Tips & Advice on How to Get Hired for a Remote Job

March 28, 2022

The world, economy, and life as we know it went through a major shift back in 2020 when the pandemic forced countries all over the world to shut down operations or shifted to remote work. Now, professionals who were always used to working in the office need to get used to the remote work environment, and things are very different here.

Meetings and conferences are replaced with Slack channels and Zoom calls, job applications are completed online, and the way people work has changed drastically as well. In cases like this, it can be hard to find work and keep a job, and it can be even harder to understand what professional rules still apply and don’t apply.

Here are some tips to help you get hired for a remote job.



Edit Your Resume

Almost everything is different in the remote world, which is why people are looking for different skills. Now, hiring managers would be looking for young people who know how to handle technology, work with teams in a remote environment, and so much more.

To improve your chances of getting hired, you will need a standout professional bio that reflects your ability to handle remote work professionally.


How Flexible Can You Be?

Before you start looking for work and applying for jobs, ask yourself how flexible you can be and what you’re looking for in your new job.

The way organizations operate has changed a lot since people can’t work in the office anymore – while some managers have decided to leave their employees to their own devices as long as the work is done on time, which gives employees the freedom to set their own schedules, others have started using employee tracking software and ask employees to work within certain hours. You can also choose to work either full-time with different companies, or as a contractor or freelancer with them.



Your job hunt isn’t just about making sure you land a job, but also that the job you eventually get suits your needs, and that it’s one you will be happy doing.

A New Professional Network

With remote jobs opening up professionals in local markets to a whole new environment, you might want to rethink the way you network. When the jobs aren’t confined to a local community and local opportunities anymore, neither should your professional circle.

Join online communities all over social media to connect with people in your industry, and look for what kind of opportunities lie beyond your geographical borders. Not only will this dramatically increase how many opportunities are available to you, but open up doors for you that you didn’t even know about before.


Get Used to Remote Working Tools

Jobs care about whether you know how to work with technology now or not. There are different kinds of collaboration software all over the world right now that workplaces now use to keep in touch with their employees, coordinate work efforts, and much more.

In addition to the kind of technology you would need to do your job – CRM software for customer service agents, for example – you will also need to be able to use platforms like Slack, Trello, Asana, Skype, Google Docs, and others. Make sure you know how to use them, and make sure you make it obvious on your resume.


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