These 6 Key Points Convince you to use Human Translation in Business

July 21, 2021


The first thing that the majority of entrepreneurs want from their business negotiations is clarity and accuracy. We often hear about lengthy discussions where both parties do their best to understand the pros and cons of each proposal and paragraph of the agreement. It is not surprising that the same list of requirements is usually met when one is dealing with business translations. It becomes obvious that no AI-based translation tool can catch all the vital aspects like business ethics or commercial management tricks. It takes a skilled human with due experience and skills to transpose it rightfully and consider all the legal and stylistic aspects of the language.


6 Key Points That Prove Why Only Human Translation Works In Business

1. Human Translators Understand The Original Context.


The major reason why using human translation services outweighs any machine-based solutions is that the human being will always understand the context of the business translation and will know the original source well enough to do things correctly. For example, a complaint paper is translated in one way while the investment agreement is always handled differently.


2. It Helps to Keep Your Business Documents Unique.


Using machine translation often brings various copyright issues because there are bits of text that are either not translated adequately or copied from various translation databases. When you are dealing with a certified human translator, such things will never happen as every phrase is approached individually. It guarantees that your business agreement is unique and fits your company’s needs precisely.


3. Human Translators Always Check Things Manually.


One of the most important aspects is manual editing and proofreading, which makes it possible to compare the original with the final document and eliminate possible repetitions, or style elements. This part always takes time, yet works because human translators know their text and do not have to deal with machine aid, which often brings odd sentences that sound right but appear out of place in legal terms.


4. They Know Country-Specific Business Rules.


Human specialists know their countries as native speakers. In the majority of cases, you will deal with those individuals who also have sufficient business background and will be able to discuss things before any work starts. For example, British laws require the addition of certain parts that won’t be present in your original document even if you are coming from the United States. Just a historical rule! As for human translators, they will also explain what you should know before opening an international business in 2021 in certain countries. It will also become essential for any business translation since there is a dialogue.


5. Human Translation Eliminates Overtranslating.


You get no risk of over-translating (translating something universal that doesn’t require a translation) because human translation keeps the right balance and always considers specific terms and subjects. Be it Engineering or Healthcare, it is called a technical business translation and requires only certified human experts.


6. You Can Always Discuss Every Vital Point.


Finally, you can always discuss every important point and ask for a full glossary of terms to ensure that they are there. Remember to check all the personal names, numbers, bank accounts, or any sensitive information yourself as it is the same in any language!


Where AI Might Be Necessary



Still, machine aid is not all bad either because professional business translators will still implement certain supplementary tools like Translation Memory (TM) that help them to deliver their orders timely. It does not really allow machines to handle your translation per se. What it does in practice is letting the translator see suggestions of the universal legal terms and expressions for the different languages. It also means that if someone has already translated your business papers in the past, some parts may be the same, which means that Translation memory will catch it and help to save some precious time.




As a business consultant with a linguistic background, Christian loves exploring making business internationally. His posts offer simple, yet efficient ideas that help to make your objectives come true. Follow Christian to learn something new and expand your business horizons.


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