The version of Angular: What is New in Latest Angular

December 29, 2020

Hello everybody! Today I would like to talk about the latest version of Angular, to discuss what has appeared in it and how it will affect the development of projects.


The Latest Version of Angular

Angular 10 was released on the 25th of June and it’s just a week back from the time of recording. It’s a major change that means it’s a major release because the previous one was Angular 9 which was released four months back.

new in angular

The release of Angular 10 – two months prior to the normal release cycle of Angular is about to be six months. If you are starting now and if you install Angular, say like you will going to get Angular 10 but if you have an older version like 8 or 9 and you want to switch to Angular 10 then the study 3 installer Angular CLI by running npm install – g at the rat Angular – CLI and that will going to upgrade your Angular CLI.

What’s new in Angular 10?

Now, to increase performance in the new version Angular 10, the developers have canceled support for the framework on outdated browsers, including Internet Explorer 9, 10, and Internet Explorer Mobile. This is due to the refusal of Bootstrap 5 to work with all variations of Internet Explorer.

Not surprisingly, unlike its predecessors, the Angular 10 is much smaller in size, but it has added many new features. These include selecting the date range in the Angular Material interface component library and innovations with CommonJS imports. Regarding CommonJS. then it now gives a sign when the dependency can provoke a slowdown of the product, which allows programmers to make adjustments in the ECMAScript module.


What’s New in Angular 10:

  • the upgraded variety of TSlib, now with new features that help work with version TSlib 2.0. In addition, the developers have taken care of TypeScript and now the tool for statistical analysis of TSLint has been upgraded to TSLint variety 6;
  • it was decided by the team of Angular 10 programmers to stop working with IE 9, 10, and Internet Explorer Mobile, to promote more user-friendly browsers;
  • Angular 10 now does not have ESM5 or FESM5 kits, this is done to save time and effort when loading a yarn run or installing npm for Angular Package;
  • in the new variety of Angular EntryPointFinder is added, it works with finding the entry point in the file json. This is done with the hope of better performance than with DirectoryWalkerEntryPointFinder, when the program only works with a certain number of entry points;
  • one of the most notable innovations is that the current Angular 10 does not support older versions of TypeScript such as TypeScript 3.8. , TypeScript 3.6, and TypeScript 3.7. Angular 10 work with TypeScript 3.9;
  • henceforth Angular 10 supports the joint translation of several files. Previously, you could only translate one file for each language, but now you can specify its language standard for each file;
  • a new function to add ng dependency data and selectors to metadata. This will provide additional metadata that Angular Language Service can use to provide suggestions for direct or components;
  • as for the program kernel, logic is now added to the class migration without extra parts;
  • In this variety of Angular, the Angular developers have made some corrections to the compiler, and now it avoids indefinite expressions in the program array, and works on migration errors when reading a non-existent character.


Useful features of Angular 10

Angular 10 contains all the positive qualities from previous versions of this platform for developing. Despite the fact that version 10 came out very quickly after its predecessor Angular 9, the Angular developers have worked hard to present a decent product that can be called Angular 10.

Today, this version is definitely popular. Someone immediately switched to the new version, someone is waiting for more. There are various reasons for this. Of course, it is not necessary to change the version of the framework if you are 100 percent comfortable in another, but it is worth remembering that in Angular you will not face problems that may be in the earlier variations of Angular.

In fact, the Angular team of developers tried to impress the tech world with their new creations. In general, every time they step over all their capabilities and do something new.

What I would like to single out is the size of Angular 10. Here Angular programmers are amazing, they made it small in size because the size problem affected a lot of the frameworks, and now this problem is solved and more developers can use Angular 10, a great tech  move.

In addition, another trend that is observed is the promotion of newer versions of browsers and programs. Now Angular 10 seeks to maximize productivity and with all its might influences the fact that it is not fashionable to please. Of course, changing the browser at some point may be unusual for the developer, but Angular advocates convenience, so it pushes developers to make quality changes.

And the last thing I would like to talk about is combining several documents for translation. In my opinion, this is one of the most qualitative changes, which significantly produces the work of programmers.


How to upgrade any Angular version to the latest release (Angular 10)

  1. Update and add the latest version of Angular through the terminal.
  2. Update your Angular locally and check the package.json file, it should show the changes for the new variety.
  3. Next, you need to update all dependencies and dev dependencies in package.json.
  4. Now move the angular-cli.json configuration to angular.json ng update @angular.
  5. Get rid of the RxJS functions (current variety).
  6. Next you need to get rid of rxjs-compat, because now it is not relevant for Angular 10.
  7. And go to Angular 10 thanks to the server ng.



So, in this article, I covered the topic of the latest variety of Angular. In fact, Angular 10 has many new features that have an extremely positive effect on the web development process. All innovations are aimed at maximizing productivity, a comfortable process of creating projects and a quality result in the end.


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