositions may look good in numbers but can hamper your Facebook reach.


Therefore, targeting a specific type of audience with similar and analogous interests will give you a shove in the right direction.


So, lose those unnecessary cogs from your profile and get your wheels running more smoothly and steadily up the hill. You can also take the aid of the FBPostLikes, which works efficiently for their clients to increase Facebook video views as per the order they receive. They know their work well and deliver the best services from the accounts that are active.


7. Scheduling Posts


Another unconventional way of increasing your post views on Facebook is by posting at a particular time. According to Facebook statistics, the likelihood of your audience noticing or engaging with your post can increase by posting when your target audience is most likely to be using Facebook.


On top of it, scheduling your post and responding to your audience at specific hours can increase your views and your audience’s anticipation towards you and your engaging posts.


So, we suggest you set those specific alarms to get yourself up and running towards those increasing Facebook views.


8. Encourage Engagement


Gaining a certain class of audience is one thing, but keeping them engaged and interested in your content, even after you gain their attention once or twice, is another.


But believe us when we say that we have some suggestions for that as well:


Going live with your audience, engaging with them individually, asking them prompt questions, and answering them through your own stories can help create a more intimate, loyal, and engaging audience.


And as we have deciphered earlier, the engaging and specific audience is equal to gain in views.


9. Swimming against the current


One of the wickedest ways of getting more views or maybe going viral on Facebook is posting something against the current. And by that, we are not suggesting anything extreme or illegal. Facebook has very strict policies against illegal and criminal behavior.


By swimming against the current, we suggest you understand what is trending on Facebook and then create a post in the opposite direction of the trending one.


Make some hashtags and noise; people love a rebel and a show.


So maybe that is what you should be giving your viewers occasionally.


10. Facebook ads


If you want to increase your Facebook presence and views more aggressively, we suggest using targeted Facebook advertisements. Facebook’s ad platform enables you to target specific audiences with similar interests and online behaviours, which might help you reach a larger audience and perhaps boost views. Remember that creating a significant Facebook presence requires patience and regular work. Therefore, try running Facebook ads over various content, evaluate your findings, and discover what your audience finds engaging. And then maybe run more ads on the posts your viewers engaged best with.


11. Cross-promotions


Look up for rising influencers with similar interests as you and learn from their social engagement, connect with them, and try collaborating with them, where you can cross-promote each other’s content, which will result in creating a mutually beneficial flow of views as a team. It will help you and the other party to grow together on Facebook.


12. Boosting specific posts


Like Facebook Advertisement, boosting specific posts is another course of action that you can follow if you feel that your engagement and views are stuck on a certain plateau.


Each post has a link to the Boost Post option. The function helps connect with a specific number of relevant audiences. You can select specific populations falling under the specific gender or age group of your pages and their friends. To get the most out of your investment, a ‘Boost post’ is also a paid option like Facebook Advertisement. Promote the post organically because the cost of boosting rises with the size of your following.


13. Creating a few everlasting posts


Last but one of your most valuable suggestions is to create a group of specific evergreen post in your profile which stays mainstream year after year. It will help keep your audience engaged when you struggle to make time or develop new ideas, so you can re-share those individual posts to keep up with your Facebook engagement.


Wrapping up


Doing so will create a cushioned ground from which you can jump back quickly to your pedestal if you ever find yourself slipping.



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