8 Best Tips for Writing Emails that Actually Get Responses

December 9, 2022


Email marketing is an effective way of contacting your targeted audience. It is the most effective channel for reaching customers as a targeted audience, as there are over 7 billion email accounts. This figure is satisfactory enough in the business world to gain a better reach at the targeted audience, also known as the cold email.

To draft emails that get a response, you must make your email’s subject lines and structure concise but catchy. The subject line defines an overview of your email. Similarly, the smaller the structure, the better it is for readers to understand your offer.

However, only the subject line is not enough to get you a response to an email. In this article, we will share 8 tips for writing emails that get responses. We will also discuss the difference between cold and spam emails.


What is a Cold Email?

Reaching out to a client directly via email who is unfamiliar with your establishment is called cold email. It is like reaching out to a stranger via a valid email address. Startups usually follow this technique to reach potential clients interested in availing of your products or services.

The purpose of cold emailing is to get a better response from customers. Users often do not even bother to open their emails because they seem irrelevant or spam. Therefore, the whole aspect of your cold email calling strategy depends on how you craft an email.


Cold Email Calling

Cold email is exclusively related to business activities. Many new startups and business struggle to develop engagement with their customers. Therefore, cold email calling and email marketing are the most effective way of getting a response.

This concept can be applied to a specific person or an organization. It is solely targeted at the audience who either do not know about the existence of your business or at a previous customer. By any chance, cold email calling is an effective way of turning the audience into customers.


8 Effective Tips to Write Emails that Get Response

Below we have shared some tips that can help to generate leads from cold emails. These tips are essentials for email marketing and cold email calling, which can be applied in a business.

1. Understand Your Audience

When it comes to cold email calling, the first thing you need to understand is your audience. Before you type a single letter in your email, research the recipients thoroughly. Try to find out about your audience’s interests and dislikes. If they run a business, learn about their activities.

The modern-day era brings you the convenience of finding the proper recipients. You can approach social media platforms like Facebook to find groups or communities interested in availing of your company’s products/services.

Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn can help you to find a relevant audience based on trending topics. Social media platforms will also give you an idea about the likes and dislikes of your audience.

Social media profiles will give you a broad idea of the user’s persona and activities. Based on their interest in the information, you will have to craft an email that compels them to open it. The idea is to understand the recipient’s psychology to craft email based on their interests.


2. Personalize with Name

The first element which indicates your email’s credibility and authenticity is the sender’s name. Most of the time, marketers take assistance from automated email software.

This software often uses fake names or bot names. This is a major red flag in email marketing; your emails might end up in the recipient’s spam box.

Therefore, using the actual person’s name from the sender’s side is recommended, so the recipient finds it authentic. You can also use the company’s email address to represent it as a sender. An official public email address carries more credibility than a fake-generated one.

Moreover, you can also mention both the company’s and the person’s name in the email address. For example, [email protected] This structure makes it easier for your audience to recognize who and who is approaching from where.



3. Compelling Opening Line

The first thing that leaves an impression is your opening line. The email’s opening line is vital to represent yourselves and the user’s problem. The email’s opening line appears in the preview under the subject line. Therefore, it is necessary to put more effort into it.

Make sure to introduce yourself at the start of the opening line. You can even address the recipient directly by featuring their name.

For example, “Hi Mark, this is Zack from Technological Inc.” Such a structure fulfills our condition to maintain integrity with a name and gives a preview to the recipient of your designation/work.

If you want to get straight to the point, you can add a line like “Doesn’t that sound better to avail of this discount” or anything like that? You can also take assistance from a word changer to find practical terms and synonyms to make your opening lines better to read.

The audience expects something different from the ordinary, where a word changer can provide complete support. It is essential to feature a striking opening line because the recipient would only go through the rest of the email if the opening line were worth reading.


4. Catchy Subject Line

Next to the sender’s name, the next thing which gets the recipient’s attention is the subject line. Most of the recipients only check the email because of the subject line.

Suppose it is like the topic of an essay. The topic of the essay indicates what is featured in its body. Similarly, your email’s subject line is like the title of its contents.

The subject line is the best way to grab your audience’s attention. Therefore, make your subject line stand out from the cluster of emails received by the recipient. You can add these touches to your subject line to make it attractive.

