Tips To Leverage Digital Transformation When Building A Marketing Empire From Home

August 10, 2022

The average marketing agency generates a net profit margin of 6-10%, with some digital marketing agencies reporting profit margins of up to 20%. As entrepreneurs shift their focus on e-commerce, marketing is more important than ever. Businesses across all industries want to have a taste of the benefits Internet marketing offers. With digital marketing booming, now might be a perfect time to start a lucrative marketing agency.

Thanks to digital transformation, establishing a marketing company is easier than it was two decades ago. You only need the right tech tools, and a skilled and engaged team to build a sustainable marketing agency from the comfort of your sofa. Keep reading to learn effective tips for leveraging digital transformation when building a marketing empire from home.

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Understand the Role Digital Transformation Plays in Marketing

Increased reliance on online connectivity and digital tools in recent years has had a significant impact on marketing. Accurate metrics, coupled with interactivity and other aspects of digital media have created unlimited marketing opportunities. Ideally, digital technologies can be powerful tools of marketing, but what about digital transformation? Digital transformation translates to how people understand digital technology and integrate it into their day-to-day activities, whether it’s at an individual level, employee level, or business operations.

When it comes to marketing, digital transformation provides marketers with multiple ways of using modern technologies to launch marketing campaigns. Digital transformation also influences marketing by enhancing the funnel. Before the emergence of digital technologies, marketers designed billboards, posters, and brochures and hoped for the best. Today, digital transformation supports data insights, personalization, automation, and interactivity. These elements allow marketers to create targeted marketing campaigns to attract and retain their ideal customers.


Harness the Power of Google Analytics Skills

Understanding how Google Analytics works is key to building a successful digital marketing business from home. Remember, as a digital marketer, your work revolves around optimizing content, tracking website visits, creating social media ads, and email marketing campaigns. With that said, you’ll need Google Analytics to help your clients improve brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and boost long-term revenue growth.

Other important tasks marketers must handle include staying up-to-date with emerging customer trends and interacting with shoppers who are always connected online through mobile devices, social networks, and other advanced tech tools. And that’s where Google analytics plays a significant role. Because Google Analytics simplifies data, you can generate and provide consumers with relevant information about your client’s products and services in real time.

Google Analytics displays easy-to-read insights on dashboards that contain charts, graphs, and tables. Moreover, these dashboards are accessible from any device, meaning you can view data insights from anywhere via your phone or laptop. You can also customize your dashboards to highlight insights based on your clients’ marketing needs, learn where to find data, and integrate Google Analytics across your clients’ digital marketing channels to reach your target audience.


Invest in Marketing Automation

When people talk about starting a marketing business from home, the first thing that comes to mind is setting up an office. There’s no doubt designing a home office is vital to boosting productivity and efficiency. In a typical home office, under stairs office, or bookshelf office, you’ll find custom-made storage solutions and an ergonomic desk and chair. However, to stand out in the digital marketing landscape, you should also find ways to automate your workspace.

Workplace automation entails the use of software and advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to complete repetitive tasks with no human intervention. In digital marketing, automation helps marketers focus on core business functions such as creating engaging web copy or analyzing ad campaigns that demand a lot of attention and wise decision making. Ideally, marketing automation aims to streamline tedious activities, like publishing social media posts and sending email newsletters or follow-up messages.

Automating marketing efforts also helps you personalize your clients’ ad campaigns without compromising the unique attention you want delivered to customers. So, how can you succeed in marketing automation? Creating a list of areas that require automation can make a difference. This could include writing content, hosting webinars, sharing posts on social media, or sending email newsletters. Next, analyze your findings and choose your marketing automation tools. Whether you want to automate email marketing, social media marketing, or pricing, there are many tools you can use, such as MailChimp, HubSpot, Zoho, Hootsuite, Marketo, and Constant Contact.


Consider Programmatic Media Ads

With digital technologies transforming the marketing space at a rapid speed, marketers are becoming more technical by investing in programmatic digital advertising skills to ensure they outshine their competitors. This technology requires marketers to use software to purchase digital advertising. It’s worth noting that programmatic advertising targets specific audiences and demographics to automate decision making of media ad buying. With that said, this marketing technique requires more than using Google AdWords to grow your marketing empire from your sofa.

To place programmatic adverts, marketers rely on artificial intelligence and real-time bidding. Leveraging AI and real-time bidding enables digital marketing agencies to display ads on the internet and social media. Programmatic ad buying also helps digital marketing agencies to evaluate campaigns and determine which one works best for their clients. Successful marketers study their audiences, location, season, and marketing channels to identify their target and create targeted ads accordingly. Unlike conventional ad buying, programmatic advertising is not only effective, but also affordable. That’s because ad buying and selling doesn’t require human intervention, which can be unreliable and costly.

Digital marketing has become a necessity in business as it helps entrepreneurs reach a large customer base anywhere in the world with ease. As more and more companies look to invest in digitized marketing efforts, the need for reliable marketers also increases. If you’ve been thinking of establishing a marketing empire, then this might be the right time to do so.  And the good news is you can start your business from scratch at home, thanks to digital transformation. You’ll only need to learn Google Analytics, invest in advanced technologies like AI and machine learning for data analytics, purchase marketing automation tools, and pay close attention to programmatic advertising buying.


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