  • Customized Headlines: A personalized subject line specifically crafted to attract the recipient has a better chance of receiving a response. You can create a subject line that speaks to the recipient.
  • Make it Curious: Curiosity is a human trait, and we are all eager to learn about something that arouses curiosity. For example, you can create something like “Help to earn in just a few clicks.” The subject line can vary on the sender and recipient’s niche.
  • Add some humor: A touch of humor can make things friendly. You can add a clause or a term that seems less formal to get your audience’s attention.
  • Create Urgency: The recipient will respond more quickly if the subject line indicates a limited-time offer or a seasonal sale. For example, “Halloween offer: Flat 75% off”.



5. Provide Social Proof

Social proof adds to the credibility of your existence on other online platforms. You can mention other companies or clients you have worked with to state the testimonials against your work. The email with social proof tends to impact more on the recipient more.

You can also mention any published portfolio as proof of achievement that your previous customers have gained with your assistance.

It can also include the number of projects or customers you have worked with. Other than that, a celebrity or influencer endorsement can be equally credible for you.

But keep in mind to choose honest testimonials instead of fabricated stories. If you promote a startup, you can introduce yourself with a direct statement.

For example, “I have just launched this product, and it has sold dozens of units in just one week.” Client or customer reviews hold an equal weightage of importance in that case.


6. Keep it Concise

A concise structure is very crucial for an email. When you send a cold-calling email, you introduce a business worth a thousand words in just a few words. Short emails give you faster and better engagement as it improves the readability of your content.

If your brand or company offers multiple products or services, then mention only the services which might interest your recipient.

For example, if you provide digital marketing services, but your client has a business established on social media. It is vital to mention your expertise and portfolio in social media marketing.

People do not have time to sit down and read the whole story of your organization. Therefore, keeping things straight to the point helps to strike your customers’ needs and requirements. It makes an impression and gains the chance of getting better responses.


7. Provide a Solution

Understanding the user’s persona and crafting an email according to it can earn you some favorable responses. The idea is to understand the user’s problem and provide them with a suitable solution. This technique gives more sense of copywriting, but it also applies authentically in email marketing.

For example, you can highlight a short version of the user’s problem in the subject line. You can write the subject line as “Tired of using old appliances?” or “Looking for a Lifetime Premium offer?”. The idea is to point to the user’s problem directly without adding jargon anywhere in the email’s structure.

Now when it comes to the body of the email, you can enlist a few problems or a detailed version of a single problem faced by the user. After addressing the challenges, you can provide solutions with the help of your products and services.

In the end, you can quote a price, offer a free trial, or present packages to the customer from the base price. We guarantee that customers will be compiled to reply to such emails.


8. Add CTA

A call to Action (also known as CTA) is a great way to get a direct response from your recipients. You can ask a relevant question from your audience, which will compel them to consider the benefits of using your products or services.

For example, you can add questions like “Can you spare 10 minutes to increase your sales up to 10 times more? Find out more to avail of our digital marketing services”. You can provide a hyperlink to your products or services so the user can directly reach your platform after reading the mail.

Try not to add multiple CTAs, as it might confuse the recipient to click on the right one. Moreover, your email may seem more spammy or promotional due to an excess of links.


Is it Still Effective to Send Cold Emails?

The answer is Yes! Emails are still one of the most reliable ways of conducting business in every organization. Even in the modern-day era, where there are thousands of platforms for communication, emails remain on top in terms of formality and professionalism.


Cold VS Spam

A relatively critical question that arises in email is the spam score. The major drawback is that emails sometimes automatically land in the spam box. This is due to the structure or elements of the email that make it either spammy or cold.

The goal via cold email is to push a sale under a commercial strategy. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a suitable and personalized header to make it less spammy. Recipients also like personalized emails as you only direct them and their problems.



Cold email calling is one of the most effective ways to make a sale, especially if you’re new in the business. Many businesses cannot get desired results due to the rising competition between their competitors.

It all depends on how you craft the mail and how it is categorized by the spam filter of your chosen email services provider.

This article featured the 8 best tips for writing emails that get responses. These tips apply to any niche or business, no matter the extent of it.

We also discussed the difference between a cold and spam email with complete signs to avoid in your email marketing strategy. We hope this article was informational enough to help you push better sales and achieve better reach to the targeted audience.


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